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Nothing you want to hear about [attn.Vasya]


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The second Rosheen stepped into the mess hall she froze. It was completely and utterly packed with people. People who all collectively looked up at her and grinned, as if they knew exactly what she was there for. Only one head, a bald and shiny one, stayed down. Vasya seemed to be in a mood, which was just… wonderful. Great. Terrific. He didn’t like people in general, so being in a crowded mess hall was no doubt working on his nerves. “Just what I need.” She muttered, placing one careful step forward into the hall. Into the lions den. Into the…


“Hey!” she exclaimed as she stumbled forward, after being shoved by Aran. “Damn it, give me a moment.” She said, glaring at him. He looked like the cat that didn’t just get the cream once, but lived in it instead. Goathead. If she didn’t know any better she’d have sworn he knew. He had known from the very first time she accidentally ended up in Vasya’s bed, and he’d been plotting on ways to make her embarrass herself about it in public ever since. She turned back to look at Vasya, only to find that people were still looking at it. She narrowed her eyes, which caused a few heads to lower. Not too many though. Apparently no one wanted to miss this. No one but her. And Vaysa, no doubt. She was quite sure that she had nothing to say that Vasya would want to hear about.


The spring wasn’t an option either, as much as she craved it now. It would blank out all the emotions on her face, and Aran wasn’t about to let something like that spoil his fun. No, she’d have to do this on her own, with a hundred Tower Guards staring at her and grinning their little heads off. Bastards. She’d have to give a lot of people some nice shiners. As she walked forward she glared at people, silently telling them that she’d remember their faces. She’d remember them, and they would be sorry for ever setting foot in the mess hall today.


Far sooner than she would have liked she found herself staring next to Vasya. His head was still bent as he focussed on his food, ignoring all that went on in the mess hall. She cleared her throat softly, hoping to catch his attention. The sooner he was listening, the sooner she could get this over with. The sooner it was over with, the sooner she could go hang herself from the White Tower. Of course Vasya was content with staring at his food, blissfully ignoring Rosheen’s pending declaration of love. “ehm… Vasya? There’s something I have to say to you…” she finally said. If he ignored her still she would shove his face in his food. Aran would have to settle for a declaration of frustration instead.


~Rosheen Tahn Sakhr

Tower Guard on a mission.


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If there had been any reward that had made going into the depths of Aridhol worth it, they were to be found in this very moment.


There was a decidedly wicked grin on Aran's face as Rosheen complained about the shove he had given her.  She just needed a bit of encouragement, a bit of help to relieve the tension that ran throughout the Dining Hall.  Everyone was aware that something was going on, though they couldn't be exactly sure of what that something was.  As far as everyone knew, the Dining Hall was the place to be tonight because a certain someone who, if described, may have possibly resembled Aran, had spread the word that a special announcement was going to be made that concerned everyone.


Following Rosheen at first, he quickly sidled off and wound his way to a seat as close to the high table as possible.  Aran was definitely not going to miss a moment of this, not after having to earn himself a shiner from the blue sister Sheena to win the bet.  The moment of complete and utter defeat on Rosheen's face when she'd realised where his bruise had come from was a sweet, sweet memory.  Having said that, what he was about to witness was, without a doubt, going to be sweeter still...



There was something decidedly wrong about the fact that Aran had survived relatively unscathed yet again.  As far as Vasya was concerned, the man had far too much luck and if it hadn't been for his exceptional performance alongside Rosheen's, he might have been tempted to smack the man for the inane commentary that had been found in the man's report.  Rosheen's had been far more preferable to read, straight to the point and without the commentary about every exceedingly idyllic stop that they seemed to make in Aran's report.


Yes, Rosheen was definitely preferable to the midget.


But no, that was just a slice of his marvellous day, dealing with idiots and people who should never be armed.  A pair of trainees deciding to duel with real weapons and him having to organise people to get the pair to the infirmary when he had been doing important things like sitting down and trying to ignore the papers in his office.  Those had been glorious, mind numbing and completely unnecessary.  People weren't stupid enough to fool about under his command, not in a way that would compromise the security of the Tower, but Con insisted and Vasya did what he was ordered.


Forcing himself to stop stirring his stew, Vasya was about to help himself to some when someone decided to interrupt.  Rosheen.  Couldn't he get five minutes of peace without someone interrupting his meal?  As far as he was concerned it had better be damn important, something he communicated quite convincingly as the tone of his growl resembled two slabs of rock grinding against each other.  "What is it?"


As irritated as he was, Vasya failed to notice the tell tale silence in the mess hall that warned that something was going on.

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Vasya was his usual, lovely, cheerful self. Great. Lovely. Terrific. He was going to kill her. Kill her, and then burry her body in the stables. Rosheen froze for a moment, thinking of the embarrassment she was about to go through. At least it would be over soon enough. She just had to do it. Which was kind of hard, with Vasya staring at her. He was going to kill her and it was going to be painful. With some luck it would be enough to make her forget all about this.


