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Ceremonial weapons for ranks- attn ALL (DNA)


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Defenders will be given a weapon to reflect their rank. The purpose of this weapon will be to distinguish them from the other sisters on the field and during formal occassions (part of dress uniforms), but it WON'T be a combat weapon. You wouldn't use it to stab a Trolloc; it's meant to be ceremonial. After coming up with this idea it occured to me that Sitters and CG should have something similar, so here's the rundown for who gets what:


Defenders- an elaborate katana with gems and other precious metals set in both the hilt and the sheathe. It will probably also have the Green Ajah crossed swords in some place as well as the Flame of Tar Valon. I'm lousy at designing pretty things, so if anyone wants to come up with a more precise description I'd be all ears.


A Defender would continue to use her regular weapon to fight with but wears the colorful katana as a symbol of rank so other sisters can pick her out easily in the heat of combat. It would also be worn during rituals like Rashima's Remembrance and the second petitioning.


Sitters- to reflect their less combat-oriented nature, Sitters will be given a tall, polished staff as their weapon of rank. Each staff will be dark brown in color and engraved with twining vines from end to end in the same pattern present on the shawl of an Aes Sedai. Staffs are a symbol of age, dignity and wisdom, which in my opinion suits Sitters pretty well. Like the Defender's katana it is not to be used as a weapon in battle, not that they see much battle in any case.


Captain-General- the CG carries an ancient Greatsword that has been passed down from Ajah Head to Ajah Head ever since the Breaking. Because the thing is so old it pretty much looks like crap: it was austere to begin with and age has frayed away the wrappings around the hilt and scabbard. The blade itself appears gray and lackluster regardless of how much polish is applied, riddled with notches and pockmarks, broken tip. Basically it looks like Crap, but that's part of the point, since Captain-Generals have also carried it into battle on the rare occassions where the CG takes part in combat, such as the Trolloc Wars. A good deal of the abuse it's taken comes from those times when the sister carrying it was slain and the sword lost, only to be recovered again later. In ancient times it was used as a weapon when the bearer was strong enough, but no longer: it's both unwieldy and in poor condition. The Greatsword is so large it can only be carried in an over-the-shoulder sheathe. Most women look ridiculous wearing it, but I'm of the opinion we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. The name of this Greatsword is A'vron Shadar, meaning ShadowBane.


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