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Double Elimination Tourney


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Bryon stepped out onto the grounds they had set asside for this tourney.  It would be see who can last the longest in a double elimination series.  So far there were six participants but Bryon was hoping for more.  He was going to referee the tourney and make sure everyone played fairly. 


The first pairing would be Cairma and Rosheen - two of the best female guards starting off in the tourney, this was going to be difficult to stay in if this was how it was going to start off.


OOC:  Sign up thread is:  http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,21326.0.html - You are free to sign up at anytime.  If you've already been through the double elimination, you will have to wait a full round to sign up again.  We will keep this thread rolling as long as people want to participate.


To see who is up next: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,22037.0.html


Rules:  You are free to post watching the tourney, however please do not have any conversations with other people, this is mainly a thread for those sparring but I'm not going to limit it to that, just try to keep the talk down.  Participants, lets try to wrap these up in 3 to 4 posts each to keep this moving, we aren't counting but we don't want to have this drag on either.  A one week limit will be set, if there isn't a new post to the current spar with in one week of the last post made by that person we will move on.  If the person happens to be the winner they will forfeit that rounds.  Please give a leave notice if you can't post with in a week of your last post, please.



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Guest Arie Ronshor

There was an odd smile of mirth on her lips. It had been a while since she had stepped into a ring solely for the purpose of a spar. She could recall with a soft smile at the time spent in Braem Woods where she had spent an oddly confusing time with Aran and the woman she was now pitted against. Back when she had not thought of herself worthy of Blademaster. Yet here she stood int he ring facing one of so few she called family, ready and blade in hand, to fight. A spar worthy of the onlookers that peered over the railings all over the yard. Bryons voice could barely echo over the whispers of the crowd. Cairma knew most were bets to be placed. But who would win?


Cairma smiled. It did not matter. It would be a good fight. A very good fight, indeed.


Beast settled perfectly balanced in her hands seperated a bit farther as she would have otherwise -taking into mind the advice of an oder gaidin- the sapphires on the hilt glistening in the sunlight. They wore little armour, both her and Rosheen. There was no need to do so. If they were hit, armour or or not their opponent would fall. Thus was the purpose of the Yellow sisters that watched carefully from afar. Defensive, Cairma called to her opponent.

"Shall we Dance, Rosheen?"

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Tourneys. They had a certain charm to them that Rosheen found undeniable. Where there was a tourney, she would fight. It had been that way when she was but a trainee, pitted agaist Lonrick who defeated her one handed and blindfolded. These days she usually came out on top, especially in first matches. After hearing who her first opponent would be, she was no longer quite that certain. Cairma was good. She had improved much since having her child, and the reckless anger that she sometimes gave in to seemed to have faded to a minimum. Not that it was gone... Cairma was a berserker, after all. Where Rosheen weighed her opponents and sought their weaknesses, Cairma charged in, using brute force, speed and that ridiculous sword of hers to overwhelm her opponent.


Wordlessly she accepted Cairma's challenge, advancing with her sword drawn and with a little smile on her face. One thing that Vasya had managed to teach her that surprise was an element worth having on your side. Wasting time on idle talk was for fools, and Rosheen was no fool, even though people were lead to believe otherwise by her extravagant hairstyle. Her footing was sure and her blade high as she advanced, her stance challenging and yet defensive. She was not the kind of warrior who would give an opponent an opening in the first few blows.


But that was the problem with people of their skill. At times a few blows was all it took. She suddenly leaped forward, her blade following Arc of the moon even as her body prepared for Bundling the straw. What seemed like dozens of swift thrusts at Cairma's chest were all blocked by the immense sword. Rosheen swiped at Cairma's legs as soon as Cairma tried to raise her sword in an attack, which was instantly followed by a quick overhand thrust at Cairma's head. Rosheen backed away a few paces, letting her fellow grand master regain her footing. "Your turn." she said, still smiling at her opponent.


