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DM EuroMeet 2008 - Will You Be There??


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After the success and fun of the first ever DM EuroMeet, held in London over a long weekend in July 2007, planning for the next EuroMeet is well underway. And what makes DM EuroMeet 2008 even more exciting is the fact that 2008 is the year that DM celebrates its 10th Birthday! So why not join in the celebrations with your fellow DMers from Europe?


After the London meet and discussion on the DM boards, two cities have been chosen as possible locations for DM EuroMeet 2008. Voting is currently going on to determine where the event will be held, and the voting ends on 31st October 2007 to allow the next stage of the planning to start. The two cities that were nominated are:


Ghent, nominated by Mystica

--> the whole meet will be held around the Festival of Ghent, a 10 day event of non-stop partying, cultural exposure, concerts, fun and internation gathering.


Amsterdam, nominated by several DMers

--> the meet would include the Anne Frank Museum, the Heineken Experience and much much more that the Dutch Capital can offer.


To find out more on each city, as well as vote for your favourite and see who else is showing interest in the event, please follow this link and join in the fun!


We want to make DM EuroMeet 2008 an event where ORG, RP and all European DMers can gather to share their love for WoT, meet old friends, make new friends, as well as celebrate DM's 10th Birthday! So, if you want to join in the fun, come along to DM EuroMeet 2008 for a great time!


Posted with permission

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