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Lost Gaidin Returns...ATTN Jaydena


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OOC:I know this first part is actually in the Warders yards...but I figured you would see it easier int the WT boards :P



IC: Coran walked across the bridge into Tar Valon, his horses reins in hand. Even though it was not yet Sunup, he could see the spires of the once beloved White Tower rise in front of him.


~Why am I back here?~ he thought to himself. But he knew. He had avoided this for a few years and now It was time to pay the Dark One.


Once more he went through the list of reasons why he had left; Letting Jade get captured and tortured, The need to find his brother, Most of all just coming to grips with the fact that…he had failed them. All of them. He had failed Jade, He had failed Seia, The Tower, His brother, Nolan. He could not save any of them from their fates. Coran did not even have the decency to say goodbye when he left, Though his brother had pushed him away…


“Nolan, the Sisters can help you. They raised me, I know that they could help you with you…situation. I have seen what they can do..” Coran pleaded. He had been left by his brother before. Left at the steps of the White Tower at the age of 13. Still a babe and learning to wield a sword as if it were part of his body. But he had found his brother, thinking they could be reunited, until…


“Coran, I can Channel! There is no healing this. There is no fixing this. It is why I left you in the first place. I did not want you to be hurt, but I will also not submit myself to the witches mercies! I have seen what they have done to my brothers. This is where I belong. The Black Tower is everything I need. Not your sisters…and not you.”


Again the rejection of his brother. But at least now he knew the reasons. And he was no longer the child that was left, so many years ago. He had been Lt Master at Arms, He had led battles and had been…No… he was still bonded. And it was at this point that Coran had decided to return. After years of roaming…searching in his soul for the strength, he had found that his strength was not only himself, but who he was in the role of Gaidin. That is where he pledged his life, That is why he felt this wound in his soul, He had left his strength to wallow in his self-pity.


But now…Now it was time to return. He could still feel her. He had been tempted to reopen the bond then and there, but he owed Jaydena the choice. He would go to her and see if she would take him back. He would see if she could…forgive him.


These things went through his head as he felt at the muted bond, knowing that she still lived, if not where she was.


A light rain started in the city, the clouds covering what would be the morning rise of the sun,  as he came nearer the Towers. He stared again, for a moment at its beautiful walls. He walked over to the guards Standing outside the Warders yards and bowed.


“ I am Coran Thalier, Gaidin to Jaydena Aes Sedai. With respect and honor to the Watcher of the flame, I ask entrance to the grounds.” Of course entry was not granted so easily. One guard went inside the gate to verify information that was asked of Coran. As He walked out of the gate, the guard opened the doors and allowed Coran Access. He walked in and intended to make use of a room and showers before he went to see Jaydena.


~I have been away this long, the least I can do is look presentable. ~ he thought leaving his horse with the stable boy and taking his bags to a room he was told to use. He walked I and tossed his bags to the floor and sat on the edge of his bed.


He thought of the last time he had seen her, the fresh scars on her face, But still strong, never broken. He had left, not only to find his brother, not only from the pain he had let his Aes Sedai receive, but also to seek revenge on those who caused it. But that path bore no fruit. The pain of Jaydena …the sorrow and grief…was something he could not bear, so he muted his bond with her.


So many years wasted. But soon he would know if he could redeem himself with the Tower…with her.




Coran’s head shot up with the sound of the door locking. He ran to try the handle but knew it would be a vain attempt. He pounded on the door.


“Gaidin, if that is what you are.” Said a voice from the other side “We have Aes Sedai out here along with a contingent of Tower Guards. You have been gone a long time and I hope you do not hold it against us to be sure of who you are. You are to remain here until Jaydena Sedai comes for you.”




“Did you hear me?” The man said.


“Yes.” Coran said. “It will be as you say.” 


With that, Coran went to sit on his bed. He looked at his travleworn clothes and saw his road weary face and unkempt shoulder length hair in a mirror in the room.  ~This is not how I imagined it would be~ He thought, pulling the hair back into a tail he sat on the bed and waited.


OOC: I figured if you did not know if I was a darkfriend or not, you would likely order precautions taken against me until you could figure it out. Let me know If I should change anything. Also, (In case you need a refresher on my description) I am a small man 5ft 5 inches and about 155 lbs. blue eyes and light brown hair.

