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Approved WT Bio for Sorna Ulend- CC'd by the Freelanders


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Handle: Arnaron

Character Count: 0


Contact: tha55ace@hotmail.com



Name: Sorna Ulend


Age: 16


Nationality: Shienaran/Kandori




Hair: Black


Eyes: Dark Brown


Skin: Extremely Pale


Height: 5’7”


Voice: Very soft and strained.


Other: Always appears to be suffering from illness to various degrees.  On her best days, she looks as though she has just left a hospital bed.



Special Skills: Very skilled in embroidery, knitting, sewing, and other fine motor skills.


Knowledge Weaknesses: Virtualy no knowledge of the world outside of what can be learned from books or others.


Physical Weaknesses: Is of very poor health and easily fatigued.


Personality Weakness: She spends so much time worrying about her physical frailties that she isn’t even aware of any of her stregnths.



Personality: She is very quiet and very careful about her health.  When she meets people, she is very friendly and very concerned about making them feel comfortable.



History:  Sorna was born to two borderlanders who settled halfway between Arafel and Tar Valon and were dedicated to getting war materials and food from the southern lands into Kandor and Sheinar.  During the last month of the pregnancy, Sorna’s mother came down with a terrible sickness and there was fear that Sorna would not survive childbirth.  She did survive but the birth came at the height of the sickness and her mother died.



Sorna’s father never recovered from the dual stress of a gaining a newborn and losing his wife; he began to neglect his business and the family fell into poverty.  Over the next sixteen years, Sorna spent many stretches of time in sickbeds trying to recover from various illnesses.  While bedridden, her primary caretaker was her older brother, Ranul.  Because she spent so much time immobile, Sorna had to learn to entertain herself through embroidery and reading any books that her father could afford to buy.  She became so good with needles that she was able to contribute to the family income by selling her work for very attractive prices.



Recently, Sorna became so sick that none of the healers and herbalists were able to help and announced that nothing could be done for her.  Ranul, however, knew they were wrong and convinced their father to let her go to Tar Valon to seek aid from the Aes Sedai.  Thus, it was on a litter outside the White Tower that Sorna was tested by a Yellow Sister under the concerned eyes of her brother and she was found to be able to learn to channel.


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