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We have an Amyrlin Seat (Open)


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OOC: Because of timeline snags, it would be difficult for N&A and Trainees to participate this thread. So Andular has kindly given his blessing that you can RP being full ranked in this thread. Please don't abuse the right :) Have fun!




"Am I presentable now? Can I go?", Annais asked in a voice of strained patience from her maid Odelia who adjusted the seven striped stole around her neck the umpteenth time. Odelia was more than a simple servant, she was a friend but a Hall full of Sitters and all the Sisters in the city were waiting for her, not to mention the crowd who wanted to get started with the boozing and merry making. Looks and first impressions were important but she had appeared just fine to her own critical time before the latest bout of fussing. Odelia gave her a deep curtsy that managed to somehow make her seem even more imposing. "Your wish is my command, Mother", came the unruffled response.


Annais would never have to fear getting any illusions of grandeur with Odelia around and she groaned at the title. "Not in private, Lia." Suddenly the handsome coppery face melted and if it had been anyone but her, Annais might have suspected her to be almost teary. "Go then my little Annie and dazzle them. I am so proud of you." No, no, she couldn't afford any mushiness now. And even after years of wondering, she still couldn't understand at what point Odelia taken this half big sisterly and half motherly attitude toward her and when had she started letting it slide. Shaking her head and muttering very quietly how she would make her stop it, the former Gray Sister exited the quarters that came with the position and clutched tightly the statue of a serene woman in her hands, the strongest sa'angreal in the White Tower. It would have to be returned to the ter'angreal storeroom after the show but she would need the extra oomph during it.


Butterflies fluttered in her belly and the whole thing felt unreal. But she really was the Amyrlin Seat now, she had even went to Sirayn's former office and took papers to read before getting some sleep. She should have spent the night in contemplation and prayer but she knew what amount of work was waiting for her and that she would be expected to party until wee hours so she was not going to start her career by sleep deprivation. No one would ever know and she had almost managed to quiet the little nagging voice of guilt too. At least she had spent ours on writing her speech and agonizing over every single word. It was wondrous what difference word order and replacing 'but' with 'and' made.


No, better to go through her speech once again. The beginning was her old bed room, the middle her sitting room and the end the Gray Ajah corridors and she visualised herself walking through the spaces as she spoke the words. She had seen the write up of Lanfir's speech and it had been quite ornate but it hadn't really told which direction she was going to take the Tower. Hers would be simple but she had a clear vision. She hoped that her listeners would believe, it might be too much for the people and too little for the Aes Sedai but it was the direction they would go to and where she would drag the Sitters if it was necessary.


She spoke slowly and rehearsing the piece of oration carried her to the grand entrace hall of the White Tower. The white marble walls of the half circle shaped room shone in the sunlight that reflected from the golden standlamps. This time there were no Accepted to guide the petitioners to the Amyrlin Seat or to the guest quarters but present were only Sitters, wearing their shawls and clustered according to Ajah in front of the seven huge tapestries decorating the walls, each a different colour, between seven corridors branching off from the huge room. Annais entered from the gray tiled corridor and smiled at Aramina standing alone in her hand wide green stole of the Keeper of the Chronicles. She held proudly the Staff with the gilded flame on top of it, the other symbol of her position.


The Sitters quieted and gave her their curtsies. Adrai wasted no time and took her place in front of the massive doors leading outside. The rest of the Sitters lined up according to age behind her and the twenty one Aes Sedai marched outside. Since Annais' belly was tightening again, she turned to Aramina and made wing like gestures. "Kwack, kwack, such a pretty gaggle they make lead by the mother duck", she whispered. It made her to feel a bit better to see the look on her Keeper's face. Then Adrai's voice rang from outside, too loud for nature. "We have an Amyrlin Seat."


Annais stepped outside but this time per her request she would not be elevated above the people. She had planned something entirely different. "Annais Nevell," Adrai intoned, her voice carried by the weaves of the Power, "the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat." Even before the White Sitter called her name, Annais embraced Saidar through the sa'angreal and wove thick cables of Fire and Spirit around herself. She begun to grow, rivaling an Ogier and then a large tree and gasps came from the crowd as she got even larger. She soon surpassed the limit of One Power she could hold naturally but she drunk more and the stab of fear was drowned by overwhelming feel of elation brought by the force of life itself coursing through her veins. She shone brightly to anyone who could see and she hoped that she managed to appear composed despite the desire to smile like a fool from the joy of Saidar. Finally she tied off the weave and slowly eased the amount of One Power through her. The world became grayer and duller but she let go of Saidar and looked down upon what seemed to them to the crowd but in reality she saw only the ground as it was all just a grand illusion.


