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Introducing Rhya:Attn Miryana,Open to all


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“That Rhya was the boundary to the Stedding. This place once belonged to the Ogier and they allowed us to live here because their numbers had dwindled and this Stedding is so out of the way that they thought it would serve our purposes very well. No one can cross that boundary without feeling something, to some it is a feeling of wonder and joy, to others it is a feeling of loss and despair, it all depends on what you bring with you.” Owen’s smile was a genuine one, this was his favourite moment with any Wanderer when they first felt the tingling, the awakening, what ever you wanted to call it or however you wanted to describe it, this was to him the start for them. “Come on, we have a ways to go yet before we actually reach the place where we all live and I for one intend to have a tankard of my favourite ale tonight, I have been too long away from the Stedding.”


Now that he was home Owen’s step was lighter, the weight of doubt and uncertainty lifted from his shoulders as yet another Wanderer was safe from harm. They had been walking for a while when they came across a large snow-white Wolf blocking the path, before either of them could move the Wolf sprang forward and almost knocked Owen to the ground. Rhya let out a partial scream, but seeing the look on Owen’s face she managed to stop it becoming a full blown one.


Grinning from ear to ear, Owen buried his face in Ice’s fur and threw his arms around her neck, holding her close for a moment before breaking the embrace. “I have missed you as well Ice, but we have a guest and you should say hello to her as well you know.” As if she could understand every word Owen said, Ice turned to look at Rhya, her deep blue eyes seeming to bore a hole into Rhya. Slowly Ice did a full circuit around Rhya, sniffing at her clothes before coming to stand in front of her. “Yes Ice she is a new cub, this is her first time in the Stedding and I am taking her to see Miryana to make sure there is nothing wrong with Rhya. Come on Rhya, if we let her Ice will have us standing here all day.”


Owen’s words broke the trance that Rhya had been under since Ice’s appearance and the two of them continued along the path, Ice forcing her way between the two Wolfkin. As they walked Owen noticed Rhya tentatively reach out and stroke Ice’s fur, gaining more confidence as she realized Ice did not pull away. “She particularity likes having her ears stroked, but if you start she will try and keep you at it for the rest of the day.”


Not long after meeting Ice, the path they were following suddenly started to rise, the trees lessened and suddenly they were in a more open space. Across the way from them was a largish building with people lounging about outside what appeared to be the main door. When Owen was recognized many of the people shouted out greetings to him, and asked him who his companion was. Most of these were younger members of the Wolfkin and they soon started to bombard Rhya with questions, where was she from, what was her name. Owen soon realized that this was getting to be too much for Rhya and he quickly enquired if there was not work around the Stedding that they should be attending to instead of wasting their time hanging around the Infirmary. It was amazing how quickly so many people could disappear. Grinning to himself, Owen led Rhya into the Infirmary and stopped a young prentice and asked where he could find Miryana. The prentice said she would go and find Miryana and suggested they wait in one of the side rooms. Once in the room Owen removed his cloak and backpack, placing his bow next to his backpack he sat on one of the chairs and indicated that Rhya should do so. Ice joined them and sat with her head on Owen’s knee, obviously wanting his attention. For a while Owen spoke to her, not out loud though, as what he had to say was between himself and Ice. Once he was finished he started to explain to Rhya that until she felt confident enough to find her own home in the Stedding she could stay in the Infirmary. “There are still some abandoned homes around the Stedding, or you could build your own.” Seeing the look on Rhya’s face Owen continued quickly. “Do not worry Rhya, we will all help you out building your home, or fixing up an abandoned house. We look after our own here and you only have to ask and we will do what we can to see you comfortable, please do not forget that.” Just as Owen finished talking the door to the room opened and a woman entered who was about 5’10” in height with long red hair and golden eyes. “Rhya this is Miryana one of our best Healers. For now I will leave you in her very capable hands. If you need to find me Miryana will give you directions. Just remember this, you are safe here and among friends, even though you may not realize that now.”




The WhiteWolf


Ranger Leader


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The lush surroundings that were the Sage’s gardens always brought peace to Miryana and she sought solitude in their embrace often.  The sun shone bright in the gardens illuminating her bright red hair that was tied in a pony tail.  This morning she worked carefully at pruning the delicate herbs that would be turned into various healing salves for use by the Wolfkin. 