~Rosheen Tahn Sakhr


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Guest Arie Ronshor



The Creeper Embraces the Oak. Black Pebbles on Snow. Cutting the Clouds. Form after form was met by the resounding clash of steel against steel as teh two female blademasters met. Eye to eye there was a smile to each of their lips as their concentration could nto be broken, and Cairma was no fool to know that one mistake will cost. Rosheen was good, too good. The best of of them ni the Yard and a title well earned. One I will have one day soon.. The thought was not on her mind, but a part of her. The world was a part of her like the very sword in her hands. Her grip balanced perfectly on the hilt as with each pivitol movement the dance struck forward and back.


Kissing the Adder. Leaf Floating on the Breeze. Thistledown Floats on the Whirlwind. She could not gain as Rosheen perried perfectly agaisnt her thrust, knocking Cairma back, the blade of the Zwhiehander swung behind her. Shifting her wieght Cairma used the momentum to spin the blade around her, slashing up against Rosheen. Rosheen barely jumped back in time to avoid the force of the massive blade. But it gave Cairma no headway as Rosheen pressed forward, hard, leaving Cairma very little room to push on the offensive, leaving her to defend her attacks.


The Rose Unfolds. Shifting her grip, Cairma took advantage of the perry and attacked from a more opposite end to throw Rosheen off balance. But again, Rosheen was ready for her. They knew eachother's swords too well. Studdied and .. She refused to let the smile on her face show more then was needed as the end of the battle played in her head, already done, already completed. It was the Ren'Shai way..


Heron Wading in the Rushes. A childs mistake, and Rosheens blade drove home, deep into the stomach...



Cairma Vishnu


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She should have seen it coming, of course. This was a Ren'shai master she was fighting, after all, and Ren'shai masters didn't think the way sane people did. To Rosheen, the point of the spar was to win, while doing as little damage possible to herself and her opponent. It was about control, perfect, absolute control which allowed her to conduct this spar with a power wrought sword, because she was certain that she could direct each strike so that her opponent wouldn't be damaged.


She was doing fine, perfect actually, until Cairma forcibly wrested the control from her hands. What should have been a easily avoided blow became something far deadlier as Cairma opened herself up to the attack. All that was heard from Rosheen was a sharp intake of breath as the blade continued it's motion forward, as if Cairma's stomach was barely a resistance at all. At that point, Rosheen knew that she'd lost. She pulled the blade back and rushed towards Cairma, both angry and worried about her friend at the same time.


Even as the power wrought sword clattered onto the ground, Cairma was on the move again. It as a simple leg swipe, one that Rosheen had used many times. It was unavoidable. With a thud she landed on her back. A moment later the tip of Cairma's sword touched her throat. It was over and done with. The blade was raised, and Rosheen got to her feet. She waved away the yellow sister that rushed at her, looking at Cairma instead. Her friend was in the ground, getting healed by two yellows at the same time.


"Had you pulled such a move in battle, you would be dead." she said, her voice still cold and flat from the Spring. "I would have taken your head then. As it is, you are lucky you're fighting a master, and not someone less skilled. Try to keep this in mind in battle. Your Ren'shai tricks serve you well here, but elsewhere they will only get you killed. You have an Aes Sedai who feels an ache in her stomach and her mind even as we speak, and you have a son who would not understand why his mother chose to let herself get killed."


She spat on the ground then, her face twisting in a snarl as she let go of the spring. The rage she felt at Cairma's stupidity. After a brief nod from Bryon she picked up her sword, using a rag to clean of the blood. Light... Cairma's blood... She turned away from the woman who had just won their little spar, and stalked off towards the barracks. "Bloody Ren'shai..." she muttered, deciding there and then never to fight one again unless she actually intended to go for the kill.



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It had been a match that had been on the cards for awhile now, ever since the tourney list had been formed.  As much as Aran detested the tourneys, mainly because he had an aversion to fighting for the approval of a crow, he'd decided to watch a particular match.  Cairma and Rosheen were to be paired against one another, it would be a close match if all went well.  It depended on how much the pair of them wanted to win he supposed.


