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Interview (attn: Aran)


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It was incredible how long an hour could be when you were waiting for someone who had ruffled your feathers and who you wanted to get dealt with. A Tower Guard named Aran had throughoutly messed her routine for late evening after publicly humiliating her in front of her Sisters. She had sent her old friend Mac to find him and deliver him over his shoulder to his room where she would have a word with him. Likely she would receive more shameless mouthing but a plan of payback was starting to form in her mind, she just needed more information on the vile little manling. Admittedly he was maybe only an inch shorter than him but that made all the difference. What was taking so bloody long? She had already had to send a word to Con that she would come late and stealing the precious moments they could spend together was even more grievous sin than any of the previous.


She had already gone through his things but the only things telling anything personal of him were the couple of bottles of disgustingly strong alcohol in his bedstand, the two beds pushed together and the female clothing of about her own size. Obviously Aran had a small lady friend or he enjoyed wearing such apparel himself, a thought she did not wish to dwell on. No, the room was quickly snooped... or well, she prefered term searched and after that all that was left to do was getting even more frustrated. She had been on verge of just walking out a few times and the only thing that kept her was the knowledge that it would be wasting Mac's time. She had started this so she would see it to the end.


Finally she heard a rumbling voice from the corridor and jumped to her feet feeling slightly brighter. Mac had become a genuine friend over the years and she knew that she could trust him in everything. Con would surely disapprove what she was planning but Mac would find it amusing so he was the perfect aide in getting into the head of Aran and beating him in his own game. As asked, the giant of a man entered hauling Aran over his shoulder and grinned at Arette who smiled back. "You can drop him on the bed and don't care if you miss." Mac did as he was asked and had a sadly good aim.


Arette motioned the old Tower Guard to come to her and noticed again with worry the white hair. He was growing old and in few decades she would loose him. Another thought she quickly supressed as she gave him a hug. He lifted her up to to return it and she patted his cheek fondly. As he let her down, his eyes widened and Arette turned to look too. She quickly averted her gaze as she was seeing far more of Aran than she ever would have wanted to. Why in the Pit of Doom was he undressing? This went beyond provocation, he was out of his mind.


"I will deal with him from this on, Mac", she said tightly. "Thank you for bringing him. If you would leave us now." Mac gave a dubious look at Aran and then at her and scratched his head. She planted her fists on her hip and tapped her foot impatiently. He thought that she couldn't handle Aran? Woolhead of a man! "Well?" Finally Mac shrugged and turned to leave and closed the door behind him. Arette turned to glare at Aran who was standing there flaunting himself as shamelessly as a flipskirt hussy as he made his way slowly to the bed and crawled in under the covers.


She made herself to watch even though she was hopelessly flustered despite trying to focus on his head and nothing else. He wanted her embarrased so she wouldn't let herself to be. When he was sitting in the bed, she made her way there with determination and lowered herself on the edge of it. "Aran, Aran, Aran", she sighed his name trying her best to sound like Telcia when she was telling one of her delightfully dirty stories. Her intonation was slightly strange. "Did your parents know the Old Tongue? Aran means a dream like in Tel'Aran'Rhiod. And now you would like to be my dream come true." Dear Light, his insanity was infective. She was supposed to be above his stupid games.


Floating the female garb to her, she tossed them on his face. "Would you like to explain these? And don't tell me it was before I dazzled you with my beauty and how ever the rest of it went. I am a jealous woman."


Arette Nenatiar

Keeper of the Chronicles

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There was something about being carried by an Ogier of a man to his quarters that might have disturbed Aran on another day.  Having said that, Big Mac was like a grandfather figure to a good number of Tower Guard so Aran was quite happy to be spared walking.  Well he had for the first few feet outside the pub then he'd been forced to walk until they'd reached the floor where his room was located in the barracks.  Then Big Mac had picked him up and taken him to his room only to find that Arette was in there, something he'd guessed might have been the reason for this but he hadn't expected to find her in his room.


