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DM server downtime: Please read

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Hi everyone


I posted this on the staff board but want you to be aware of it too. If you have questions, feel free to email webmaster@dragonmount.com or ask it here in this thread. One of the admins will reply.



As you might have seen, the DM server went down earlier today and has been offline most of the day.


I host DM from my house, which has an extremely high speed fiber connection connected to it. (Ask me about it another time if you want to geek out over it. :P)


Anyway, there was a power outage at the house today. The server rebooted as it normally should, but did not fully load. THe reason is because the pwoer outage fried one of the system cooling fans. Not the end of the world, but it (wisely) would not continue to load the system until that was fixed.


I got home from being out of town at 10 PM. I have put the server online and over-ridden the error. This means the server is running without a rear fan. I am currently backing up the entire DM website and database to an external hard drive. So no worries...the site will not be lost! :)


Tomorrow, or as soon as I can get to it (Aidan is sick right now so I am staying home from work tomorrow--Wednesday) I will go and buy a new fan and get the thing fixed.


I will post this on the main GD forums so members know what's going on. I'll be off ther forums for a bit



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