If you want to reference how I left, feel free to take creative license and have my leavetaking be…however you think it was. :)


Coran Thalier

Returning Gaidin of Jaydena


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Jaydena ran around the trees, her breaths coming in puffs and she worked out the anger and pain. Coran was moving toward the Tower, she could feel him, though she didn't know how close he was or what is purpose was. For years they had been bonded, since Namandar in fact, and he had left her right after her burns. She knew why, he had been sickened when looking at her burns and couldn't handle seeing her everyday. Hitting her stride she ran around another clump of trees and up a hill. This morning she had woken up and known that he was nearby. She still remembered the day the bond had winked out, she had taught him how to muffle the bond. That way he could avoid feeling things from her and Seia. When he had muffled it she had assumed that he was getting morning visit from someone. Only the bond had never come unmuffled and she could never track down exactly where he was, she just knew he was somewhere towards Andor. She had cried and dealt with it and then she had met Cairma, she had been trying to drown herself inside her own sorrow, in fact she was standing waist deep in freezing water in a dress. Killing herself has been a desperate move but at that point she hadn't cared about anyone, least of all herself. Seia had left her, for months she had thought the woman was dead after the burns and then she had shown back up. Seia had left her for Sirayn, told her to her face that she loved Sirayn more. She rounded another bank of tress and hit a straight stretch, the sun wasn't over the sky yet and she was one of the few in the Yard this early. She hadn't seen Cairma this morning but the woman was going to be furious when she heard the missing warder might be on the way here.


She hoped that her warder didn't decide to inflict damage on him, after all, if he showed back up, she would be able to feel his pain. It wouldn't be the first time she had felt the pain of two bonded warders attacking each other. Well one of them was wearing a angreal that created the same sensation but it had felt the same. Seia was something she had had to come to grips with, a part of her felt like she could have done more, she could have tried harder. Now she felt like it had all been lived by someone else and she had just watched it from the outside.  She slowed her run and began to jog, it was time to slow down and get ready, she didn't want to be a sweaty when she met him, the man was already disgusted by her looks and her burns. Eventually she cooled down enough to walk and she began her stretches and worked her muscles out before she headed up to the Tower. On her way she stopped and talked to someone important within the warders, letting him know that Coran might be showing up and to let him through the gates, she also let him know to detain him once he reached his quarters, he might be a darkfriend. How could she know if he was or wasn't, he had left with no word and mutted the bond for years.


When she had finished she walked back to her rooms through the gardens and took a secret entrance, known only by the Ajah Heads, it led right from her office and she didn't use it very often. She climbed the steps and then walked in through the tapestry in her office. Glancing around her office she took it all in and made sure everything was in place, when she saw it was she walked from the room, and reset the weaves on the office. Down the hall she walked, nodding at her sisters and their warders that were getting up and about. Jade embraced the source and removed the ward around her own quarters. When she was done she walked inside and began to prepare for the possible meeting with her long lost gaidin. The bath water was hot and scented against her skin and when she stepped from the bath she smelled like the rose hips shampoo and soap she made herself. She lotioned her skin and applied makeup on her eyes and lips. When she was finished she slipped into a forrest green dress that was open to the waist, laces held the dress together but revealed quite a bit. Golden embroidery decorated the lapels and a white undershirt curved around the outside of the lapels, she decided she would wear the jewelry set that Jared had given her, rubies carved like roses and emeralds like leaves. A matching belt in silver latched around her waist and she slid her feet into velvet slippers in the same shade as the dress. Her long auburn hair curved down to her backside and she left it loose. A mask was hooked into place with a weave she had created, the mask matched her dress and covered helf her forehead, and part of her cheek.  Once the preparations were done she walked from the room and reset her weaves, she walked from the rooms and headed down to the Barracks to tell Cairma of what had happened.


OOC- Not done yet, waiting for responses from Cairma and Andular. Also Jaydena is 5'10, hour glass figured, emerald green eyes, freckles on nose and across cheeks. Auburn hair and pale skin.

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Guest Arie Ronshor

So I walk up on high

And I step to the edge

To see my world below.

And I laugh at myself

As the years roll down.

cause its the world I know.




