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Far Madding


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A city-state in the east central part of the Westlands. It lies at the north end of the Plains of Maredo near the borders of Andor, Illian and Tear. There is a Waygate nearby.


Far Madding lies on an island in the center of a lake. There are three gates and three bridges connecting the city to the mainland. The Caemlyn Gate leads to the Ajalon Bridge and the village of Glancor. The Illian Gate leads to the Ikane Bridge and the village of Daigan. The Tear Gate leads to the Goim Bridge and the village of South Bridge.


<h3>Balance of Power</h3>


<h4>Hall of the Counsels</h4>

The center of government of Far Madding. It is a great palace in the Counsels' Plaza. It is all white except for a blue dome. Massive fluted columns surround the upper two levels below the dome.


<h4>Counsels (Book Based)</h4>

Aleis Barsalla - First Counsel

Cumere Powys


Narvais Maslin






Far Madding is a center for trade. There are three main markets: The Avharin Market, the Amhara Market and the Nethvin Market. The largest of these is the Avharin Market. The central focus of the square is a statue of a woman called Einion Avharin which points toward Caemlyn. The city acts as a meeting place for Andoran, Tairen, and Illianer merchants; consequently, its inns are always full of such folk. However all the more important people in Far Madding have large houses or palaces in an area called the Heights that overlooks the Hall of the Counsels.


<h3>Facts and Numbers</h3>








There are three Strangers' Markets in Far Madding where foreigners are allowed to trade. They are the Amhara Market, the Avharin Market and the Nethvin Market. They are named after the three most revered women in Far Madding history. At the center of the city is the Counsels' Plaza and the Hall of the Counsels.




<!--| Basic Male Dress | Basic Female Dress | Nobility Dress | i can make a 'code' for this to make the smaller text for 'contributions'. -->


| Appearance |



| General |

Influence on dress mainly comes from the outside. A lot comes from Illian, Tear, Cairhein, and Andor.

Higher class women’s dress is a silk dress that is lower cut with a curved neckline. Embroardery is usually found, expeccially with the upper classes, and gold is used mainly. Common women wear the same form of dress, only in a coarser wool, with an apron on top. Embroardery is also seen on occasion.

Men wear trousers with fitted shirts and highcollared coats. Upperclass have the sleeves striped with their house colors and are made of silk and brocade. Lower class men would just wear simple garments of a duller color in wool.



<h3>Commonly Used Names</h3>


<b>| Female |</b>

Aleis, Cadsuane, Cumere, Cyprien, Einion, Milsa, Narvais, Savion, Sybaine, Verin,


<b>| Male |</b>

Eadwin, Zeram



<b>| Surname |</b>

Avharin, Barsalla, Gallger, Keene, Maslin, Mathwin, Melaidhrin, Nahera, Powys, Shimel



<b>| Nobility |</b>

(None Yet)




In the time after the Breaking, the city was known as Aren Mador and was the capital of Essenia. After the Trolloc Wars, the city was known as Fel Moreina. After the War of the Hundred Years, Far Madding was the capital of Maredo until the nation fell apart. Far Madding is now an independent city-state and a major center of commerce.


<h2>Places of Interest</h2>


• The Counsel's Head - An inn in Far Madding. It overlooks the Nethvin Market. Mistress Keene is the Innkeeper.

• The Crown of Maredo - An inn in Far Madding. Mistress Nalhera is the innkeeper

• The Golden Wheel - An inn in Far Madding. Mistress Gallger is the innkeeper

• The Heart of the Plain - An inn in Far Madding.

• The Three Ladies of Maredo - An inn in Far Madding.

• Amhara Market

• Avharin Market

• Nethvin Market

• Hall of the Counsels


<h2>Artifacts of Note</h2>


<h3>The Guardian</h3>

In the Hall of the Counsels there is a ter'angreal known as the guardian. This ter'angreal acts as a shield to the True Source for women, starting at the city's border, and for men at a much greater distance. It also acts as a direction finder for anyone who channels nearby. It consists of three cloudy crystal discs a span wide. Each disc has a narrow clear crystal wedge and gradations around its circumference. The guardian creates three zones around the city. The innermost zone ending at the bridges to the city cuts off women from the True Source. A larger zone that cuts off men from the True Source extends about a mile outside the city. A still larger zone detects a man or woman channeling outside the other zones. When use of the One Power is detected, the three wedges point toward the source allowing the channeler's location to be determined by triangulation. The wedges turn red for saidar and black for saidin.



<h4>References Used:</h4>



http://encyclopaedia-wot.org:8008/~ewot ... index.html



<h4>Researcher for Far Madding</h4>

Andrea Collet (Arie Ronshor)

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