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[Approved Structure] The Thirteenth Library

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor

This is information for the Tower, not an actual RP, although it will allow for more interesting RP's for Sitters that are confined to the Tower.



Research by James

Ter'Angreal info by Reetta (Arette)



The Great Library


Big White Book Notes


A library in the Westlands rivaled only by the Royal Library in Cairhien.

Holds a vast collection of knowledge.

Rumoured to have as many secret rooms as it does open sections.

Objects of power are meant to lie within its walls.

Workrooms and offices for study and perhaps testing.

Only partially open to outsiders.


Other Notes






Loose DM interpretation


Library is split into three categories: Public, AS and Secret.

Public: Section is for visitors as well as Novices and Accepted.

Aes Sedai: Section is for sisters only.

Secret: While there are a number of secret rooms, the most important is the Thirteenth Depository.

Items of power are not stored in the library but the Tower proper.


Thirteenth Depository


The Thirteenth Depository contains complete hall records, accounts from different AS from secret missions and a whole slew of information on other topics that were deemed by the Amyrlin and the Hall as too sensitive for distribution even amongst most sisters in the past.

The way to the Thirteenth Depository is found in an obscure section of the Aes Sedai section of the library.  Upon a wall there is large scroll that is four feet in width and ten feet in height.  On the scroll are written ancient library etiquette procedures in the old tongue.

The scroll is a ter’angreal.  When the predetermined weave is performed near it (the weave can be changed), the scroll and wall behind it become insubstantial and a person may pass through.

Anyone who tampers with it will set off an alarm that will reach the Keeper of Chronicles.  Without the weave, the ter’angreal remains solid and trying to walk through it will result in injury and feeling like an idiot.

Going through the ter’angreal, one walks a bit until they reach a stairs that descends at least thirty feet.  When they reach the bottom, they find themselves within the Thirteenth Depository.

Access weave is changed everytime new sitters are elected and the previous are sworn to silence on the matter.

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