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Alan Al Cadar


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Name: Alan Al' Cadar






Hair color: Brown, shoulder length, always in ponytail


Eye color: Icy Blue


Height: 6,9


Build: Muscular, ripped




Alan has a long scar on his right cheek.




Alan was born under very bad omens. When he was born his mother died giving birth to him. His Father was away at war, His Grandfather took him in. Alan never knew where he was really born for his father never came home. Since he was an only child and his Grandfather was too old Alan did all the work on the farm. But he always got to look forward to stories his Grandfather told at night, about Heron marked swords, the dragon reborn Heroic wars and many more. By the age of 8 Alan knew many stories that he thought were , just stories. At the age of 10 Alan's Grandfather got very sick. He asked Alan to tell him all the stories he was told, Alan did after it his Granfather said " Alan, your destiny lies before you, remeber always stay on the path of Light and be kind to everyone, all of those stories, they are real Alan, remeber you were destined for greatness." and with that Alan's Grandfather passed. So Alan left he walked and walked but never knew where he was going, 2 years later Alan found himself in Cairhien, he went to a Tavern and accedentily got drunk, he got in a bar fight and fractured 1 mans arm, broke 2 others noses, and cracked ones shoulder, and accedentily killed a man. He then went to jail, he then remembered his Grand fathers words, 2 years later when he was still in jail and a Gaurd was beating him up he was so angry that his room erupted into fire the gaurd was burned to death and Alan escaped. Alan never forgave himself he left Cairhien and wandered for another 2 years and then he saw a man in all black in a clearing doing the same exact thing only burning straw training dummys as he was walking down to go speak to the just the man but just then he felt a burning sensation in his left cheek as fire nearly killed him he woke up in a cottage and 4 men in black with swords on their necks asked him what he was doing, where he came, from and that he had the spark. He then remebered some of his Grandfathers stories about men who could channel he became so scared that he passed out. But now Alan is settled into his new lifestyle at the farm learning how to channel, he always remebers his Grandfathers last words, and he strives to Greatness and to figure out the mystery of his father.

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