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Paging the 'oldies'


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*snuggls Moonfire*


Well, I've been here about 5yrs, or at least coming on 5yrs in Oct.. (I don't think I reconize ya) but Lor has been here least half a year longer or so than me - she might remember ya. Welcome back hun!! Gald ya found the new boards. I hope ya decide to join the Kin - a wonderful Org.. and everyone will be around to welcome ya soon!


*kisses cheeks* ;)

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Join?  I think you mean re-join ;)


I was in the 'Kin in the good old days of the Plaid Ajah and our rampant board raids....  I worked with Gorn and Redfang on trippling the width of the 'kin's board from the first post on that thread before the other rabble joined in.

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