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Love Under Will (attn: Cari) -repost


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Yrean took his time riding back to the Silver Bow; he wanted to enjoy the quiet and solitude of the countryside, with nothing more than the sounds of the nocturnal animals to break the silence. The evening sun was dipping behind a range of hills and the sky had they magical glow to it that came with a sunrise, or a sunset as it was in this case. As he rode along, Yrean thought back over the events of the day, especially those concerning Demus. Yrean was pleased to see the respect he obviously had for Cari, and as she had confirmed he was her lover. Yrean still felt uneasy about that, especially considering they lived close to each other, but there was nothing that he could do about that, nor about Demus. He would not do anything to cause pain to Cari and that obviously meant he and Demus had to come to some sort of agreement. The sudden realisation of this caused Yrean to pause in his thinking, trying to fathom out why he was willing to allow the situation to continue. He knew the seriousness of his feelings for Cari, and though he knew the consequences of this, but this apparent acceptance of another man in her life surprised him. Shaking his head in amazement, Yrean smiled at the irony of it all and continued on his way.


Arriving at the Silver Bow, Yrean let one of the stable boys look after his horse, slipping him a silver penny to make sure he did a good job, then made his way inside the Inn. He fully intended to go straight to his room, but the owner saw him and called him over, offering to stand him a tankard of ale. Not wanting to cause any offence, Yrean reluctantly made his way over to the bar and accepted the offered tankard. Taking a sip Yrean was surprised to find it to his taste and enquired what it was called.


“It is our own brew, we call it Golden Dawn, just make sure you do not drink too much of it, otherwise a golden dawn will not be what you experience. The conversation between them continued and when Yrean had finished his drink he offered to buy the owner one and asked for another tankard of Golden Dawn, Yrean appreciated the taste of a good ale, but was also wary of the strength of unknown beers so after he finished the second tankard he made his way up the stairs to his room.


The darkness of the room came as a bit of a shock after the bright lights in the common room and it took a moment for Yrean to be able to see. Before he could it felt like the back of his head had exploded and something heavy collided with it. Falling to the floor, like a puppet that had had it’s strings cut, Yrean crumpled into a heap, barely aware of the figure looming over him. “No doubt your whore has satisfied you. Well now it is my turn to get satisfaction, and after that I will find your whore and we will see, oh yes we will see who she turns away this time.”


The voice belonged to the man Yrean had fought with in the common room that morning, a rather slimy piece of work that went by the name Glen. As he continued to regale Yrean with visions of what he was going to do with Cari later on, he got hold of Yrean’s feet and dragged him inside the room, swinging the door shut with his foot. The sound of the door closing roused Yrean from his stupor, enough for him to realise that he was in trouble here, for some reason he was lying on his side and his head felt like someone had hit it with a large hammer. Groaning softly, as he tried to sit up, Yrean was thrust back onto the floor by Glen’s weight settling on top of him. “Now then shall we have a little conversation about what I am going to do with you?”


It was a rhetorical question and Yrean did not attempt to offer any response, instead he tried to summon the Void in the hope that that would allow him clarity of thought. Unfortunately, with the pounding of his head, and the weight of Glen on his chest, making it difficult to breath, Yrean would have had more chance of catching a sunbeam.


Suddenly he felt something sharp against his throat, pressing down, piercing the skin and then suddenly pulled away, leaving a gash in his throat that if any deeper would have ended Yrean’s life; Glen obviously liked to play with his victims. The sudden [i[]flash[/i] of pain helped focus Yrean’s thoughts and he tried again, reaching, almost grasping for the void and what he hoped would be salvation. Suddenly the pain in his head retreated to a dull, but manageable thud. Staring up at Glen’s face, which he could just make out, Yrean started to smile. Not the happy, charming smile that Cari knew, but the sort of smile that put fear into any trainees that saw it. “You should have talked less, and killed me sooner.” Yrean spoke in a whisper, the inherent threat all the more obvious for it/ As the dagger lifted from his throat, Yrean arched his back, and kicked out with one leg, catching Glen full in the back with his knee and knocking him clear off of Yrean. Climbing to his feet the same smile on his face, Yrean reached out for Glen, but had to pull back to avoid the desperate thrust of the dagger. Regaining his balance, Yrean reached into his boot and brought out his own dagger, then reached into his other boot and retrieved a second. If there had been more light, Yrean would have seen glen’s face suddenly go pale, this was not the sort of thing he liked. He preferred to strike from the shadows and only face his victim when they were dead, or dying.


If Glen had known anything about the training Yrean had gone through he would have taken his chances and leapt out of the window in Yrean’s room, but he did not and so faced his doom in ignorance. It came quickly, and swiftly, more swiftly than he deserved and with more mercy than he had ever shown any of his victims. Collapsing into an armchair, Yrean felt the void drain away and the pain in his head multiple a hundred fold. His last conscious thought was an image of Cari’s face.


Yrean Stavrosi


We are Grey. We stand between the Light and the Shadow


Broken Headed




It was early yet but Cari had to take the kids to school in town so she decided to stop by and see Yearn.  She nodded to the customers and keep as she walked past, they didn't think twice about her being there, she was a usual.  Though Cari moved to Yearn's room and knocked. When nothing came she became concerned.  She checked down stairs he hadn't checked out so Cari decided to open the door to his room, what she found was a messy sight. 


She hurriedly shut the door before anyone saw what was in the room. She checked Yearn's pulse first, he was alive but barely.  Glen on the other hand was not.  She was more concerned about how Yearn was going to handle this and what he'd do now that he'd killed Glen.  Glen had a problem and he had underestimated Yearn. Stupid man!


Cari started to clean up the blow to Yearn's head and tried to wake him up with smelling salts.  She wondered what had happened and she was overly concerned for Yearn's life, but she'd have to explain herself to the healer if she took him there, hopefully he'd wake up and make it to the ranch for Nona to help her with him.



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