The previous night she had read the dream and  knew a Wanderer would be brought to her today.  So it came as no surprise when Arden, her young apprentice, appeared announcing the arrival of Owen and a young girl to see her.


Setting the garden shears aside she quickly brushed off her dark green skirt before entering the infirmary through the back door.


A smile crossed her face at the site of the Ranger Leader and his charge She was always happy to see Owen who in many ways represented the best in all of them.


Owen made th introductions and Miryana took the young girls hand in hers. 


“Sit child so that I may have a look at you and we can have a nice chat.”


Calling for Arden she instructed the apprentice to put on some water for tea and bring them some cakes with it as well.  Excusing herself to Rhya she pulled Owen into the other room where he told her briefly of the trip.  When he had finished she sent him on his way promising to make sure Rhya found him when she was done with her.


When she returned she noted that Rhya looked tired and could only imagine the range of emotions the poor girl had been put through.  She had her sit on an examination table and gave her a quick look over, poking and prodding to make sure there was no injury that needed tending. 


Winking at Rhya Miryana put her hands on the girls cheeks and began delving with her senses.  When she had finished the Sage leader pulled up a chair and sat crossing her legs.


“You have had a long journey child and one I can only assume fraught with worry and doubt.”


Arden brought the tea in and sat it on a small table pouring each of them a cup.  Fresh cakes lay on the tray as well still warm from the ovens.


“But I digress, as Owen told you I am Miryana a Sage or healer to the Wolfkin.  I am sure Owen has done much to answer your questions but if any still trouble you I would be glad to try and answer them for you.  After we talk I will have a hot bath drawn for you so that you can wash the journey off of you.  Rhya,” She smiled at the girl reaching over and squeezing her hand.  “You are home child.” 

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As Owen explained, Rhya stopped glaring and gave a rather lopsided smile in return. Owen talked of this place as home and his love for it was real, that much she could tell. It wasn’t home though. Not for her. Not yet. To her, this was going to be another step through what already felt like a long ordeal.


A large white shape launched itself out of nowhere at Owen and a strangled scream erupted from her throat, cut off when she caught sight of his smiling face and recalled his story about Ice. Unable to move, she saw the wolf's blue eyes swing in her direction. What a beautiful creature, was all she could think as Ice padded around her.  It wasn’t long before she found her fingers itching to touch the wolf’s fur and she reached out, tentatively at first, to stroke Ice’s head as they started walking again. Her eyes widened in awe for the second time that day.


Suddenly the trees thinned and they were entering a more open space, greeted by a rush of fresh air as a breeze stirred. She’d hardly had time to adjust to the extra light when they were surrounded by people. There were surely only a few though it seemed like hundreds and she clammed up, back stiffening and more claustrophobic than she had been at any time during the journey through the confines of the forest. Her fists clenched hard by her sides and she was just on the verge of looking to Owen in panic when everyone seemed to fade into thin air. Relieved, she let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding and followed Owen into the nearby building.


He indicated a seat as he asked for someone and she sat, looking around, taking in the details of her surroundings until he mentioned building a home. Panic truly set in then, in spite of his reassurance that everything would be alright, and she asked herself once more what she’d ever be able to give to these people in return. She didn’t have much chance to consider the idea, however, as a woman arrived. Owen introduced her as Miryana, a Healer, but she missed the rest of his words, her brain too wrapped up in the fact that the only person she knew, her only friend, was about to leave. She stood, her hand half raised as though to stop him, before she stifled the impulse and stealed herself to look at the newcomer.


Rhya almost laughed at the irony of that. Just who is the newcomer here? Shaking herself, she felt Miryana take her hand and resisted the urge to snatch it away. The woman spoke pleasantly. A chat? She felt all of her internal barriers slam up at that and watched as Miryana pulled Owen into another room. Left alone, she slumped in the chair. So much change. Too much change. Exhaustion hit her like a wave and she stared dully at the floor between her feet.


Miryana soon returned and Rhya got onto the examination table as she was told to, tolerating the pushing and prodding although the woman was gentle about it. She has kind eyes, she thought. Someone can’t be bad with eyes like that. She took the cup of tea that was handed to her with gratitude. She had missed hot tea. A small smile curved her lips as she sipped at it, savouring the flavour and found her tongue sufficiently to voice her thanks.