There they were, just clothes and blades, something that concerned Aran.  It seemed stupid to him to use live blades, it was one of the reasons he disdained spars as a whole.  There was so much room for error, even amongst blademasters there could be mistakes and it wasn't worth the risk when there were perfectly servicable lathes available, or could be made.  But then, sword jockeys always knew better, which was why Aran was fairly certain that anyone that used a sword regularly was mildly retarded.  That or they were never shown enough love as a child, they seemed to have the urge to make up for it with fanciful demonstrations.


The opening blows that were exchanged were interesting enough to watch, insofar that it was a competition between two of his friends.  The end to it, on the otherhand, was sudden and upset Aran a great deal.  Not because of who emerged victor, but the way that it had been done and from the way Rosheen stomped away, he knew full well that he wasn't the only one.  Of all the stupid things he had seen, Rosheen had beaten her but Cairma had been stupid enough to use Rosheen's concern for her friend's safety against her.


More importantly, if Rosheen had realised too late, chances were that Cairma would be dead on the ground now.  The idea that she would endanger herself so much over something so trivial as a tourney match infuriated him, enough so that he couldn't even trust himself to speak.  Getting to his feet, as he'd been sitting on the inside of the circle of spectators to watch, Aran pushed his way out and made his way after Rosheen.  Mainly so he could put a bottle in her hand before she did something precipitous.




Tower Guard

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Erekan had to make an effort not to stare in amazement. He had just arrived in the Tower, and entering this tourney seemed a good enough idea to jauge his ability. And now, he had. What a difference there was between him and these two women! Carima and Rosheen, if he had heard the name correctly seemed to be part of their blades. He had heard some stories about warders, but he had always had believed them. He had seen  forms he had never heard of, and the ones he knew had been perfectly done. Facing reality was bitter. But somehow, he burned with anticipation. He would reach that level, one day.


But still, what had happened there was madness. That Cairna was a fool, letting herself between hurt so badly just to win. Of course in battle, he would probably have done the same thing, especially if he was to be bound to an Aes Sedai one day, but this was no real battle, and he had better to do than throwing his life away. Not that she would die, as Rosheen had enough skill not to kill her, and several sisters were at Cairna's side to heal her. He wondered what a yellow sister was, but he thought better not to ask.


Suppressing a sigh, he thought about his own fight. He did not know who his opponent would be -little difference it made, since he barely knew anybody here- but he knew he'd get crushed if he were too face a Warder.

I came here to learn, learn to be a Warder, and forget who I was. Sailin is dead, and Erekan doesn't need to worry about a loss in a spar. That will be a good way to learn, and get to know the people around here.


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Kopair paced in his room, tossing his practice blade from hand to hand, thinking about the fight ahead. He still wasn't sure why he'd volunteered for the thing. Maybe he'd done it to try and impress Veria?  He was a fool. There were Warders and Tower Guards in the contest. He was going to get torn up.


He heard the trumpets announce the opening of the tourney and decided he should go watch the match.  Tossing the lathed blade onto his bed he walked out into the Yard and over to the sparring area. He saw a large crowd was already gathered. Slipping to the front of the crowd he found himself standing next to where Aran sat watching. Nodding to the Tower Guard, too nervous about his future match to be able to speak, he turned his attention to the match as it began.


Cairma and Rosheen. The two women were well known around the Yard and he knew they were very skilled with the blade. He was a little surprised to see they planned to fight with real blades, but not much.  It made sense, and somehow felt right in this setting.


"Shall we Dance, Rosheen?" called out Cairma, and Kopair couldn't help but chuckle softly. That was an attitude he could respect.


The two women met, and it looked more like a dance then a battle. Rosheen seemed to be the better fighter, but he didn't think it was a large gap. Cairma managed to do well for herself and Kopair couldn't help but be impressed. He hoped he could show as well for himself if matched against someone better.  Finally the end of the battle came and he watched as Cairma opened herself to Rosheen's attack. He saw a look pass over her face that he thought for a second was imagination, but as Rosheen's blade slid into Cairma's stomach, and Cairma brought Rosheen to the ground and brought her sword to the other woman's neck, Kopair knew it wasn't imagination. She'd known exactly what was going to happen, and welcomed it.


