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FL - Jak - CC'd by WT


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Name:  “Jak”

Age: 28

Physical Description: A touch taller than Mr Sweeper, he’s slim yet hardened by a life at sea.  Almost coal black, his hands and arms are scarred from burns and his back is well marked from scourging.  His hair is about shoulder length, usually worn in dreadlocks which help obscure that his earlobes are missing.


On the ship, he’ll often be wearing baggy white cloth breeches that are held up with a red sash that hangs low near his ankles to his left side.  He also has a fondness for bracers, and a disdain for shirts unless it is particularly cold.  When there is trouble, he’ll usually be found with a rapier in his right hand and a cutlass in his left.


History:  Born of the Seafolk upon the waves of the great Aryth Ocean, “Jak”, as he is known is more at home in a ship than anywhere else.  Not that he is given to discussing his history with those he knows, but there are certain things that can be gleaned from him and his current position that offer some clues about him.


His arms, scarred terribly from burning, have completely removed the tattoo’s that would have once identified his clan and lineage as well as accomplishments.  When he first met Captain Redpath in Tear asking to sign on with his crew, he was still recovering from these burns and barely had a thing to call his own except the clothes he wore, which had clearly been someone else’s because they didn’t fit him at all.


Such a thing, to be abandoned on land by Seafolk with nothing to call ones own, scarred so terribly, one could surmise that he must have done something suitably terrible to deserve such a punishment.  Accepted as part of Captain Redpath’s crew, “Jak” has a non-existant tolerance for any challenge to the Captain’s authority and even the hint of such tends to result in violent and occasionally fatal incidents.


Often found spending his spare time up on deck with a guitar that was ‘liberated’ from a merchant vessel, “Jak” will wile away his time playing or bandying words with some of the older crew, including Captain Redpath and Mr Sweeper.  New members of the ship he tends to have a disdain for due to not being of the sea like he is and for their incompetence.

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