“I am sure Owen has done much to answer your questions but if any still trouble you I would be glad to try and answer them for you.  After we talk I will have a hot bath drawn for you so that you can wash the journey off of you.  Rhya, you are home child.”


Rhya looked at Miryana carefully. How do I tell someone that their home is not mine when they are being so nice? How do I explain that my home is so very far from here? And why would anyone care anyway? What if they change their minds and say I cannot stay?


“A… a bath? That … it sounds wonderful, my thanks. Washing in cold water is hardly the same,” she dredged up a smile for Miryana, falling back on the courtesies her mother had taught her and hiding her thoughts behind a mask of civility. “You have a beautiful home here. Are there many of… of us living here?”


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Taking a sip of tea the Sage leader sat back in her chair.  She could sense the wariness and apprehension in the young woman and knew it would take time for her to trust. 


“The Stedding is home and sanctuary to many Wolfkin Rhya.  I hope in time you will come to think of us as family as we are one if not related by blood.” 


Rhya nibbled at a cake the weariness in her eyes reflected the difficulty of her trip to reach them.  Miryana had been welcoming Wanderers to the Stedding longer than she cared to remember and knew the range of emotions she must be feeling.


“The answer to your question is that there are quite a few of us here and you will have time to meet as many as you like.”  Smiling she chuckled.  “In fact more than you may want to meet right away but I will do what I can to keep the eager young ones from making themselves too much of a bother.”



Being Sage leader as long as she had she knew when to push and when to take a more delicate approach.  Sensing the later to be true with Rhya she called for an apprentice to have a tub put in a private room and to fill it with hot water.


The infirmary was quiet this time of the day and Mirayana stood pulling Rhya to her feet.  “Enough talk for now child a hot bath is in order for you.”  I have prepared a room with a bed that you can use for as long as you like.”


Giving the girl and appraising look she measured her by sight and nodded. 


“I will have some clean clothing sent to your room and after you have bathed you may rest if you like.” 


Leading her by the hand to a room where young girls were busy emptying buckets of steaming water into a tub she gave her another reassuring smile.


“I will be in the kitchen just over there.”  She pointed to a doorway.


“If I do say so myself I am quiet the cook and am making a pot of venison stew and some warm crusty rolls.  There will be sweet wine or ale to wash it down.  When you are washed and rested please join me and we will talk about anything you like.”


Leaving Rhya to her bath Miryana spoke to another apprentice and sent the girl off to get some clothes that would fit her and instructing them to be left in Rhya’s room.  Entering the kitchen the savory aroma of roasting meats and vegetables mingled with the yeasty smell of bread that baked in the oven.  Busying herself with finishing the meal she waited for Rhya to join her hoping a bath would help. 


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Smiling a little as Miryana left, Rhya was relieved to find herself alone with some time to gather her thoughts and delighted at the sight of the bath. Another luxury that she'd missed and promised herself she'd never take for granted again.


Sinking into the water, she closed her eyes, enjoying the peace and letting the heat cleanse away all the stress of the recent journey. As the minutes passed, the realisation finally found its way into her head that she was safe. Not just safe but actually welcome. From what Miryana had said, and Owen had already told her, there were many others like them who had found a sanctuary in these woods and she knew that she had no choice but to join them and to make the most of it. Much as she didn't want to admit it to herself, there would not be a day any time soon when she could return home. It was no longer her home and she knew she had to accept that.


Sighing, Rhya, sat up again, aware of the time passing. They'll be thinking I've drowned if I don't hurry. Hot on the heels of that thought came a loud rumbling and she chuckled at the sharp hunger pangs which had gone unnoticed in her earlier nervousness. It took but a few minutes to finish washing and drying and she was soon redressed in clean clothes. The tiredness, though still there, was lessened and she wrung her long hair out, rubbing it dry as best she could before heading for the kitchen.


Her nose was assailed by a variety of smells as she opened the door and her stomach rumbled again even more loudly. The sound of laughter had her blushing as she spotted Miryana watching her from where she was busy cooking.


"I seem to have my appetite back," Rhya said grinning ruefully. She walked closer, her nose twitching delicately, expression hopeful. "The food smells wonderful."


"Your bath obviously helped," Miryana replied. "Would you like to rest before you eat?"


"No, thank you. I feel a great deal better and not ready to sleep just yet."