Kopair couldn't help himself.  Shaking his head in wonder he bagan to applaud, though most people seemed to shocked to do anything other then stare. He watched as Aran took off and the Yellow Sisters crowded around Cairma.  Laughing to himself, Kopair walked back to his barracks room. The match gave him much to think of.

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It was perhaps the stupidest thing he'd done yet and stepping into the ring just made it even more so.  He hated these things, but in the end a spar was just a spar.  Only he would NEVER have asked for this one.  Light he'd been mad enough to sign up in the first place.  Seeing that he was supposed to fight the winner of a match between Cairma and Rosheen had made him contemplate trying to pull his name from the lists.  He was sure he could manage to fall somewhere bad enough to end up needing healing, and who would expect him to fight on the day he'd been healed? 


Only, he couldn't quite bring himself to do it.  He watched as Rosheen lost the fight and the look on her face made him cringe a bit, even as a part of him wanted to go follow her and see that she was alright.  He saw Aran doing just that so he took a deep breath and stepped into the ring. 


He really was mad, stepping into the ring with a woman that had a rather low opinion of him.  She had ever since the Sahra/Fior fiasco and he secretly believed she always would.    He gave her a smile as he walked closer.  "Good day Cairma.  Care to take on another Tahn Sakhr?"



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Guest Arie Ronshor

Cairma barely flinched as her whole body was plunged into the icy cold water of Aes Sedai healing. So often had she been under their touch that it no longer bothered her. The felt herself stager a little as she stood back up. Healing always made her weak for a moment. However, her eyes were lost, watching Rosheen leave the ring. She dared not look to Aran, knowing what sort of look she would receive. Confusion caused her enough pause to miss more looks on the faces around her, barely catching the name of her next opponent.


- Ursana - Light burn her, was she to fight two siblings? One after the other? How was this even a random fight?!? Cairma held back the nasty glare she would have otherwise given to Bryon as Ursana entered the room. He had a quarterstaff.' ..Tahn Sakhr?'


She regarded him carefully, whispering, "Would you hate me too if I were to beat you in a spar?" She words sounded broken. Ursana gave her the most confused look, but Cairma cleared her throat. "Ah.. I mean, It will be an honour to battle you both. It would hardly be a fair fight, though. Shall we make a small wager? I'll battle you with my own staff and if you can land a hit, the spar win goes to you?"


She wanted something for people to watch, and enjoy. The first spar had set a rather offscale tone and this needed remedied.


Sana looked confused at her first comment, but she pushed past before he could say anything.  Something happening between his sister and Cairma?  In some ways it was hard being the little brother of a Blademaster.  Other times it was just hard to be the little brother to Rosheen.  It might have been more helpful if they didn't tend to both be so... well.. emotional?  So on the surface?  He'd wished more than once to be more like someone else, someone who hid things better, but that wasn't him. 


He smiled then at the mention of a wager.  He didn't think he had much of a chance to beat her even if it was with a quarterstaff but at least it would even things out a little bit.  With her sword he knew he was no match for her.  He smiled.   "Alright then.  A battle to the bruising it is." He said, laughing lightly to show his good nature and hopeful get rid of some of the negativity he felt that Cairma had towards him.


Cairma smiled warmly for that moment. She liked Ursana. Although he had a weakness for Sahra -whom always seemed to find her way in trouble that brought Cairma into it in one form or anouther - she held a level of respect for him. After all, he survived training under Aran and that was no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination. It was bad enough when Aran jumped in to help her with her lessons.


"To the Bruises." She said with the smile. Sheathing Beast to the side and choosing a quarterstaff, she moved into a fairly defensive position. There was no point in Rosheen stripping her hide for breaking her brother on top of all of this. That, and the cheers of the crowd still made her smile.


"Ready to dance, Ursana?"




