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And here we go (attn: Typ) - repost


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he Mistress of Trainees was running out of mentors at the moment so Bryon decided to help her out, it was after all a good benefit if he started training others as well as himself. It was always a good thing to do. Bryon sent the boy a note to meet him in the practice yards and where, giving him a minor description of what he should look for.


Bryon stood at the center of one of the practice areas with his dual scmitars on his back and fiddled with his eye patch to make sure it covered the missing eye, so as not to scare the new lad. He'd done that before and regreted it ever since.






--Typ walked up a crowded path to the trainees’ barracks. All around him Typ saw people training. They were working with swords or exercising. A strict sense of order seemed to come from this place. People from all parts of the world seemed to be here. Typ had only read and studied about some of the cultures. Finally he made his way to the trainee barracks where he was assigned a room.


--It was funny to think that he was actually finally here. All his planning had paid off. This made him smile and then made his way to his room. He set his stuff down and sat on the bed. What would happen now? Typ unsheathed his claymore and looked into the blade. He had kept the sword well cared for on his journey here. He saw his reflection in the blade.

His brown eyes reflected a look of tiredness, but determination. Determination was what began to drive Typ, it was what kept him focused. The side effect of his determination however was Typ always looked serious. Along with the determination was his goal of becoming a Warder. Now he was here he knew his just that much closer to his goal.


--Some one knocked on the door and Typ saw a letter slide under it. Typ stood up and picked the letter up of the floor. He sat back down and opened it. It was from Bryon, his new mentor. It said for Typ to meet him in the practice yards. Typ picked his claymore up of the bed and sheathed it and put it over his back. Typ then headed out towered the practice fields.

Typ got to the practice fields and began to search for a man with an eye patch and two scimitars. After a couple minuets of looking Typ spotted him. Typ walked over and entered the practice are where his mentor Bryon was.


“Sir, I am Typ Gravin your new trainee.” Typ said to the man.


Typ Gravin




"Well met lad." Bryon gave Typ a looking over. "I'm Bryon, you may here others call me by other things, some not even repeatable, but understand this, I am your mentor, but every person here is my charge as well. I have many duties, so we'll have to work your training around it. I hope you are a self starter."


Bryon took the scimatar from the boy's back. "A good weapon, seems to be well cared for. Tell me did you do this?"


The boy nodded. "Tell me how, as it is one of our first lessons you will ever learn in these yards. As a matter of fact why don't you show me." Bryon sat down on split rail fence.



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