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    • Dice quickly throws a dagger at Cairos (whens the last time I lost a Joust boofhead??"   Dice finally manages to pull Bunyan away from the baby Trolloc. Suddenly he feels Bunyan stiffen, then he starts to strut....  "what are you..." then Dice sees Chae   or more her mount       he looks at bunyan "Oh NO!!  dont tell me!!" Bunyan struts again   FACEPALM   Dice jumps off and gets in front of his horse   "What ARE YOU THINKING!!!!!???" he screams "thats the competition!! oh cmon!! its wearing PINK RIBBONS for crying out loud!!!   You DO remember Ebou Dar dont you?? COME ON!!! snap OUT of it!"   Dice slaps Bunyan and gets a death glare and a snort    "you awake now? Can we do this??" Bunyan turns grudgingly towards the lists. Dice quickly remounts muttering about bloody pink ribbons and the fact that women really WILL talk about ANYTHING!!!!!!       pulling into the lists Dice yells to Chae "Cmon Archer girl! youve run your mouth now its time to pay the gleeman!! Lets see if your Harry Potter Knowledge is as good as you think it is! You may begin!"       LETS JOUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I am pretty sure statistically speaking children in private schools test better than children in public schools.
    • Teachers would be much better paid if the only teachers were teaching at private schools. 
    • Education can work however we want it to work. think that the people coming out of highschools and even colleges are prepared to be fully functioning members of society?   And everyone wonders why education is so expensive...   Why?   I don't believe that. There are literally hundreds of stories since this nations founding of people who had not a dollar to their name or an education to speak of who became famous, rich, important, or remarkable in some way. People used to hop onto trains with the clothes on their backs and get off and find work on a farm. Education helps, but I don't believe it's the end all be all of what it is to be successful in America.
    • It's better than ripping up the Constitution.   So? Every year I went to High School there were at least two school cops on campus and both had guns on their hips at all time. One of them was pretty cool but the other guy was a dick. Gave me a ticket for crossing against a Don't Walk when I had to catch the bus. I never felt scared or intimidated by either of them or the fact that they had guns. If you're scared or anxious around guns maybe that's a personal problem.   In a holster on someone's hip   Unless they're being used, yes.   Don't talk to me about the climate of a school. It's been awhile since I've been in school and I think it's been a bit longer for you but when I went to school it was a fairly toxic environment filled with drugs and degeneracy to say the least. Having a teacher with a gun isn't going to change anything about the "climate" of a school.   Maybe that's why they keep sleeping with their students.   Are you seriously arguing that a student is going to be afraid their teacher is going to shoot them if they ask for extra credit after class or something? What exactly are you saying here?   Ummm yeah I think that's kind of the point. Wouldn't we rather a shooter target adults before children?   Maybe this is what needs to change instead of our Constitutional rights.   Asked and answered.   First of all, no it would be in a holster on the Teachers person. Secondly the Teachers would not look to engage the shooter the school would go into lockdown.   This is all retarded and wrong. First of all in the first scenario you give it would be manslaughter but that's irrelevant given the school would be in lockdown. Do you know how a lockdown works or did they not have those when you went to school? All doors are locked and all lights are off with blinds closed, children under desks. No one opens a door for any reason, when the lockdown is lifted it's announced via bells or a PA system or they call individual classrooms. There is next to zero chance of friendly fire if proper procedures are followed.   Literally the only danger would be a shooter breaking down a door or window which I suppose is always a danger no matter what. But that would be what the teachers gun is for.   Or maybe you're just not willing to take it seriously because you have an agenda you need to keep.