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Lan's Bond *spoiler if you havent read past book 6*


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Myrelle was known for having been successful with two of her Warders who had previously been bonded to now-dead Aes Sedai.  So she wasn't "wrong", Myrelle was a natural choice when Moiraine realized she might die.  She was simply taking precautions to protect Lan, knowing that Lan is somehow important in the Pattern and could not afford to just run off and kill himself.



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i didnt say that moiraine was wrong in her rationalisation, it just turns out that she was wrong entirely that myrelle could save lan.moiraine couldnt know that myrelle, who has saved more warders than anyone else, would have little to no effect on lan.

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We do not know if it would have been necessary for Moiraine to have physical contact with Myrelle for such a shift to take place, but it is very possible it was not since Myrelle did not actually hold the bond until it was snapped.


Given that the only other shared-bond experience we see (not the same, I know, but its the only other thing that is remotely close) did require physical proximity, and initiating the normal bond requires proximity, and releasing the bond requires proximity, I find myself wondering what your basis is for concluding that Moiraine's arrangement with Myrelle "very possibl[y]" did not?


Barring some indication, any indication, to the contrary, I would think that it is all but guaranteed that any weaves creating such an arrangement would and did require physical proximity.  That being the case, Nynaeve's readiness or lack of it would not enter the equation.


Actually, since Moiraine was well aware of Lan's feelings for Nynaeve when they were all in the Stone, and had already broached the idea of a transfer to her during their conversation in TGH ch 22, and the fact the transferring the bond without Lan's agreement was already breaking the rules, the fact that she did not change the switch-target to Nynaeve then and there is indicative (although certainly not proof) that she could not.  While she may not have thought that Nynaeve was as mature in her talent as she could be, she would have expected Lan to help her, and that keeping Nynaeve alive would provide the impetus for his own survival.  As indeed Egwene later recognized and arranged.  Moiraine intended for Nynaeve to get the bond eventually anyway.  While it may at times have seemed otherwise, Moiraine was fully aware of the power of love.  So, Nynaeve's lack of "readiness" would not have been an issue, or at least, not an overriding one. 


However, a lack of necessary physical proximity would surely have been.

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