Cairma & Sana

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Sana held his quarterstaff at the ready, even though he knew he was outmatched.  It didn't matter really.  He's signed himself up for this and he was going to see it through.  Another of his flaws he supposed, but he felt it made him more honorable too and he was OK with being flawed in that way.  He could hear his father in the back of his head, laughing about the Arafel soil seeping into his blood, even as he thought it and a smile crossed his face.  He really needed to go visit.  Thinking of Rosheen, he thought it might be a good idea to try to talk his sister into going too.


Taking a deep breath he forced those thoughts away and pulled the Spring up around him.  He smiled at Cairma then, ready to begin.  "Play time!" he said loudly, getting a few laughs as he did.  Oh there were some that would be upset that he wasn't taking this as seriously as he should, but then again, they weren't up here facing someone that was so completely beyond them.


He didn't wait then, but danced forward swinging his quarterstaff in rapid succession.  The only chance he had was to move quickly in the beginning and hope she needed time  to warm into the new weapon.  It proved to be a vain hope as she blocked his easily, but whether he could win or not, it was always more exhilarating to fight with someone of her level.


She didn't strike back, but let him dance away and he laughed lightly.  This part of his job he enjoyed.  And there was one thing you could say about Sana.  You always knew how he felt about what he was doing.  Coming in at a different level, he swung the staff low and as she jumped out of the way, used the momentum to bring him around high with an overhead swing.


Blocked just as easily only it left Sana in a bad position and he dodged back out of the way as Cairma took the offensive.



Distracted as she was, Cairma fell into a comfortable rhythm as the spar continued with Ursana. Beautiful as the forms were, countered and measured beautifully with each strike and parry. Movements were automatic and simple, and even with their added change to even the score, Cairma knew he would have to be very lucky to land a hit. Bringing her stave up, it was countered with Ursana's as he smiled at her. Tilting her head, Carima could not help but smile as well.


She moved to the offense.


Fascinating as it was, the minutes that were slowly ticking away, their movements together felt addictive and fun. A level of peace settled on her as the familiar movements brought her away from her spar with Rosheen. A new found respect for Ursana formed. It should have been obvious, being Rosheen's kid brother, had he been but a few years older he would have been one that Cairma may have considered a good friend. How could she have missed it? He had a certain genuine spirit that was hard to diminish. Genuine...


Inwardly she winced, but it was not because her staff came down hard on Ursana's, causing him to loose his grip. She didn't wince because she had won anouther match and her opponent less skilled than her.


She winced because he was more deserving than she. The perfect fool.


Pulling up her staff beside her body, she held out a hand. "Well played, Ursana. Maybe we shall have to spar again?"


And it was over.  The result had been almost guaranteed when he had stepped in the ring and though he had known it, he had still done his best.  Of course attitude was everything so he knew

he had walked into this match twice marked.  Once because her skill was far superior, and once because he recognized himself in the losing position.  It was an attitude he only allowed when in the spar. 


As they ended, she held her hand out to him and he took it, smiling.  He wasn't sure what he saw there, but maybe she didn't think him such a complete waste after all.  Light he hoped not.  He'd certainly made a fool of himself over Sahra and Cairma had seen that, but perhaps the time that had passed made her realize he had grown too.  He hoped so.  "It would be an honor.  Though I think I need a bit more practice so I can come up with a few surprised for you." The last was said with a wink, then he made his way out of the ring so that the next tourney could begin.



Ursana & Cairma

((Next up! )) 

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Guest Arie Ronshor



The battle complete, she stood in the circle yet again. Two opponents beaten, siblings, both with various results. In truth, Cairma felt tired. Emotionally so. It was not often that the excitement of these challenges would drain her to the extent that she felt physically tired. her eyes gazed off for a moment in the direction that Rosheen had stalked off with Aran not far behind. A sigh escaped her lips. A war for another day. Bryon called out her next opponent. A small smile quirked her lips. If there was one that would be proud of her, it was this man. one that she suddenly felt the mantle on her shoulders too heavy to carry. She bowed her head in respect to her long-time mentor as he entered the ring.


"Grandmaster Daemon Ronshor. As always, it is an honor to trade blades with yours."



Cairma Vishnu

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