The young boys exclamation was so profound and loud as his little hands pointed to the sword on the wall with a level of affirmation that he just KNEW that was what it was. The utter look of glee and a glance back at his mother for confirmation, Cairma could not help but smile.


"Yes, Jamie. That is a pickle."


The young two year old smiled happily and ran back into her legs, laughing happily. "Pickle. Pickle.... " She picked him up and nuzzled him causing a high pitched laugh from him. The light of her life and yet worry trickled deep within the bond. Jaydena was stessing herself over soemthing, to which Cairma was fairly certain that she was connected to, but to which she did not fully know. Kissing her sons cheek, she could feel Jaydena in the Barracks.. up the stairs... And about to knock on the door. Swining it open, Jaydena was greated but a worried gaidar and a a stubby finger pointing directly at her.







Cairma & Jamie

(Short, i know.. but i seem brain dead and i couldn't leave you hanging. :))

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Disguised bump :P


IC: It had been a long time. A long time since Coran was left on the steps of the White Tower, Thirteen years old and abandoned. He didn't think he would ever really trust another person. His mother had died, his father was abusive and had left Him and Nolan to fend for themselves. Then Nolan left him. Coran knew why now, Nolan could use the One Power.


In that time, Coran had used the circumstances of his life to push him on. He arrived undernourished but rose above that to become one of the highest skilled warders there was. He had met Jade on the way to Namandar and she bonded him (young as he was) to her. Jared had died on that same quest for lost Aes Sedai artifacts. and Seia had come shortly after. Seia, one of his mentors...his teacher...His friend.


Life could not be better, but it quickly fell apart when Jade and Seia were captured...Tortured. He thought he was equipped to deal with anything, to deal with death and pain...but he had not realized that he might be OK and his Aes Sedai might be the one who had to deal with the pain...the pain of his failure.


He stood and paced in the small room that he was now the captive in. But this room could not hold him any more than the prison of his mind. If he was released now, he would have no more freedom than if he were locked in the dungeons below the Tower. His only release would be on the word of Jaydena. Perhaps...perhaps if she could forgive him, he would begin to forgive himself.


He sat on the bed and meditated...waited for Jade...for redemption.


Coran Thalier

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ooc- Sorry about the delay sweetie, lots going on.


Jaydena knew that Coran was now inside the Tower and that any minute someone would come looking for her, to tell her they had confined him. A part of her wanted to race to the room where they held him, since it was his old room in the barracks and yell at him. Tell him how much his leaving has hurt her, in a time when she could barely hold her head up, he has taken one looked at her scarred face and run away. His rejection has made me scared to even talk to men; she thought she wasn't attractive that they didn't want to see her anymore. It had taken Cairma saving her from a freezing river to convince her she was worthy to bond and all that has gone down the tubes when Cairma had disappeared just like the others. She had bonded Andular while she had been in Illian, although she still didn't know how that has happened, a moment of weakness which had led her to wonderful warder and friend. A man who she thought was going to become her lover, she hadn't decided yet but it had been some time since she had been with someone and he seemed to care for her. Surprising she seemed to return the emotion and it has been some time since she had had deep feelings for someone. She had sworn she would never be intimate with a gaidin again but he seemed set on changing her feelings. Just by being caring and doing small things for her, rubbing her back and hugging her when she needed it. On top of that, there was a spark when he hugged her that she hoped wasn't one sided, a tightening of her stomach, something she hadn't felt in a long time now.