She couldn't see the crowd but the people were surprisingly quiet, even the natives had not expected this as Annais had decided to deviate a bit from the usual form and give them a show for their money. She knew that men and women packed the great square in front of the Tower and the streets beyond it, held back by a formation of the Tower Guards in their red cloaks and the Sisters standing in front of them. The crowd disappeared behind the corners. Every doorway was filled, every window, every rooftop for Raising of an Amyrlin Seat was an occasion every Tar Valoner wanted to see. The weave that had carried Adrai's voice shifted to Annais and she wasn't so nervous anymore as she would be speaking to the earth under her feet instead of the formidable mass of people. Better make it fast so that the crowd would not grow tired.


"Sons and Daughters, Sisters and Brothers in Battle, the White Tower has been a bulwark against the Shadow for three thousand years. Aes Sedai, the Servants of All, have guided rulers to wise decisions, stopped wars before they began and halted wars that did begin. And under my watch the White Tower still guards, still protects and serves. But there is one war we cannot avert and that is the war against the Dark One. There can be no peace with the Shadow and no real peace in the world until the Shadow has been defeated once and for all."


"People of Tar Valon, we live in a time of a prophecy come true. Still, the Light shines upon us all. The Dragon has been Reborn to face the Shadow as has been foretold and the White Tower remains strong. In a time of war alliances and accord are of utmost importance. Stand united and live, stand alone and die. It is as simple as that."


"In days to come we will need courage but by all that we hold dear in this world we will not falter. In our heart is iron strong faith and will to oppose the Shadow where ever it tries to gain hold. And today, people of Tar Valon, we do the best disservice to the Dark One by making merry. There is hard work ahead of us but for the balance in the world, tonight is not the day. Tonight we shall have hard fun."


That seemed to be a sign for the cheering to begin although Annais knew that her speech had alarmed many. But it was better that they knew what to expect. People begun to move restlessly but Annais simply stood there and waited until she got her quiet again. "As my Keeper of the Chronicles, I name Aramina sur Dulciena." The Green Sister was lifted up on a platform of Air and people roared their approval if more quietly than when they had thought to be allowed to party already. "In honour of this day, all Accepted and novices are absolved of penances and punishments." That got a small cheer from the white clad girls.


"And now we begin our day of feasting and celebration. Enjoy! May the Light shine on you all and the Creator's hand shelter you." Her last words were drowned by the crowd and embracing Saidar she slowly reduced the Mirror of Mask weave and returned to normal size while the Sitters lowered Aramina down. Now she would receive congratulations and then she had the difficult task of choosing where to start her own festivity. The Tower had purchased services for their sole use for the Sisters and the Tower Guards for tonight from several inns of her choice and she would visit them all. Lay of the Land, Siren's Call, Amyrlin's Glory, Staff and Stole, Dove, Green Advocate and the other 'Ajah' inns... It would be hard fun indeed for the party thing would not get much sleep. Hopefully the Sitters would hold their possible ire over her speech for tonight as Annais definately intended to have a good time.


Annais Nevell

The Amyrlin Seat

Flame of Tar Valon

The Watcher of the Seals


OOC: Anyone, feel free to post your character's reactions and if you happen to be in close vicinity of Annais, go ahead and congratulate her. I shall start a separate party thread in Tar Valon board that is meant for more personal interaction.

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Kopair stood in the crowd, his back to the tower, and his hand resting on his sword hilt. He hated being apart from Veria in a crowd like this, but it was her command and she was his Bonded.  She was standing inside the ring with the other Aes Sedai on the Brown, and she had sent him to help the Tower Guard watch the crowd.  He nodded in a friendly way to a few of them he knew from his days in training. It was pointless for him to be over here "helping." The Guard knew what they were doing.


The ceremony began behind him and he risked a glance back as something unexpected made the mass of people grow silent. His eyes widened for a moment as he saw the new Amyrlin towering above the gathering, adn then turned back to the crowd. The whole situation felt too open and he didn't like it. Anyone might manage to slip through the Guard and manage to plant a knife in Veria before he could stop them. Giving a salute to a Lieutenant nearby he moved through the drowd until he stood behind Veria. Her attention was fixed on the Amyrlin and he knew he'd moved too silently for her to have heard him approach. Especially with the noise of the Amyrlin's speech.


