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Approved WT bio for Adaira (CCed by Chuck Norris..I mean SG)


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DM handle: Alarwyn Liande

email: tiina-maaria.laihi@saunalahti.fi


Name: Adaira Tamrinin

Age: 18

Division: White Tower


Physical Description:

brown hair, greenish gray eyes; 5'5", short for a Domani (thanks to her Saldaean father), Adaira has always been mistaken for a much younger than she really is because of her height and childlike features. Her brown curly hair is to her shoulders (despite her mother's nagging that she should let it grow longer) and her skin has the Domani copper glow. She wears Domani dresses if possible (because they are comfortable) and her behavious could be described as modest, even meek.


Place of Birth/Raising: Bandar Eban, Arad Doman


Character History:

Daughter of a Saldaean father and a Domani mother, Adaira's father died in an accident when she was very young, so she and her baby brother were raised by a number of aunts and older cousins as their mother concentrated on managing the family business. She had the customary Domani girl's up-bringing, now she knows the 107 different ways of kissing and all the necessary skills to take men's wits as she passes by, but those things have never held any true interest to her. She knew her motherhad always thought her to become the family's merchant after her, but Adaira had never relished her future in her mother footsteps. No, she had always wanted to travel, see the world and learn about different people. In her own head her future didn't lie in her mother's account books.


Even as a child she had always read a lot and been curious about everything. Her mother didn't really understand Adaira's

enthusiasm for books and stories, but she had left her daughter do as she wished. In her opinion, the education and knowledge would at least help Ada to deal with the other merchants in future (besides some men preferred educated women), and that would make Ada a good follower of their trade... Well, so her her mother thought, but luckily for Adaira, that was not to be.


One day, a short proud woman stopped Adaira on her home street and asked her a few questions, followed by a short test with a gem. From that moment on Adaira's destiny was sealed, but not to her mother's will but to the White Tower... For she could be taught to channel and an Aes Sedai had come to take her to Tar Valon.

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