Having said that, it was his room and if he was going to have to talk to her then he would make himself comfortable.  And her uncomfortable.  Success was found when she turned away rather quickly and he could have sworn he saw a blush on her cheeks to boot.  Speaking of boots, he figured he should probably get those off now.  Tossing them ontop of his shirt, he got the last vestiges of clothing free and tossed them aside in turn.


Standing proud, tall and erect, Aran walked over to his bed and slipped into it, he figured that regardless of where things went he was going to be more comfortable if he was in bed.  And she couldn't exactly tell him to get out of bed without getting another eyeful, something she'd gotten as she'd watched him, no doubt to prove she was unaffected by the display.  Her sitting down on the edge of the bed was a surprise, an amused smile painted his face as he listened to her.


Catching the dress on his face, he was glad for it as a huge grin split his face.  He hadn't guessed this game of Arette, but he could play along easily enough.  It took a good deal of effort to dispel the grin, but crocodile tears came easily enough as he sobbed, pulling the dress from his face and tenderly cradling it as he said, choked with emotion.  "How could you suspect me when my heart is true?  These dresses are mine, yet you would case spite and doubt in the face of my feelings.  I..."  He couldn't say anymore.




Tower Guard

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Oh Aran was very good. If Arette hadn't known what kind of a disgusting scoundrel he was and the situation wasn't what it was, she might have actually felt sorry for him, so pitiful he looked. The dresses being his... it was simply a disgrace but she expected nothing better of him now. "Oh but that changes everything. Maybe you would like to make yourself all pretty for me." It was difficult to keep her face composed because the suggestion was just so outrageous. "Don't hide so coyly under the blanket like a jittery little virgin. We both know that you are not one. And you just enjoyed showing yourself so much. Here, let me help you." A weave of Air flew the cover off from him and then she just couldn't take it anymore.


Closing her eyes in defeat she shook her head and muttered darkly under her breath about bloody fools and being too clever for their own good. She brought the blanket back and dropped it on him so that he was proper again. That restored her ability to fix him firmly with her best Aes Sedai look. "Why did you do it?"


He had to admit, considering what his expectations had been of Arette, he was surprised she managed to get that far before she gave in.  She must have been hoping he would hide himself, but just lying there open to view got her right there and then.  Not even having to replace the blanket, he looked up at her confused as she asked her question.  Why did he do what?  Whatever could she possibly mean?  She couldn't mean that?  Could she?  "Its my room, I normally undress when I go to bed."  He managed to keep a straight face despite the urge to laugh at the look that got.


There they went again, the mouthing begun. She narrowed her eyes. "I am not amused. Why did you give your little performance and why did you choose to target me?" She wanted her answer.


Laughing, Aran tossed his dress back to Arette as he answered.  "Its fairly complex, but basically I made a bet with Rosheen while we were on our last mission which I won.  She had to make a love speech to our Captain, it only seemed fair I do one as well.  Its always good to aspire high, it seemed like a fine opportunity to point out that some people are still whispering and embarrass them without naming them.  To point out the Tower Guard has faith in Con, and you for that matter, and because you're the Keeper.  Picking on any sister would have been cruel, but you've enough years and spirit that its not going to be so bad.  Plus Con will undoubtedly be annoyed, but at the same time I spoke up for him where he will never say anything himself for fear of breaking propriety.  Plenty of other reasons too, but before I ramble further, I don't suppose you would care to put my dress away?  And rearrange everything back the way it was before you undoubtedly rooted through it..  Meeting me here in my own quarters wasn't precisely subtle."


Waving her hand to throw the dress tossed at her to the floor, Arette settled to listen. Tower Guards and their stupid bets and pranks. And who ever was Rosheen? Likely she had no more feelings for this Captain than Aran for her and it irked her that they would make such jokes on expanse of love. And she doubted that the whisperers were least bit embarrased whereas she was. And Sisters were not swayed by words of annoying Tower Guards. Those who believed continued to do so and those who didn't would not be convinced so it had all been in vain. His attempt to flatter her and get out of this by appealing to her age of all things and spirit was also wasted.