Leaning forward he whispered qiuetly into Veria's ear, seeing if he could startle her. "Stand united and live, stand alone and die?  Sounds like we may have ourselves an Amyrlin who knows what she's about."

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Shoar stood to attention, absorbed deep into the Spring, eyes scanning the crowd for any sign of trouble. The party of the Amyrlin had not yet come out and the crowed was beginning to get restless. He rested a hand on one of his sword hilts, the other hooked into his belt as he continued his watch. To either side of him were Tower Guards in full livery, steely eyed and scanning the crowd as Shoar was. Shoar felt a little out of place, group watches weren't his thing. Commanding groups, yes. Being in them was a sensation he could never quite get used to. The others all looked a little more confident in the group then Shoar did. He chuckled softly. "Can't be perfect at everything. In fact, can't be perfect at anything." he thought wryly to himself.


The roar from the crowd told him that the party from the Tower had exited. He kept a close watch on the crowd in front of him, tensing up slightly. The were getting more rambunctious. He scratched at where his red Tower Guard cloak was attached, muttering "I want my Fancloak..." The crowd quieted as Araina Sedai, the Keeper, spoke, her voice booming out with Power-Amplification. "We have an Amyrlin Seat. Annais Nevell. The Watcher Of Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat!" The crowd took a breath as one, eyes growing wider. Shoar watched the reactions and realised Annie was doing something to impress them severely. He noticed the Guards next to him staring straight ahead, entirely disciplined to their task at hand.


He heard her voice boom out with the Power, giving her acceptance speech. Shoar listened, nodding and smiling as she wore on. The crowd were entranced and even the Guards were standing more to attention as the new Amyrlin gave out her speech of acceptance. He smiled as she drew to a close and thought to himself "Well done, Annais." At the conclusion of her speech a roar erupted from the crowd, cheering and clapping. Some looked ready to try and charge the line in jubilation but the Sisters in front of the Guard were enough to keep them at bay. Shoar's Captain barked out a command and all the Guard on the line drew their weapons out, Shoar's twin blades flashing in the light as he held them at the ready. This helped reinforce the wish to not have the crowd try to charge the line. They instead turned to celebration and jubilation as the festivities began. Shoar sheathed his blades, then motioned to his Captain who came over. "Permission to congratulate an old friend, Captain?" The Captain, a grizzled man called Yora stared at him harshly, then grunted his assent. "Don't be too long, old man." he growled as Shoar turned and walked towards the Amyrlin's Party who was even now recieving congratulations and well-wishers from people in the Tower.


Shoar slipped through the crowd, waiting for his moment and then appeared in front of Annais, dropping to one knee and bowing his head deeply. "My life to serve, Mother. If there is anything this humble servant may do for you, please let it be known to me." He reached up and took her hand, kissing her signet ring, and said in a hushed whisper, barely audible over the crowd surrounding them "Well done." He smiled and remained on one knee, bowing his head.


OOC: Grats! :D


Shoar Gaidin

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If this kept up, Annais was going to end up with a sore neck and wrist by the time the night was over. She had received greetings from the Sitters and Sisters alike and now the Captains were allowing common people to enter the ring of protection formed of Tower Guards after they had been inspected to carry no weapons. After the first ten or so, a familiar form made his way through the crowd and headed toward her with determination. She smiled down upon the bowed head with real pleasure. She had already been called Mother over two dozen times from Sisters who were even older than she was but from them it was just ritual. When Shoar called her that, she felt herself suddenly old.


He reached to take her free left hand which held her Great Serpent Ring and placed a reverent kiss on it. She tightened her hold the sa'angreal statue on her right hand even as his whispered words deepened her smile. "Stand, Son. You may be of service. My wish is that you attend me and guard this." She handed him the object of the Power carefully even though the material was quite indesctructible. "It isn't just any figurine but one of the most valuable ter'angreals in the Tower", she added in a low voice and fixed him with a severe look to impress the signifigance of the command.


When he bowed, she nodded with satisfaction and turned back to the line of people willing to congratulate the new Amyrlin and receive her blessing.


Annais Nevell

The Amyrlin Seat

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Shoar stood, accepting the figurine of the woman reverently. “By your command, Mother.” He bowed then turned, shifting fluidly to stand slightly behind and to the left of her, features becoming hard as he stood watch. An arched eyebrow from Yora had Shoar incline his head in Annais’ direction. Yora nodded and barked instructions, turning back to the Guard.


