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Movie casting... your opinion?


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No matter how long I read the books, I keep seeing them in my head as movies. Which inevitably leads me to casting questions.


Today, I was reviewing the cast list for the new Rob Zombie movie, "Halloween", and saw that they had Tyler Mane playing Michael Myers.


Dye his hair black, put a couple grey streaks in the locks, and tell me this guy doesn't look like Lan!

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Yes, but can he act? The only roles I'm aware of that he's taken have only required him to act menacing, really.


It's been a while since we've had a casting thread out here, maybe I should dig something up...


Oh here's one. Joaquin Phoenix as Taim. Or Moridin. I like him more as Taim, even if he lacks a few important Saldaean characteristics. He just has the intensity I associate with Taim. - http://i.imdb.com/Photos/Ss/0180073/Quills04.jpg


Also, I'm kind of liking Thora Birch as Nynaeve. She's got the sort of unconventional beauty I think of Nynaeve having - http://thora.org/images4/tko_1.jpg

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Thora Birch looks more like Min than Nynaeve to me. At least in that pic  :-\


I have to say... Harrison Ford as Mat. I don't care, even if they have to digitally make him look younger. There is no one else in my mind who can play him. you know that one scene where Mat's angry with Nynaeve and he shakes his finger at her, I could see almost the exact same scene where Han Solo was doing it to I think... C3PO.

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Gotta love the Search function;)




And a slightly updated list of what I posted there...


Nynaeve - Holly Marie Combs

Lan - Adrian Pasdar

Egwene - Michelle Trachtenberg

Gawyn - Drew Fuller

Morgase - Emma Thompson

Gareth Bryne - Ron Glass

Davram Bashere - J.K Simmons

Narishma - Seth Green

Logain - Julian McMahon

Noal - Sean Penn

Min - Eliza Dushku

Elayne - Hayden Panettiere

Thom - Malcolm McDowell

Moiraine - Torri Higginson


Fain - Ed Norton or Armin Shimerman

Aram - Milo Ventimiglia

Masema - Chris Meloni

Pedron Niall - Keith Szarabajka

Elaida - Marcia Cross

Tylin - Claudia Black

Berelain - Alyssa milano


Ishamael - John Glover

Moridin - James Marsters

Lanfear - Juliet Landau

Demandred - Peter Stormare

Graendal - Rose McGowan

Moghedien - Stephanie Romanov

Rahvin - David Boreanaz

Sammael - Scott Bakula

Aginor - Billy Drago

Asmodean - Andy Hallett

Aran'gar - Morena Baccarin

Mesaana - Kathryn Erbe

Osan'gar - Mark Margolis


Voice of the DO - Pete Steel

Voice of SH - Anthony Hopkins

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I’ve done some revisions on my previous cast list. The most frustrating was Rand. I never could find a Rand I liked (the only one I could see fitting him was Hayden Christensen, and I was NOT going to have HIM as Rand!), but thankfully, ABC Family put out “Fallen” and saved me the heartache of settling for second best.


Same with many of the characters I picked. I got tired of trying to “fit the man to the mold” (I soooo wanted to cast Triple H as Perrin, but he’s just too old), and just decided to pick the one that felt right, keeping only the bare essentials---physical makeup, age, etc---as solid standards. Yeah, some you’d have to dye their hair, but their acting depth and---more importantly---natural vibe makes up for the make-up.


Here's the list. It will be a work in progress as I continue to add photo links...


The Ta'veren

Rand: Paul Wesley (Fallen) Click for Photo

Mat: Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) Click for Photo

Perrin: Patrick Flueger (The 4400) Click for Photo


The Main Ladies

Egwene: Leelee Sobieski Click for Photo (girl in the center)

Nynaeve: Cara Buono (The Dead Zone) Click for Photo

Min: Claire Danes Click for Photo

Aviendha: Erica Cerra (Eureka)Click for Photo

Faile: Zhang Ziyi Click for Photo


House Trakand

Morgase: Naomi Watts Click for Photo

Elayne: Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) Click for Photo

Gawyn: Chris Olivero (Kyle XY) Click for Photo

Galad: Ian Somerhalder (Lost) Click for Photo (guy on the left)


The Warders

Lan: Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis) Click for Photo (minus the dreads)

Birgitte: Ali Larter (Heroes) Click for Photo


The Aes Sedai

Moiraine: Jewel Staite (Firefly) Click for Photo

Suian: Gina Holden Click for Photo

Leane: Keira Knightley (Pirates Trilogy) Click for Photo

Alanna: Megalyn Echikunwoke (the 4400) Click for Photo

Verin: Melanie Lynskey (Drive) Click for Photo (on the right)

Cadsuane: Leah Cairns (Battlestar Galactica) Click for Photo (Yeah, I know, you'd practically have to dye her hair white!)

