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What do you mean, she’s gone? [attn. Dulcinea]


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Though she was still young in the minds of other Aes Sedai, Nyree Caerwyn was at least as important as the average sitter. At least, in her own mind she was. So when she discovered a flaw in the tables of content of the Tar Valon law books, she knew exactly who to contact. There was only one person who could solve this matter in a satisfactory way, and that was Sirayn Sedai, the Green sister who had only recently been raised to the position of Amyrlin Seat. Now there were many things Nyree had to say about another Green sister being raised, and she was quite sure that if she had been sitter, things wouldn’t have gotten that far, but these were things she would keep to herself. No one liked a whiner, after all.


So it was without further ado and with a brisk pace that Nyree made her way to the Amyrlin’s office. Where else would a woman of that stature be at this time of day? And really, whoever decided that the office should be at the top of the tower should be shot with a barbed arrow. Nyree’s mood soured with each step, so by the time she reached the office, she put lemons to shame. When she discovered that neither the keeper nor the Amyrlin were there, her mood turned an even bigger turn for the worse. “What do you mean, they’re not here?!” she demanded from a helpless servant. The woman managed to stutter a reply about how she hadn’t seen the Amyrlin Seat all day, but that the keeper was out in the yards.


“Playing with sticks!” Nyree fumed as she stalked down the stairs again. If she couldn’t locate the Amyrlin Seat in her office, she would find her in her quarters. “Though what an Amyrlin Seat would do there at this time of day is beyond me.” She said to a passing novice, who managed to leap aside just in time to avoid being knocked down by a short, ill-tempered Gray sister. When she approached Sirayn Sedai’s chambers she slowed though. What if she was sick? There was no way she was going in there to catch whatever bug the Amyrlin Seat had caught. What if it was deadly?


She called to another novice. “You there! Go in there and inform the Amyrlin Seat that I wish to speak with her.” The girl curtsied, hesitated and then darted inside when Nyree gave her a good glare. Whoever that girl was, she was getting herself sent to the Mistress of Novices when she had done her duty. The girl reappeared moments later, looking a little pale. “I beg your pardon, Aes Sedai, but she appears to be… well… gone…” Nyree’s eyes narrowed even further. “What do you mean she’s gone?! Are you telling me that the Amyrlin Seat is missing? Don’t be ridiculous!”


Without a further thought of getting ill, she barged into Sirayn’s chambers, instantly amazed by their splendour and appalled by how empty they were. Didn’t she know how to decorate? A quick search told her that the Amyrlin Seat was indeed missing from her room. Then where was she? Still pondering on this, she walked out of the chambers. “Well, she really does seem to be missing. I must report this at once.” There were several people gathered outside the chambers now, mostly Accepted and Novices. “Well, what are you all looking at? I’m sure that you have more important things to do, like studies.” And with that said she stalked off, intent on finding her Ajah Head.


~Nyree Caerwyn

Gray sister


Ooc: I figured Dulcinae could have overheard Nyree going off about how the Amyrlin Seat is gone. Time to start the rumours :D




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Guest nephitess

IC: Veria was heading down the hallway where the Amyrlin's quarters were located. She was delivering a message from a red sister she had run into.


‘If you don’t look busy, they’ll make sure you are’ Veria thought with a grin. She was used to that philosophy having been in the tower for 13 years. Coming to the corner before the Amyrlin’s quarters Veria heard a ruckus and someone say loudly…


“Well, what are you all looking at? I’m sure that you have more important things to do, like studies.”


This sounded interesting…turning the corner Veria saw a group of novices scatter like birds as a sister charged through their midst.  She had a very determined look on her face and stomped off in the opposite direction of Veria. Zeveria grabbed a passing novice by the arm and asked…


“What under the light is going on?”


“The Amyrlin has melted and there is a big puddle left in her rooms to prove it!”


Giving the child a scolding look she shook her head and left the child standing there...what nonsense to be passing around! Going to the entrance of the Amyrlin’s quarters she knocked and waited. No answer. HUmmm, she must be out. Slipping the note under the door she left.


After a few minute Veria found herself in the dinning hall sitting with some other accepted. The talk came to the commotion in the Amyrlin’s hallway. They were all telling the stories they had heard.


“Well...” Veria started.” I heard she blew up and then melted right there in her rooms. Spontaneous combustion you know” She said the last with wink…


Laughing she and her friends fell on each other giggling until they started getting looks from the other tables. Leaning closer to each other they kept passing stories about the Amyrlin. 


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Stories of what happened to the Amyrlin flew through the Tower like a fire in a drought. Sirayn Sedai was melted. No, she burst into flame an vanished. The Amyrlin exploded spontaneously. It seemed that every Novice and Accepted had a different idea of what happened. Salandrian decided not to believe a story until she could visit the site itself. Famished though she was, Salandrian felt that it would be up to her and the Gruesome Girls' Guild to get to the bottom of this.


She walked briskly through the halls. Everyone she passed was on edge, from the Aes Sedai to the servants. Though it was late, there stood a clump of people around the doorway to the Amyrlin's chambers. It was obviously locked, by saidar or key was unclear, but no one had been able to get in.


"Has anyone gotten a sister yet?" Salandrian asked, and the clump turned around to look at her. It was all Novices and Accepteds, and they seemed to think her question was to inane to answer. "Well, if you won't, then I will." She turned around and walked through the halls, up to the Yellow Ajah quarters, and knocked on Eqwina Sedai's door, hoping, praying that she was there.

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