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[Approved RP] Eqwina's Choice

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Still checking to see if the BT & SG are Ok with it.  I'm ready to give the go ahead.  Everything through Isha's death was approved as part of the Watcher's RP already so we're mostly just looking at Eqwina turning BA. 




Eqwina (Aes Sedai) Idea’s


•Eqwina has been bonded by Isha (an insane Asha’man)


•She begins to gain respect (of a sort) for her captor


•Eqwina starts having nightmares brought on by Isha’s insanity and begins to feel as if she is going insane herself


•Before the bond is dissolved she befriends Isha


•Isha comes to the tower and is tortured


•Eqwina feels bad for Isha and mercy kills him (with her bare hands, she is so scared she is unable to channel)


•The mercy killing pushes her over the edge and she forsakes the light


•She brands herself to remember her old life(With Nevin’s necklace) then swears her new oaths to the shadow


•Discusses with another Aes Sedai (Vera) about light vs. dark and manipulates her to come to the shadow


•Both are approached by the Black Ajah.(Brenda) and swears to them


Drak (Dreadlord)  Idea’s

•Drak, upon hearing the rumors swarming the Fortress about Aginor’s death, decides to find out for himself about the Black Tower channelers, especially this Isha person that has caused so much of a fuss.


•Posing as an applicant, Drak infiltrates the BT


•During his tenure there, in addition to his interactions with other channelers, he locates Isha, and eventually Eqwina an Aes Sedai who Isha has forcibly bonded (coincides with the Watchers thread)


•The bond is annulled, as are all the AS bonds by the BTers, and shortly thereafter Isha disappears.


•EQ returns to the White Tower to try to regain control of her life, however events transpire which push her over the edge and lead her to turn to the Shadow


•Drak eventually learns of what happened and the EQ has sworn allegiance to the Shadow. He interacts with her and eventually decides to take advantage of her vulnerability by bonding her.


NOTE: The bond between Drak and Eqwina would be on a temporary basis. As    time goes on a comradely will form between the Aes Sedai and her superior. Since Eqwina is very naive and new to the ways of the dark he will guide her and teach her the art of manipulation and all the other horrid acts that dark friends do. When he feels she is ready he will release her from her bond. All the time he had spent shaping her to his needs would hold her as tight as the bond had.

Over time Drak help Eqwina to get in touch with her dark side. He shows her how to maniplate and how to kill. Eventually he thinks she is ready to be on her own and "tests" her. (maybe by having her manipulate someone important or kill) When she "passes" he releases her from the bond  Grin



RP’s (tentative)


•Following the leader (Drak, Isha, Eqwina)-Drak entering the Black Tower (this also opens the door for many other RP opportunities with Bters and Drak. His entire objective will be to learn and observe, not do anything destructive to the BT.)


•Mercy Killing and a new life ( Eqwina and Isha) –perhaps others “see” from the shadows-Eqwina kills Isha and Swears to the shadow


•The darkest of Ajah’s (Eqwina and Vera, Brenda) –Eq/Vera is approached by the BA


•To the Blight (Eqwina and Drak) Eqwina goes to the Fortress to swear her oaths and receive instructions. There she meets Drak and he lures her into a false sense of security. They depart the Fortress and set off for Fal Dara, somewhere along the way Drak seizes the opportunity and bonds poor weak Eqwina.

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