Sheriam: Polly Walker Click for Photo

Faolain: Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) Click for Photo


The Supporting Cast

Thom: Anthony Hopkins (Mask of Zorro) Click for Photo

Loial: Andy Hallett (Angel) Click for Photo

Davram Bashere: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Mortal Kombat) Click for Photo

Lady Bashere: Tamlyn Tomita Click for Photo

Gareth Bryne: Joel Gretsch (the 4400) Click for Photo

Logain: Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) Click for Photo

Damer Flinn: Glenn Morshower (24) Click for Photo

Mazrim Taim: Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) Click for Photo

Bayle Domon: John Rhys-Davies (Sliders) Click for Photo

Vanin: Louis Lombardi (24) Click for Photo

Lamgwin: Ray Stevenson (Rome) Click for Photo

Berelain: Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie)


The Bad Guys

Ishamael: Alan Rickman

Rahvin: Billy Zane

Moridin: Christian Kane (Angel)

Lanfear: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Cyndane: Elisha Cuthbert (24)

Asmodean: Jeremy Irons Click for Photo (on the right)

Graendel: Scarlett Johansson

Sammael: Kevin McKidd (Rome) Click for Photo

Be'lal: James Morrison (24)

Mesanna: Rena Sofer (24)

Moghedien: Samantha Ferris (Supernatural)

Aginor: Richard O'Brien (Ever After)

Semirhage: Tyra Banks

Balthamel: Michael Berryman (Weird Science)

Dashiva/Osan'gar: JK Simmons (Spiderman)

Aran'gar: Angalina Jolie (Tomb Raider)

Paden Fain: Steve Buschemi

Elaida: Julianna Margoulies

Alviarin: Indira Varma (Rome) Click for Photo

Liandrin: Megan Dodd (Ever After) Click for Photo (on the left)

Mesema/The Prophet: Tommy J Flanagan (Braveheart) Click for Photo

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I've just never seen Nynaeve as having the sort of beauty that's currently popular, the Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley look that so many people have suggested for her. Plus, Thora Birch has that unconventional outsider quality, which I think fits Nyn, as she's been sort of an outsider everywhere she's attempted to fit in. Here, this one is poor quality, but maybe it's more Nynaeve than the other one - http://thora.org/images6A/dazlertrac_830.jpg Thora Birch could play Min, I suppose, but nobody is ever going to move me off of having Kristen Bell play her. I refuse to negotiate that one. Or Jennifer Connelly as Lanfear. I'm not debating that one, either.


I'm delighted to see Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa on somebody else's list, but I think he'd make a much better Agelmar, even if it's not as big a role as Bashere.


I could never accept Andy Hallett as a bad guy  :-\, but I love Peter Steele as the Dark One  :D


And it's interesting how you sort of pick up on what people are watching by who dominates their cast lists.

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OK, I admit I've got an agenda, but I want a red head playing Rand.  Period.  You can do fascinating things with dye, but us red heads have a look that goes beyond simple hair color.

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gerard butler as lan, or logain. ;D


I have to say that I think that would be totally awsome! LOL I have to agree with reyler about Clive Owen while I can see why someone would think him a good Rand he's a bit to old and I don't think he could play a teen well. LOL Not that I have anyone better in mind, I think they would have to look and find unknowns myself.

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Age really isn't a problem. We've had older people play teenagers without a hitch before.


Clive Owen is in his forties. Not the best candidate for making that argument. Casting people as teenagers who are quite visibly anything but is a horrible move that has long plagued film and damaged the credibility of each and every movie it has been done in and should really be done away with. I'd say nobody over the age of twenty-five has any business being cast as a teenager.

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I could see Harrison Ford as either Thom or Tam.


David Patrick Kelly, T-bird from The Crow, is my pick for Fain.


