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Introducing Cham. Attn Sges and anyone else


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Owen’s smile matched the others as they saw Cham’s reaction to his entrance to the Stedding. It was this moment, this change that made all the trials and tribulations worthwhile. “Yes Cham you are home, you have just breached the barrier that surrounds the Stedding. Beyond this barrier is home and safety. But, we still have a few hours of travel ahead of us so shall we be on our way?”


With a big grin on his face, Cham fell in besides Owen with the other Rangers following behind. As they made their way through the trees Owen explained how the Stedding was ringed by the Wolves and the Rangers, with help from the Guardians, and that it was these that ensured the safety of the Wolfkin, “It is virtually impossible to gain access to the Stedding without one of the groups providing warning, that and the fact that no one can channel within the boundaries make this a very safe place.”


It took just over three hours for the group to traverse the forest and finally reach the outskirts of the where the Wolfkin made their home. The first building they came across was Wolflover’s cabin, it was the outer most dwelling and Wolflover had only recently returned to the Stedding and re-occupied it.  Not long after that they came to a clearing and this signalled the beginning of the area the Wolfkin lived in. The main building here was the infirmary and it was to this that Owen led Cham after saying goodbye to John and Lorelai.


“In here you will be checked over by Miryana, the leader of our Sages. She will make sure you are in good health and offer you a place to stay until you are ready to find a place of your own. When that day does arrive, you can count on any of us to help you move and only have to let us know that you want our help.” Owen opened the door to the Infirmary and led Cham inside.




The WhiteWolf


Ranger Leader


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Reading a book in her favorite chair next to the fire Miryana looked up when the door opened.  A smile spread across her face when Owen walked in followed by a young man with a haunted look in his eyes.


Rising she walked over and greeted the Ranger leader with a hug. 


“Welcome home Owen and I see you have brought us a new member for our family.”


Owen introduced Cham and gave her the details of their journey including the confrontation Cham had with his father.  Miryana frowned when he told her how it ended and she turned her sympathetic eyes on the young man.


“Do not blame yourself child the ignorant and intolerant need little excuse to behave like fools.”


Leading Cham back to one of the examining rooms she had him get up on a table before seeing Owen out the door.  She ordered one of her apprentices to bring them tea then turned her attention back to Cham.


“I don’t see anything physically wrong with you Cham but from the story I just heard I think there might be more harm in here.”  She said softly touching a finger to his chest.


Placing her hands on the young man’s cheeks she delved him with her senses feeling for any hurt or sickness.  Finding none she pulled up a chair as the tea arrived and poured a cup for them both.


“You have come a long way from your old life Cham and you must have many questions and doubts.  Ask me anything you like I am here to help you get acclimated with your new family.”


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Cham made his way into the room slowly and very cautiously.  He didnt know anyone here and he was sure that he shouldnt go rushing anywhere.  He was going to be very courteous. 


Soon his eyes fell on a beautiful woman who was reading a book.  She looked up at him and smiled.  Cham watched silently as she hugged owen and spoke with him.  Owen introduced him and he felt his face heat as she smiled down at him.  Owen gave her the highlights of thier journey and she seemed to be disconcerted by all that had happened.


"Do not blame yourself child the ignorant and intolerant need little excuse to behave like fools."  Strange as it was, Cham actually felt quite comforted by her words and her gentle demeanor.  Taking his hand, she led him back to a small room towards the back of the building. 


Once finished leading Owen to the door and speaking with a humbly dressed young woman, she then turned back to him and spoke.  He listened intently and agreed with all that she had to say, but could not bring himself to say anything back. 


Handing him some tea, she invited him to ask questions. He sipped the tea and began, "Why dont people accept us?  And why dont they bother us here?  And will I really be safe from the world here?  Will I ever get to see my brothers and sisters again?  And what do I do now that I'm here?"  Stopping the torrent of questions, Cham realized that he had asked several on top of one another without giving Miryana a chance to answer.  Blushing he mumbled, "Sorry...".

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Hearing the rattling of teacups, Aleeza lengthed her stride as she made her way towards the infirmary's small kitchen.  Having spent the day roaming up the mountain aways for a good place to build a house for herself, she was hungry and her primary instinct was currently to make a sandwich.  However, despite being a shy creature, listening to the rattling of teacups in the kitchen usually meant one thing: comapany.  And this being the infirmary, there really was only one sort of company here and those were brand new Wanderers.  Now being a Sage, as of only a week ago, Aleeza was immediately intrigued and felt that she should probably helping Miryana, who was no doubt inspecting the new Wanderer with whichever Tracker had brought him or her in.


Keen ears picked up a pair of voices, one Miryana's and the second belonging to the young man who must be the new Wanderer.  Wondering who the Tracker was, Aleeza was surprised to smell Owen with them instead of Anton or Timewalker.  Despite her delight to see Owen now that she was a full Wolfsister, a part of her that she tried to supress nervously was disappointed that it wasn't Anton.


Wondering whether she was supposed to just bustle right in and help and whether perhaps leaving Miryana alone might be the better course, Aleeza knocked hesitantly.


ooc: brand new Sage present for duty sah!

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Miryana heard the pain in Cham’s words as he asked the questions that haunted him.  Pacing a hand over his she gave it a gentle squeeze. 


“You have nothing to be sorry for child your questions are ones we all asked when we first found ourselves her.  People do not accept us because they are frightened of things they cannot understand or rationalize.  You must not let their ignorance jade your view on life.”


Taking a sip of tea she considered his other questions for a moment before answering.


“You are safe here Cham and the reason others do not find us is that the Rangers led by Owen make sure no unwanted visitors find us here.  They are our guardians just as the Watchers are our link to what is happening outside of the Stedding.  Do not let that trouble you, just know there are others who will keep us safe.  As for seeing your brothers and sisters again, one day perhaps but you need to come to terms to who you are now.  You will be assigned a mentor who will teach you all you need to know about your new gifts.”


As she finished a knock came at the door and Miryana rose and opened it.  Aleeza stood outside and a warms smile crossed the Sage’s face. 


“You come to learn the ways of the Sages young one come in.  I was just finishing up with our new Wanderer Cham here.  When we have finished our team we will find him a suitable place to sleep and a mentor to help him continue his journey.  Then you and I will begin child.”


She brought up another chair and had Aleeza join them and poured her a cup of tea.

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Cham listened to her answers, the same as he had expected; yet it was strangely comforting to hear them from her.  She had a kindness about her that made him feel at home. 




He hoped that he could find such a place in the stedding.  He hoped only to be able to fit in with his new family as well as he had fit in with the old.  Unshed tears came to his eyes at the thought of how happy his family was before he broke it apart.  He quickly blinked them away and looked up at Miryana and the newcomer, looking for that strange comfort and recieving it from both of the ladies. 


Somehow he knew that everything would be ok.  "Can I see the rest of the stedding now?" he asked of Miryana.  As she opened her mouth to reply he quickly added, "Thank you.  I mean, thanks for everything."  He sat down his tea cup and focused his attention on a spot on the floor. 

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