The room was homely, light and airy and she let her gaze wander to the windows through which she could see people moving around in the distance. She suddenly had an urge to explore but that could wait. One thing at a time, she thought, taking a seat at the large table.





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Filling a bowl with stew from the kettle Miryana set it down in front of Rhya then placed a basket of warm rolls on the table.  “Go ahead and eat child I will get you some sweet wine.”


The Wanderer nodded and thanked her and began to eat in earnest.  Filling a goblet with wine she placed it in on the table and sat across from Rhya.  Soon her bowl was empty which made Miryana’s heart glad and she filled it for her once more. 


The two made small talk while she ate the Sage asking questions about her up bringing but trying to keep the conversation light. 


“You will learn much Rhya and you will be taught to use your new abilities in great detail.”


Chuckling she handed her a napkin so Rhya could wipe the corners of her mouth were stew had dripped down her chin.


“Sages are the healers of the Wolfkin as I have told you.  We are also the masters of the wolf dream as well.”


A knowing look crossed Rhya’s face with the mention of the wolf dream and Miryana winked at her.


“If ever you want help with either please come see me and I will be glad to share my knowledge with you.”


Finally Rhya pushed back from the table obviously full and sighed in content. 


Rising she took the young girls bowl and placed it on the kitchen counter.


“Now that I have proclaimed you well and fed it is time to see you back to Owen.  I have already had your things sent over to his cabin and if you come with me I will escort you.”


Together the two women walked out of the infirmary and started down the road.  A few curiosity seekers hung close to the building wanting a look at the new Wanderer and Miryana shooed them away.


“They are always curious the young ones Rhya.  I suppose I will be shooing you off as well in no time.” 


Rhya smiled as they turned down a path that led to a more secluded part of the Stedding.  Rounding a bend the massive tree that held Owen’s house into view, Ice was sitting by the trunk with his head on his paws resting.


As they approached she reached down and scratched Ice’s head.


“Go tell Owen we are here you rascal.”  As if hearing his name Owen swung down from a rope and landed beside them with a smile.


“Your new charge is fit and fed my friend she is ready for you to find her a place to sleep until you can begin her training.”


OOC: Rp wandering around the stedding if you want and meeting others.  Then start a new post and Owen will take up your training from there.

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OOC: Sorry for the delay. Absolutely swamped lately.

IC: Although some of the people appeared curious as Miryana guided her through the Stedding, they didn't crowd her and Rhya felt a little more at ease. Whether it was from the bath, the food or being in a Stedding, she wasn't certain but the woman's presence alone was rather soothing and she found herself enjoying the fresh air, the scents and sounds of the place as her eyes roved curiously over her surroundings, darting every which way so as not to miss any details.

Everything seems to be very organised and well laid out, she thought. There were Wolfkin everywhere, most moving purposefully but some obviously relaxing in the sunshine. Some groups appeared to be classes judging by their attitudes of concentration though she couldn't tell what in.

Eventually they turned down a small pathway to a more secluded and peaceful area. The voices became distant then, little more than a murmur. As they rounded a bend, Rhya came up short, her jaw almost hitting the ground, for what confronted them was no cabin or house such as she had expected but rather a ... well, what could only be called a tree house. Her eyes were like saucers as she took in the scene before her, spotting Ice just as Miryana reached down to scratch his head. And I'm going to stay here? as she considered that idea, she found it appealed greatly and a small grin bloomed on her face but before she had time to wonder more, Owen swung into view down a rope and landed lightly beside them.

“Your new charge is fit and fed my friend she is ready for you to find her a place to sleep until you can begin her training.”

"Thank you Miryana," Owen smiled at her and turned to Rhya. "Feel better?"

She nodded, still grinning and waved shyly at Miryana as the Sage left, heading back to the Infirmary.

"Your pack and belongings are here already." Owen indicated the tree house above them. "Why don't you explore for a while? Settle in."

"I think I will. Its much larger than I expected... the Stedding," she replied. "It'll take some time to get used to."

"If you get lost, just ask for directions. Everyone knows the tree house."

Rhya nodded, grateful for the chance to be alone and gather her thoughts. "I'll be back in a while then." She turned, debating which way to go first and decided to stick close to the house. She still wasn't up to lots of questions from people she didn't know but curiousity was getting the better of her and she picked a random direction and set off to see what she could find.


Continued here: 1,000 Points of Light

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