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They had been traveling for some time now and Cham, even after he had resolved to leave his past back in that forest, still had his mind on his lost mother and the man that he used to call 'father'.  He tried to keep up the conversation with the others in order to keep his mind off them, but he could only ask the same question so many times before the Wolfkin grew tired of hearing them.  Surely they already thought him a very dense young man for his repetitive queries. 


Still trying to rid himself of the thoughts that plagued him, he busied himself with studying his surroundings.  The trees that grew in the forest that they were currently traveling in were great in size; dwarfing all that surrounded them with thier monsterous trunks.  Cham had gaped in open amazement upon his first sight of them, but had now grown used to them and searched for something else to occupy his mind. 


Right as he found a new form of vegitation to study; Owen called him to a halt.  Cham's mind soon began racing over the explainations for this halt, all of the Wolfkin were now walking on and turning around.  They could not be turning on him, not out here where he had no help; they wouldn't!  He felt his heart racing to match his thoughts. 


He soon caught sight of Owen's grim, emotionless face and somehow felt at ease.  He had grown to trust Owen, and trust was something that Cham had a hard time letting go of, even if he had not known these others for very long, he at least knew that Owen would never do anything to hurt him. 


At the white-haired Wolfkin's signal, Cham stepped towards the others and suddenly, like a flood of liquid ice a feeling washed over him that he could only explain as astounding.  He felt as if he were suddenly stripped of all care and all fear and worry.  Soon the ice-cold feeling was replaced with a warming in his middle, a very familiar feeling, a feeling of safety and comfort.  Cham wondered how it could be, when he had never been here before, but he knew that the feeling he now felt, was the feeling of coming home. 


He smiled at his new family... 

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