I think, like others have said that Heath Ledger would make a decent Perrin.


Angelica Huston, as Moghedian.


Rhys Ifans  would make a good Dashiva I think...


Djimon Hounsou, would make a fantastic Demandred.


How about lawrence Fishbourne as Bayle Domon?




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For Rand, the only person that I could possible see playing him is Tom Welling. He's got the build, he's got the height, he's got the age. All he needs is the hair and he's good to go. You guys have to remember that Rand is 6'5-ish, around 240 lbs. He's not your average joe when it comes to size, like so many actors are. I'd love to volunteer myself for Rand, since I'm 6'5", 240, myself, but that'd be getting a little full of myself. xD


But then, tbh, if (and they probably will never do so) they make a movie, it'd be smartest to choose three brand new actors, never before heard of to play the three main roles (Rand, Mat, Perrin). The three leading ladies might very well have to be brand new, as well.

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Whenever I think of Thom Merrilin I see Sam Elliot



Someone Like Anthony Hopkins or Colin McDowel Could play the character but neither of them have the Voice that anyone playing Thom must have And I cant see either of them Taking on a Myrdraal head on.



Tom Welling could definately work for Rand.


Liv Tyler could work for Min.


Harrison Ford would be great as either Tam or Gareth Byrne.


Clive Owen Could work for Lan. He's got the height, just let him bulk up & drop his body fat to around 5% to get Lan's Chisseled Look & he would be good.


But I think the PERFECT Lan would be Vigo Mortensen.


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My how many of these posts have we had so far!! That long list is probably about exhaustive but i havent had chance to look each name up yet and dont know half of them!! So, I only have certain people who i think would be perfect, for a lot of them i think i would be annoyed by their representation of these characters that i think i know so well.


These are mainly based on looks alone;


Lanfear - Angelina Jolie

Gawyn - Justin Timberlake

Lan - the rock (i know!!)

Moiraine - gillian anderson (just dye her hair...)

Thom - william auge geer (he's dead but he's the perfect look)

Elyas - Kris Kristofferson (as he looked in Blade)


But i hope that there isnt a film... i would have to see it (obviously) but am SURE I would wish they'd done it better / cast someone different / included different bits. Reading the books is a very personal thing and no director can please every reader!


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Tom Welling gets suggested more often for Perrin, and purely on the basis of looks, it fits. However there's the slight problem of him not being able to act. At all.

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Tom Welling gets suggested more often for Perrin, and purely on the basis of looks, it fits. However there's the slight problem of him not being able to act. At all.


Yes, I know Tom Welling has been suggested a lot for Perrin, but he's too tall for that role. Way too tall. Perrin's not short, but he's supposed to appear stocky because of his broad shoulders, and Welling just LOOKS tall.

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Just how old is Thom Supposed to be?


There have been some excellent actors suggested to play him but most of them just seem to old.


I cannot see William Auge Geer or Anthony Hopkins or Colin McDowel doing acrobatics or taking on a Myrdraal.

Also how many times has Thom's voice been described as deep & resonant? Something that Sam Elliot has been blessed with, I can hear him reciting the great hunt for the Horn in a packed common room.



I know as far as I know Thom was in his late Thirties early Forties when he was saying "Whose your Daddy?" to Queen Morgase. Its less than 20 years ago meaning he is around 50 years old; and now he is supposed to be played by men in thier late sixties & seventies.

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Thom is in his sixties or seventies in the current place in the novels. So no, he's not a youngin'. He was in his fifties when he had Morgase in his lap. And his bed.

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Im not so sure about that.

I could be completely wrong but I have looked for any reffrences to Thom's age but the closest I have come is refrenceses to Thom as being "Old" but these referrences were made by teenagers for the most part.

And lets face it when your 19 years old, 40 is old and 55 seems positively Ancient.


Thom refers to himself as having been young & handsome when he and Morgase had thier fling.


Eleayne was a girl of about 4 at the time. Any younger and she would not have remembered him at all. So it has been approximately 15 years since he left Morgase.


I have always read the character as having been in his early forties when he was Court Bard. Leaving him in his mid fifties now.


I simply cannot picture a seventy year old man doing backflips without it ending in "Oh my Back!"


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how about Ian Mckellon as thom? i just love this actor and he certainly does have the Voice.

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