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Green Ajah Uniforms (DNA)


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Ok so I have worked out the new uniforms for the green ajah, everyone will of course have been expected to have always worn these. These outfits are worn with black pants and black knee high boots. They are only worn at special ceremonies, such as Defender Raisings, etc


Recruit: Emerald green vest with white lapels embroidered with cross bows on the lapel, A recruit wears a small dagger with a green hilt and white pommel at her waist, this symbolises that she is ready to defend but not yet strong enough to do so.


Soldiers: black jacket with white lapels, daggers embroidered on lapels of jacket. Soldiers wear a small short short at their waist, hilt of sword is black and pommel is white.


Defender: black jacket with pale green lapels, swords embroidered on lapels. Defenders wear their sword of rank at their waist which is an elaborate katana with gems and other precious metals set in both the hilt and the sheathe. On the top of the blade with two crosses swords set in front of the Aes Sedai symbol.


Banner Captain: black jacket wuth pine green lapels, stars embroidered on lapels. Their weapon of rank that hangs at their waist is a tall, polished staff as their weapon of rank. Each staff will be dark brown in color and engraved with twining vines from end to end in the same pattern present on the shawl of an Aes Sedai.


Captain General: black jacket with emerald green lapels or black lapels depending on preference of CG, vines and the Flame of Tar Valon are embroidered on the lapel. The weapon of rank that is worn over her shoulder is an ancient Greatsword. The blade itself appears gray and lackluster regardless of how much polish is applied, riddled with notches and pockmarks, broken tip. The Greatsword is so large it can only be carried in an over-the-shoulder sheathe. The hilt of the sword was once a deep green but is so scratched that it's hard to tell the color, the pommel is a dark black but in the same condition. The name of this Greatsword is A'vron Shadar, meaning ShadowBane.

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