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DF Pirate need CC'ed by WT


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Name: Bobby Redpath--Captain Clean


Age: Thirty-Five.


[WS : 12 (replacing old character by return to div to help out, ws sorted out with the DF Guild leader)-Ata]


Division: ShayolGhul, clearly; darkfriend if you will.


Brief Physical Description: Black hair--greying at the temples--brown eyes, two legs and two arms and a head!


E-mail: Belalshallshatterthewitchtower@gmail.com


History . . .


Bobby Redpath grew on the docks of Tar Valon and learned at his father's knee. His father, a fisherman by trade was a third generation seaman who captained his own trauler. Business was good. There was one point of contention between father and son: Bobby believed a grander destiny awaited past the horizon; his father believed there was no higher calling than the sea. As Bobby aged he proved a competent sailor. At sixteen summers Bobby applied to be trained at the yards of the White Tower. His application was denied. Crestfallen he returned to his father and the waves.



Two years later he was capable of captaining his father's trauler and its experienced crew; his father believed foolish fancies banished from his son's mind. It was not long after that that Bobby took his saved earnings, said his goodbyes to his family and headed for Andor, where he enlisted in the Royal Guard.


After five years, Bobby once again sought to further his career and applied for officer training, only to be rejected. His abilities were never questioned, only his inability to recognize the value of human life.


This setback lead to another shift in his allegiance, and Bobby ended his tour of duty as soon as possible, deciding to chance it in the Borderlands working as a sellsword and wagonguard. This was where he gained his first glimpse of real combat, so very different from the endless drills and precise movements he was used to, and first learned the benefits of serving the shadow. For another five summers he travelled the west earning coin, taking lives and drinking ale.


As destiny would have it he eventually made his way back to the sea, hired hand to a merchant vessel that happened to be fallen upon by a crew of buccaneers. Between the merchants guards and sailors both, the pirates were thrown back and defeated, their warm bodies cast to the depths. The pirate vessel was a reproduction of Seafolk design, Bobby had seen enough of the swift ships overtake his father's vessel during his years as a sailor. Far from a Raker, it was still quick and could house a decent crew. Bobby wasted little time acquiring coin from his "Chosen"--a business man before all else--in exchange for a percentage of loot. He quickly acquired the vessel from the merchant with whom he was employed.


Reiving was on-the-edge living, and Bobby found that it agreed with him. He and his crew hoarded wealth, women and luxuries, when not forced to withdraw for rakers or skimmers on the horizon. The rumours circulating about how he came into possession of a bonafide Seafolk Raker have been exaggerated somewhat: epic battles, clashes with fabled creatures and sea monsters, all nonsense. The truth is far simpler and a much better accounting of his personality.


Redpath and his crew came upon the scuppered vessel, a victim of some violent storm perhaps, its tiller smashed and rudder chains broken. It must have been drifting for some time at the mercy of the sea. Its original crew were sick with scurvy, dehydration and starvation. They would die if the current did not deliver them to an inhabited shore, or if no one came to their aid. Redpath, his first mate Mr Sweeper and a handpicked party boarded the raker to observe conditions in detail. Determining that the crew would not survive another ten days without assistance, they dropped the ship's anchor and returned to their own vessel. It was an easy thing then to sail and wait.


When at last all signs of life had fled the vessel, Redpath and his mean reboarded, claiming the vessel as legitimate salvage and tossing its former occupants into the sea. They managed to haul it back to a small island and spent three summers repairing the damage as well as modifying to suit their needs


The now Captain Redpath had not factored in the amount of revenue a ship of that size would require in order to keep a full complement of sailors; it was far too risky to engage in heavy piracy with such an easily identifiable vessel. With this in he once more visited his Chosen.


Numerous negotiations through his chosen and affiliated networks rendered a solution. In exchange for a legitimate crew and salary, Bobby would not only offer safe passage for darkfriend agents, but would also act as a portable training facility for unruly initiates with potential, recruits in general, and any other who wished to further their knowledge of weapons usage.

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