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TV: WY - Conor's Progress - WS 9 Complete

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor



WS 6-7 Road Rules - COMPLETE


Posts: 15+ / 12

- After Fior leaves the Yard Conor searches out his mentor Cairma. After a few discussions, Cairma gives him a task (To locate Fior and bring him to the Green Advocate). To which during this time, anouther Aes Sedai gives him a task. He will fail to achieve the task given to him by Cairma. He also comes across the lovely Aramina Sedai and becomes a little more wayward..




WS 7-8 A Road of Their Own - Emailed - COMPLETE


Path & Discipline Choice. 200 Words. ?



*****The Above is the 'old' system. Anything that follows is on the new system.*****


Tower Guard


8-9 – Tower Guard Ceremony - COMPLETE



9-10 – In the Town

Posts: 0/10

TG will be required to organize a RP in Tar Valon with one other PC (must be another player). TG will reminisce about there trainee training.


Request to Organize this same RP in the woods as a camp out

instead of inside of Tar Valon. There are Two threads that take

place in TV for this purpose and I wish to do something different.




Week in the Life

Posts: 0/5

Through reflection a PC will tell another PC (must be another player) about their average work week.


Road Trip

Posts: 0/5

Organize a trip out of Tar Valon with other PCs (must be another player or players). (RP outline must be approved by Staff).





11-12 – 2 requirements fulfilled

12-13 – 2 requirements fulfilled

13-14 – 2 requirements fulfilled

14-15 – Blademaster Ceremony & 1 requirement fulfilled




15-16 – 2 requirements fulfilled

16-17 – 3 requirements fulfilled

17-18 – Grand master spar & 3 requirements fulfilled


Grand Master


18-19 – Staff approval and 4 requirements fulfilled

19-20 – Staff approval and Hand, Head and Heart


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You need at least one person in the RP please read the new requirements.


1.  TG Ceremony - Take part in the Tower Guard raising ceremony. Swear the oaths of the Tower Guard in front of your comrades and Aes Sedai. This is the first RP as TG and cannot be skipped or dropped for anything.  Minimum 3 posts total.


You may use your party thread for this as well but it must be more than just one post.  One post for the ceremony is fine, but you need to make it an rp.  RP was never meant to be a solo experience.



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