“Here goes nothing.” she muttered to herself as she stared down at Vasya. That wasn’t going to work. With a sigh she got down on one knee. With another sigh she grabbed Vasya’s hand, keeping it firmly in hers. If she was going to go through this, then he wasn’t going to get a chance to run either. She glanced sideways and noticed Aran was sitting less than a table away. She was going to kill him, that much was certain. A look of murderous glee passed over her face, apparently, because Vasya looked a little worried by her behaviour. It took Rosheen some effort to smooth out her features again.


“So…” she started, looking up at Vasya for a moment before looking away. While he hadn’t spoken yet since she got down on her knee, it was obvious that she was getting an earful soon enough, from the way he was looking at her. “I… uh… just want you to know… that… ehm… you are the… sunshine of my life.” A hundred gasps filled the hall, and she could feel Vasya’s hand tighten on hers slightly. The captain had a distinct ‘what in the name of the Light do you think you’re doing’-look on his face, which prompted Rosheen to continue her declaration.


“I know you don’t think much of me, but you’re going to have to hear me out on this one.” The silence in the mess hall told her he wouldn’t be the only one listening. “I mean, what I’m trying to say here is that you are my hero. You are the perfect man. The way the sunlight reflects from your head is enough to make me quiver on my legs. When you look at me it’s like I’m flying to the moon and back. It’s like you’re under my skin, and it burns.” Oh, it burned alright. Rosheen could feel that her cheeks were aflame with embarrassment. She barely dared to look at Vasya, and she could just feel Aran’s amusement ooze away from him.


She couldn’t help but grin slightly when she looked up at Vasya again. “Baby, if you only knew about the dreams I’ve been having about us.” Well, she had had the occasional dream about Vasya. Completely harmless, of course… Feeling even more flustered, she prepared for her grand finale. “I guess I just want you to know that you are the only man for me. I love you with every hair on my head, few as they might be.”


A deep silence descended over the mess hall. At least, that was what it sounded like to Rosheen, especially with Vasya staring at her as if she’d just sprouted another head. ‘I’m Sorry.’ She carefully and silently formed those two words with her lips, before getting to her feet again. She let go of Vasya’s hand in favour of grabbing his head with both hands. He wasn’t going anywhere. The silence in the hall became deafening as she leaned forward and planted a firm kiss on Vasya’s lips. “There.” She said after releasing him. “Well… ehm… you know where to find me.” She muttered. Then she turned, and stalked out of the mess hall faster than a cat with its tail on fire.


~Rosheen Tahn Sakhr

Passionate about all things Vasya.

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What in the name of the Light do you think you're doing?!


Sunshine of her life?  They had been discreet about what they had between them, even though he had no idea what it was, specifically because he didn't want to damage her career.  Why was she getting on her knee before him, taking his hand and spilling that absurdly lurid line to him?  Why was everyone paying attention when they shou-


Hero?  He'd managed to keep his surprise in check but that managed to shock any sort of guarded look he could summon up.  The perfect man?  Why was she saying all these things infront of everyone, everyone that Vasya had now noticed were giving he and Rosheen their complete and undivided attention.  Everyone.  As in well over a couple of hundred Tower Guards, let alone his fellow Captains who were sitting at the high table with him.  And his lieutenants.  Light help him, quivering legs and flying to the moon?  Under her skin?


Vasya's face was alternating yet simultaneously red and white, unable to decide between yet trying to have both shades in a riotous convergence of confusion, embarrassment and anger that was a mere little brother to the former emotions.  Dreaming about him?  Something was terribly askew, and Vasya's suspicion led him to think of a single person, Aran, burn him for managing to lever Rosheen into doing this.  He was going to ki-




Shock didn't even touch what Vasya felt as his jaw dropped at those words.  He didn't even get the chance to say anything as she then proceeded to kiss him, infront of the entire mess hall.  Then tell him he knew where to find her before she turned and quickly began to forge a path to the doors.  For once, he was speechless even as the chant began...





Having started the chant along with a few others at the right time, Aran was already running after Rosheen with Marie at his side and others coalescing around her.  Not giving her a chance to react, they picked her up off her feet and sat her on their shoulders.  Holding her high for everyone to see and praise, the roar swept through the entire Mess Hall as hundreds called her name repeatedly.  Aran was pretty sure that if Rosheen had ever envisaged a sea of men and women chanting her name, this would not have been the reason.


Turning her about for all to see a few times, they didn't prolong it cruelly but instead carried her out of the mess hall and into the cool night air to help cool the mohawked woman's flaming cheeks even as the chanting began to degenerate into generally laughter, cheers and no doubt a few cracks at Vasya's expense.  The man had been completely lost, caught by surprise and unable to respond in any way whatsoever to what had just happened.


Setting Rosheen down, Aran was quick to duck off to the Barracks even as the others begin to drag Rosheen off in the opposite direction.  The White Tower beckoned this group who were making their way to the Kitchens even as the second Act was preparing to unfold...

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