She shook herself out of her thoughts and didn't dare think the L word, a word that had caused her so much pain and anger. Turning back toward Cairma's room in the barracks she walked out into the yard and walked across it. Weaving through the fighting partners and nodding her head as many of them stopped to bow to her. It was nice to have respect, too often in the past, she had had nothing but cat calls in this yard, but since she got burned it had changed. They actually seemed to respect her and not look at her as a subject of attraction and finally the pity looks had stopped as well. Jade walked up the steps and headed toward the second floor where Cairma's room was housed. She knew that Cairma was playing with her young son from the range of emotions coming from her through the bond. Happiness, awe, tenderness and love, were just a few of the feelings that were soaring at her. Approaching the door she turned and greeted Andular who she had felt walking toward her for several moments. He must have wondered what was going on and wanted to check it out. Her gaidin nodded at her in respect and she smiled at him before tapping on the door. She opened the door and walked in, swinging Jamie up into her arms as he came running to see her and just smelling the sweet scent of his hair. It was these moments that she regretted not having children of her own. She winked at Cairma over his shoulder and then set him down, setting a peppermint candy in his hand, she grinned at the five year old. Cairma shook her head and Jade just chuckled and tapped Jamie on the bottom. She stood up and began speaking, "Well looks like one of the missing warders has just showed up. I am sure both of you have figured out something is going on. Coran asked access into the gates about an hour ago and by now he is confined to his barracks room, as I am sure you know Andular." The man nodded and she continued, "I fear that Coran could be a Darkfriend, most warders don't leave their Aes Sedai for this long and block the bond. He may have been brainwashed and sent to kill me or someone I am close to or he may be doing it of his own free will. Our purpose is to find out what he is doing back and where he has been. I will be taking both of you into the room with me and be aware that he has been gone long enough to possibly be a male channeler and have been at the Black Tower. I will prepare weaves and try and cut him off from the source if he can channel but it's difficult as I can't see his weaves." She nodded and waited to see what they would say...


Jaydena Mckanthur

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Walking toward Cairma’s room Andular struggled to understand the confusing emotions he felt through the bond.  He knew about Coran being detained being informed at once upon the mans return to the yards.  Having another persons emotions with him constantly was something he was still coming to terms with since the bond had been set in place.  The whole thing seemed surreal at times as he thought back to the events in Illian that led up to him agreeing to being one of Jaydena’s Gaidin.  That he cared deeply for the Aes Sedai was a given but just how his feelings were evolving was confusing and troubling at times.


There was no doubt the woman was breath taking but he had never been one to be swayed by a woman’s charms or looks.  There was something different about his bond holder though that tugged at his primal emotions and he often found himself having indecent thoughts about her.


“Troubling indeed.”  He sighed as he spotted her ahead just outside of Cairma’s room.  Jaydena greeted him warmly the emotions radiating through the bond spoke of worry and hope a strange combination to say the least.


The two entered Cairma’s room the Aes Sedai’s mood lightened as she spent a few moments dotting on her Warders small son. 


A knot of emotions filled Andular as he watched her interact with the young boy thinking again of how passionate the woman could be.  When she spoke of Coran there was a hint of anger as well as hurt in her voice and he felt as much through the bond.


When she had finished Andular laid a hand on her shoulder.


“If he is a threat Aes Sedai you need not worry with Cairma and myself present.  Nothing short of our deaths will allow her to lay a hand on you or put you in danger.”


Jaydena nodded and he felt her warmth and appreciation through the bond.


“If you will follow me we will go see just how deeply if any his treachery lies.”  Cairma nodded in approval.

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ooc- Andrea left but we are playing this like she is still here, later she will disappear as Coran has done. Coran I hope you are still here, I am so sorry about this taking so long, they had me on bed rest. *goes off to email*



Andular watched all of them closely, like a cat always ready for attack, he spoke softly after he gathered his thoughts, “If he is a threat Aes Sedai you need not worry with Cairma and myself present.  Nothing short of our deaths will allow her to lay a hand on you or put you in danger.” She nodded and turned back to Cairma, the woman nodded and stood up, she spoke softly to her son and then Andular spoke again, “If you will follow me we will go see just how deeply if any his treachery lies.” Jaydena saw Cairma nod and approval went through the bond, she was beyond happy that Cairma approved of her bonding of Andular, there had been a time there where she was very worried about how the two would get along. She had already had to deal with two warders fighting all the time and trying to kill each other, it was not something she wanted to deal with ever again. In fact Coran had had issues with Jared during the short time they had been bondmates.


Following Andular out she felt Cairma fall into line behind her, one slightly ahead and one slight behind. It was an interesting team they made but one that worked well for all involved. She followed Andular to where Coran was being held and waited for him to lead the way into the room and make sure it was safe for her before she was allowed in. She could sense Coran in the room beyond, she didn't feel like she knew him anymore, light she didn't know if she knew herself anymore. She had lost so many loves, friends, and warders in such a short time that she couldn't begin to imagine how she was going to get over the possible blow of this one going to the dark as Morgan had done. Finally Andular let her enter the room and she spoke softly, "Hello Coran."

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