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Help me Mom! (Rashad Ranch - open)


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((Oh.. rp love... just my sort of thing. PM me any ideas you have Razz))



Demus wasn't sure what to think of Cari's request at first, nor of the nervousness her son was exuding but when she took him aside he understood a little of why Cari was asking it of him. A little. The job would be done whether he went with Jeffery or not, but it was her son after all and if Cari thought she might be able to help him he would try. He wasn't sure if it was a vote of confidence in him, or a way to get him away from the Ranch while Yrean was there. Probably a bit of both, but he was up for the trip and kept telling himself he needed one anyway.


When she leaned in and kissed him he realized she wasn't trying to hide their relationship from Jeffrey and that at least made it a bit easier on him. The boy had his suspicions already and Demus had been trying hard to avoid answering anything. Especially when said 'boy' was older than he was and the question in hand was who was sleeping with his mother.


He smiled when she commented about rewards, knowing full well how Cari might chose to reward him. "I'd have done it just as a favor but when you through the rest of it in, I don't think I can refuse." He said lightly to Cari. He looked over at Jeffery then. "Well, looks like we'll be traveling together for a while longer. If you don't mind me as company that is?"






Jeffery Kincaid smiled.  "I'd love to have you travel with me.  I hope it won't be an adventure."  He wondered what his mother couldn't tell Demus in front of him, but he didn't think on it long.  "I'm sure you have some things to finish before we go.  I think leaving at dawn would be best, it's along way to Tear."


OOC:  I'll start a new thread on the south board, for travels and their parting hehe.



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