"You can clean your own messes. And I don't care what anyone thinks even if someone saw me coming here." Aran was unimportant to her so it wouldn't matter even if someone gossiped but spreading rumours about her and Con was something entirely else. "And why should the Commander say anything? His deeds speak for himself and those who refuse to see would refuse to hear too." There were other ways to make fools to quiet though, she thought and reminesced with stark satisfaction the few Sisters who had been stupid enough to natter in her vicinity. "Who were those Sisters you mentioned?"


Aran cocked his head at Arette as he smirked.  "What sisters?  You mean the ones that you don't care about or what they think?"  Aran was fairly certain that one had hit home but he pushed on before Arette could respond.  "I really don't think its much to ask of you to put things back the way they were in my room since you so liberally helped yourself to what you could find.  And don't even bother with the childish comeback that I started it, you're meant to be above such things being Aes Sedaish with your serpent ring and all.  Don't give me that look either, I'm just a terrible scoundrel but you're better than me, aren't you?"


Grinning, Aran knew he had her because it was the same way he had caught out other Aes Sedai in the past.  They all felt obliged to uphold certain behaviours and were entirely too wrapped up in their titles, whereas Aran had no such issues to hold him back.  "As for the Commander, he shouldn't say anything.  I, on the otherhand, can because I'm a scoundrel and no doubt prone to saying terrible things that should never be said, no harm no foul beyond me taking a bit of extra punishment from the usual."  Frowning, Aran drawled.  "No, I'm not telling you who the two sisters were, that would defeat the purpose of having declared them nameless."


Aran was a try on anyone's patience and Arette certainly struggled with hers. She did care what her Sisters thought of her in important matters but her coming to Aran's room and what ever she might have done there was not such. Admittedly she would have made a novice to clean her room if they had messed it and yes, she should have been above rummaging through his things. But she wasn't going to admit it to him so she maintained a chilly silence. And yes, despite it all she felt better than him. At least she had not went ahead and embarrased anyone publicly. Yet. But she was seriously thinking on it.


She shook her head exasperated. Aran just did not get it. His words would not make any difference exactly because he was a scoundrel, and it usually required something more drastic before a Sister changed her opinion anyway. And he wouldn't tell her who the Sisters were... he was likely stubborn enough that she would have to waste even more time with him. She would just settle for that and satisfy her blood lust with imagining that they were the same people she had caught. Maybe there would be more mice-like little whisperers now when Aran had so thoughtlessly lifted the cat on the table again. Burn him.


"That is it then. I don't have anything more to say to you." And she had someone who was waiting on her, she remembered with a pleased smile as she stood. "No, that is not true. There is one more thing. You said that it would be cruel to impose a public humiliation on any other Sister but I unfortunately do not believe it would stop you from doing it. So from now on you can consider yourself ordered to never do it again, not on me or any other Aes Sedai."


"Why?  Are Aes Sedai such fragile creatures that they need your guarantee of safety from yourself?"  Smiling pleasantly as he shifted the pillow under his head, Aran couldn't help himself as he added.  "As for considering myself ordered, not a chance.  But, since you're going to see the Commander before I do, be sure to pass on your request and I'm sure he'll get around to it at some point.  And for the last time, put my things back where they were.  Were you raised in a barn?"


It wasn't about fragility, it was about courtesy that Aran lacked aplently. Why did Con keep him around? He had to be doing something useful at least since he remained enrolled. She shouldn't have let his disobedience slide and leave it on Con's shoulders but she really did not want to spend a minute more in his company than was necessary. She didn't even bother to acknowledge his comment about manners, it was most definately pot calling kettle black but the way she had been thinking about courtesy, it wasn't really that much bother to fold the bloody dress and tuck it into the cupboard where she had taken it from. She hadn't really moved anything else. She was greatly tempted to burn the thing instead but that would be truly childish. And she had to admit that he had used a good seamstress. Embracing Saidar, she bundled the dress neatly in the air and it flew on its place right before she walked out to hopefully have a pleasent rest of the evening.


Arette & Aran

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