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Ajah Reports (Please Post ASAP)

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Red Ajah


Current Status:



Maegan Ryanne - (Sitter/Highest) Present and Accounted for.

Jagen Halin - (Sister) LoA But plans to Return


Carise Doraile - (Sister) Extended LoA

Rayne Leséduire - (Sister) MIA I sent him a letter today *crosses fingers*

Zania al'Denai - (Sister) MIA Come and Gone. :(

Faile al´Rahien - (Sister) MIA


Active: 2

MIA:  4



Saline (Accepted) : Present and Accounted for.

Aithne (Accepted) : MIA. (Has anyone spoken with her recently?)

Syara (Accepted) : MIA. Left the site


Active: 1

MIA: 2



Website: http://sapphiresanctuary.com/RedAjah/

Last Updated: February 22nd, 2007


RP Reports:

Paragraphs by characters are fine.


Jagen - On LoA due to two jobs that are keeping her busy. She is a newly raised Red Sister who has a revelutionary Idea to bridge gaps between Ajahs.



Maegan - A little all over the Place. Retroing a little with Mentoring to Novices & Accepteds as well as Trainee's. In the current Timeline she is participating in the Watchers RP and will be negortiate along with a secondary party for the freedom of her sisters.


Saline - An Accepted that is having a wonderful time controlling her Mentee-turned-Roommate.

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