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Approved BT Bio for Daevis - Pls CC


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DM Handle: Arath Faringal (2nd BT Character)


Name: Daevis Thelandran


Age: 32


Homeland: Shienar




Height: 6’4”


Build: Muscular


Eye/Hair Color:  Blue/Dark Brown


Distinguishing Marks:  A long jagged scar running from the corner of his left eye to the base of the left ear.




From the day he turned 18 Daevis has defended his homeland from the encroaching blight as a soldier in the Shienaran army.  Always the optimist, he believed for some time that the never ending battle along the frontier will eventually end in victory.




That all ended after 12 years of battles.  The wear of endless battles and skirmishes along the blight and against raiding parties began to take its toll on him.  The loss of many friends throughout the years enhanced the encroaching feeling of despair.  Finally, his wife and two children were carried away in a Trolloc raid, and despite all of his best efforts he was unable to recover them in time.




Like so many others, his battle with the blight became very personal, more of a quest for revenge than victory for the light.  Depression attacked him often and he began to grow reckless in combat, earning him many battle scars including one jagged cut from eye to ear on his left side.  Knowing that nothing he did personally could really damage the Shadow’s efforts only drove him to push himself harder.




When the Asha’man came to Shienar, Daevis leapt at the opportunity.  At last he had an opportunity to become more, to be able to deal a larger blow to the Shadow than ever before.  He was first in line to be tested, and was thrilled to learn that he could indeed learn to channel.




Upon arrival at the farm, Daevis spent every waking moment learning to control Saidin, eager to become a weapon to drive the Dark One’s armies from his home and protect those he has failed in the past.  Daevis in now very focused, using his pain from the past to drive him forward, and using his skill from his former life to aid the Black Tower in any way he can.

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