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Approved CoL Bio - CC by the WT


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Character Name: Evelyn Shirale


Email: sirhowlinghorrors_2004[at]hotmail[dot]com


Physical description: 5’7. Athletic body. Honey colored eyes and black curly hair. She is rather striking and quite confident and commanding. 30 years old.




Evelyn’s mother used to call her a little fire cracker when she was a child. Simply because she would always be doing something. She never had any girl friends as a child. She would run with the boys, catch fishes with them, mock the squirrels and have mud throwing competitions. Even as she started to grow up she found herself more comfortable around male company. She wanted to learn the sword and go on journeys while all the other girls in her village only thought about marriage and children. Her parents were convinced that she was simply a bit confused, and decided to marry her off in an arranged marriage.


Evelyn picked up her things and simply left her village. She knew that denying the marriage would bring shame upon her family so she decided that leaving would be the wisest thing to do. Besides, she never felt at home in that village and this was the opportunity she had been waiting for.


Traveling the routes for quite some time she found herself with a group of lads that were headed towards Amador to join the CoL. Befriending them, she decides to accompany them to Amador. When they arrived at the Fortress of light she was so impressed by it’s sheer magnitude and glory that she decided to join her friends and so she signed up. Working hard and climbing up ranks, she became one of the more well respected CoL. She still keeps at her training, hoping to continue with her ascension in ranks. Also she instructs in classes, hoping to make the new recruits better and stronger.







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