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Intermediate Sword: Attention Arinth

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Intermediate Sword: Target Zones


“I expect all of you to have learned the basics of fighting with the sword†Ram eyed the group of soldiers with his intense cloudy blue eyes. “All of you should be well practiced and versed in how to advance, retreat, and perform a cross-over for a defensive and offensive position.â€


He drew the short sword from over his shoulder, and demonstrated each move after saying its name, “You should know the basic attacks as well. The slash…†Ram’s blade whistled through the air, and his body moved with the assuredness obtained from long hours of practice as he made a neat slash.


“…the three different kinds of cuts…†his blade whirled about him in deadly arcs. “…the various thrusts, all at different levels…†Ram drove his shout sword into an imaginary foe, showing how to execute a proper thrusting attack.


“…and let us not forget the basic counter attacks†he went through a few simple blocks and counters, all of which they should have learned in basic sword lessons.


“Now that we’ve reviewed everything I expect you to know, let us move on.†He quickly sheathed his short sword and retrieved a practice lath from the weapons rack. Testing its balance, he spun the weapon in a one-handed circle. Satisfied with its weight and balance, he returned to the class.


“Alright everyone, find a partner…â€


The class was of an odd number, so Ram would have to partner with one of the soldiers. He smiled to himself when he saw who that soldier ended up being.


“Corporal Arinth, it’s been some time since I last trained you.†Ram thought it was ironic that just the other day he had returned to the Citadel after being gone for over a year and the second man to welcome him back that day was the very soldier standing before him.


“I promise you, after today’s training you’ll wish I hadn’t returned so soon.â€


OOC: This was short, and lacking any new training information, but it’s just a place to start from. My next post will contain more training, but I thought it be nice to say ‘hi’ IC. If you have any questions or comments during our training session, just let me know via PM. Later…


Scout Banner Captain

Bruce Shepherd


“There’s a thing called temper for both men and steelâ€

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Arinth stood quietly as he waited for everyone to assemble for the sword training class they were all about to take. Many of the newer soldiers had never met Ram and there was a nervous buzz in the air. He was thankful that they did not know he knew Ram or he felt sure they would surround him and pry any information out that they could about the Scout Banner Captain.


He didn't usually mind questions but his head still ached from the drinks he had had the night before. His morning run had greatly helped clear his thoughts, but that only meant that his headache had gone from horrible to bad, and his mood had been affected as well.


Arinth stiffled a groan at the Captain's words. For some reason it seemed that in every class he had the instructor wanted to push him the hardest. His memories flashed back between Daruun's physical fitness, the survival class, and Amon's pike training. If Ram's training was going to top those, Arinth was in for it.


A small smile crept across his face when the Banner Captain arrived and began telling everyone what they were about to learn. Arinth felt confident that a good training session would vastly improve his headache and mood. After fighting the Aiel he had resolved to learn everything he could when it came to fighting, and the lessons he learned today would give him an even better chance of surviving the next battle.


After going over the sword basics that everyone knew, Ram split the men off into pairs. Looking around Arinth realized that he did not know many of the new recruits. Daruun was in most of his classes, but it seemed that the giant tree trunk of a man was off somewhere else. He was probably whipping some of the new recruits into shape.


The men all paired off, except Arinth. For some reason none of the recruits had offered to be his partner. Granted, he was known for starting the occasional brawl, but this was training. He knew when to behave himself. He wondered if he had been scowling. He was a well built man, but he wasn't training with scouts. These new recruits should not have been afraid of his size or scowl. To be infantry meant that you weren't afraid of anything. With a sigh he turned towards the Banner Captain who noticed that he was alone.

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