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Tinker Question


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OK, as far as Tinker meetings. We find a little about it in KoD.





When Perrin goes to get the forkroot with the Seanchan he sees that there are a couple groups of tinkers there. He thinks that there is feasting when two groups of Tinkers meet. Even longer feasting when three meet and you never see more than that meeting except on Sunday (summer solstice[sp?]) when they meet in their meeting places (but he doesn't mention where they are).


When Mat chases Tuon on her horse and the Tinkers come to them is where we hear that the Tinkers are travelling to Seanchan controlled lands to take advantage of the security to be found there.




Hope that helps.




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On a related issue, I was rereading Eye Of The World, and noticed that Loial says in the bit where he is telling Moraine about the threat to the eye in the library of the queens blessing. That he had taught some Tinkers what they could learn of Tree Singing. I am assuming that we don't see further reference to it that none of the tinkers he taught had the gift of the voice, and not much if any Aiel blood in them to reconize the songs as Rand did when Loial made his quarter staff in TGH. Perhaps the Aiel who went to the tinkers starting in book 5 will come into play in this reguard.




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Maybe, but even if they have the voice, Rand's portrayal shows that the Ogier and the Aiel play different roles. But yeah, maybe.

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I think that the Tinkers traveling to lands under Seanchan control is very important. It takes Ogier as well as humans to make the song work. The Empire's Ogier may have some hidden knowledge about the song. The Seanchan as a whole seem to look down on people on this side of the ocean because of all the knowledge they have forgotten. Also, The Imperial Ogier have some special agreement with the Empress (may she live forever). :D

As to the changing of the ages, Time is a wheel...ages come and go and come again. It is quite probable that the AOL will come again.

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