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FL - Angeline Devereaux - CC'd by the WT


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Name: Angeline Devereaux

Gender: Female

Age: 24


Physical Description:  5′5″ tall and 63kg in weight respectively, while she’s not bulky she can certainly pack a punch thanks to most of her time spent outdoors which she can also thank for her tanned skin.  Her dark hair falling no lower than her shoulder in curls and ringlets, her light hazel eyes tend to possess an unusual amount of intensity.


Personality:  Quiet, private, takes a very long time to open up to anyone and suspicious of people that she doesn’t know.  In addition to her guarded nature, she does not like unnecessary conflict and will always walk away if possible.


History:  A baby was born two a couple on the edge of the Drowned Lands in the country of Mayene.  The father was a forester, hunter, tracker, on occasion thiefcatcher.  The mother a maid for Lord Jeatin that the father worked for as well as a farmer.  Their child they named Angeline, and gave her their family name of Devereaux.  It was into this home and to this family that the baby was born.


Raised gently, she spent her early years with her mother, learning to be a maid since she was of the age of six as she helped around the manor of the Jeatin family.  She would have continued on in such a manner if her mother hadn’t died when she was eight, simply falling to the ground while working the fields, not rising no matter how hard Angeline pushed and shook her.


The funeral was held a few days later when her father returned and was told the news.  There was no justice in what had happened, no fairness, no reason for it and for Angeline who was eight, the anger at it was only rivaled by her fear of her father leaving her too.  Lord Jeatin offered to raise her in his household, but after a month of Angeline constantly running away from the manor in search of her father, it became clear that the manor would not be her home.


But neither could her father abandon his work, so instead he took Angeline with him.  A hard life to adjust to, not only because of how demanding it was on the body but the thought of sleeping without walls and a ceiling, a home, it was an alien concept for her.  But with her father, she slowly began to change an adjust to the point that where she was was home.  She learned woodcraft and herbs as easily as she learned the bow because both were practiced constantly.  By the time she reached her thirteenth year, her father judged her ready to teach her how to defend herself with knife and fist, yet he always emphasised that the best form of defence was to run because it was the safest.  When she was fifteen, she began to take lessons in how to use a blade from the Jeatin Swordmaster Bertrand de Marisin when she wasn’t traveling with her father.


When she was eighteen, she caught the eye of the son of her swordmaster, Bentic.  While she didn’t notice him at first, he was persistent and after a year she began to warm to him.  Another year and they were engaged to be married.  Having assumed her father’s responsibilities as he had become too old to continue traveling as he had, it was a lengthy engagement but by her twenty first birthday, the pair were married by Lord Jaetin himself.


The happiness lasted a month.


It was Lord Jaetin himself who gave her the news.  Serving as part of Lord Jaetin’s guard, on the way back from the Capitol a snake had scared Bentic’s horse who, while bucking wildly, fell on its side and Bentic had been unable to get clear.  By the time Lord Jaetin and the other guards had gotten to him and pulled him clear, Bentic’s legs and chest had been crushed as the horse had rolled over him.


The burial was much like that of her mother, unfair.  No reason for what had happened, no justice to it, senseless.  Her husband stolen from her, and she hadn’t been able to do a single thing about it.  The life she had planned, their lives, all of it gone inexplicably for no cause.


She tried to continue her duties, attempting to suppress what had happened, to not let it get the best of her.  Yet out in the wild, alone, there was little in the way of respite from her own thoughts and everytime she returned to the Jaetin manor she was reminded of Bentic wherever she looked.


One day she couldn’t take it any further.  Lord Jaetin reluctantly released her from her duties as Forester, as much as her father gave her his blessings even though it pained him deeply for he knew that he most likely would not see his daughter again.  Angeline knew this too, but it was too much, she couldn’t see someone else she cared so much for leave her, her only solution being to leave first.


So, she took to the road hiring her services as a tracker and occasionally as a thiefcatcher to get coin while subsisting from what she foraged as she travelled, trying to cope with her pain as best she could.  Coming across Lillian Sedai in her travels, she proved to be unlike any other employer she had known and during the task she had been employed, Lillian Sedai had poked and prodded, helping her to understand her pain better and how to deal with it.


When their time was done, Angeline decided to enter Lillian Sedai’s employ fully.  Whenever Lillian Sedai leaves Tar Valon, Angeline is invariably nearby.

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