He rested his right hand on the hilt of it’s sword, scanning the crowd for any danger. A lot of people, notable nobles of Tar Valon, were coming forth now and Shoar gritted his teeth slightly. ”Too much noise and sight…” He pushed himself deeper into the Spring, drawing more on it’s power, all senses alert for any sign of danger.


”I may not be a Bonded Gaidin but by the Light I will act like one today!” he thought, narrowing his eyes as he continued his watch. The woman figurine Annais had given him held tightly in his left hand, his right on its sword hilt, he continued his watch.


Sensing rather then hearing movement behind him, Shoar spun, sword half out of it’s sheathe when he realised that it was just the Amyrlin’s Attendants. They gave him a frightened look and scurried forward to attend on Annais as he rammed the sword home, turning back to his watch.


Shoar Gaidin


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Guest nephitess


IC: Standing with her fellow Browns, Veria Waited for the Hall to show them selves. Standing there she felt Kopair moving among the crowd. She had asked him to make himself available to the Tower Guards to help keep the peace during this exciting time. A time that should not have been in Veria’s opinion. Siryan where was she? The last Amyrlin left the tower with out notice or word. It was a mystery unsolved…or unrevealed to the rest of the tower. Veria would have given almost anything to know what happened…she was a brown after all.


Veria was aware of Kopair’s agitation to being asked to circle the crowds. He was always worried about her. With a smile she felt him stop and become watchful. Suddenly the announcment came…


"We have an Amyrlin Seat."


Raising her eyes to the height where the hall had made their appearance she saw a woman she knew was not a sitter….


"Annais Nevell, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat." 


So this was her…A grey if she remembered right. This was a sister she had not met before, but she had heard about her. She led an embassy to the black tower and came back with the sisters that had been held. A most impressive feat. Annais must have made the Greys very proud that day. Now this!


AS the new Amyrlin made her speak Veria listened. She hoped that her words were genuine…no sister could lie….but they sure twisted the truth when they wanted to. She was guilty of it herself. Once the speech was over they raised the keeper for all to see. Aramina…a green, that is interesting. Did Annais have connections among the greens? That would be something to find out. As the gathering began to finish, Veria felt Kopair move closer to her…she could point to him with out looking. Even after 4 years…the bond was something to get used to.  She then felt him mentally and physically behind her…


"Stand united and live, stand alone and die?  Sounds like we may have ourselves an Amyrlin who knows what she's about."


Nodding her agreement…Veria replied…


“We may…We have yet to see.”


Linking arms with Kopair they turned and went with the crowd. They would go to the first Inn the mother went to and would have a quite night eating and drinking. 


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The stole on her shoulders fit comfortably enough.  The green which acknowledged her Ajah, a good reminder to the Hall that the Amyrlin had chosen to move outside her Ajah and chose who she felt was the strongest candidate, not just the strongest Gray Sister, was a color that suited her well and which she had long grown used to.  It's responsibility lay heavily on her head though, no more so than as she was lifted into the air with the announcement.  These people would celebrate a name they did not know, because another woman they did no know had said to.  Because the White Tower told them to and they would do as bidden.  Somewhere in the crowd there were a few who knew the woman, not the name.  She wondered if they would celebrate today, or if they would frown at the woman she was being made into something new? 


She wondered if the one man that even mattered cared enough to look up and see her today, or if he had washed his hands of her completely.  She didn't know.  No, she knew the answer, but wished even then that it wasn't the latter.  She felt the bond with her Warder, felt the strength and pride in the woman that fought along side her, and was comforted by it.  She looked at Annais, the Flame of Tar Valon, and felt comfort in the hope of renewing old friendships.  Perhaps today she could begin it.  There were others to try to reach out to as well, though it would be harder.  Annais had come to her, not the other way around.  Of any other Sister in the Tower, none had been as persistent in maintaining some sort of relationship with her than Lillian, of the White Ajah.  Their beginnings had been rocky enough but even now Aramina could admit that much of it had to do with the simiarities she saw between herself and the Accepted she had met her as.    Hard because there were truths she wished the woman to learn that she could never speak because of Duram's weaves in her mind.  Be'lal.  She should call him Be'lal even in her head, but she found she couldn't.  It would be like making everyone call her Keeper because she had been given the title by others.  That she accepted the title did not negate Aramina sur Dulciena. 


She pushed all such things out of her head and followed Annais through the line of congratulating Sisters, making note of those who seemed happy or displeased, noting who sought out whose eyes as they waited for their chance to bow before the Mother.  It was her place now.  The Light help them all.  She was the Keeper of the Chronicles.


Aramina sur Dulciena

Keeper of the Chronicles 

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