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Intro to Saidar ~Badhriyah and Open~


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It had been a busy morning. She’d woken early to train with Cairma in the yards, and when her mentor had said a couple of rounds, Cairma had certainly meant what she’d said. Vera had returned tired but pleased; it was good to be getting such a chance to train and besides, that meant another thing she’d wanted done, would. The rest of the morning she had spent in Tar Valon, for her contact had returned and claimed that she had news Vera should hear of. While the ‘news’ itself was about events she had already heard of, the contact, a man named Sanders had mentioned something else she had not been looking for, but was now interested in. Try as she did to follow it up though, her efforts were wasted, leaving her bothered and irritable.


It was in this mood that Vera found herself descending into her Saidar class with a group of Novices. She was a little late, and thus she was greeted by a batch of young white clads dropping into deep curtseys as she entered. Smiling, Vera searched out the crowd quickly, noting those who she already knew through previous encounters and others, who she would learn more about today. One such, she knew was her new mentee. She hadn’t had the chance to meet with her at her arrival as she had been outside the Tower, but today was as good a time as any other….if she had known just who Badhriya was. Pia Sedai had mentioned that she was from Murandy, but Vera saw atleast three Novices who matched the ideal Murandian description and none of them seemed to view her any differently from the others. Well, that meant it was time for introductions.


“Welcome Novices. I’m Vera Sedai, of the Gray Ajah. I shall be teaching you your first lessons on Saidar today. However, before we do so, I think it would be nice if I know each and everyone of you by your name. Please give your name and tell us something about yourself.” Waiting, Vera nodded and smiled as the names slipped by. Some Novices, like the child Sera were quick, stating their names loudly and clearly. Others however, a rather large number of others, seemed new to their Novice life. Blushing, with their lashes down, or stumbling over her name or even giggling some! There were only a few out of these whose name she heard loud and clear. As she did, Vera smiled. She had found Badhriyah.


“Thank you Novices. Now, the one last thing that I must discuss with you before we really do move on, is how important it is that you live by the rules in the Tower. You cannot touch and certainly not channel the Source without supervision. As pleased as we are with budding students who can already channel a little, you do not understand the dangers of this. Saidar and the Source are things bigger than you and me, and if you won’t control the Source-which believe me, you can’t as yet-the results could be disastrous. You could hurt others around you, as well as yourself. The worst results of taking channelling lightly girls, is getting burnt out or death. Take these words seriously, please, they’re said before every introduction to Saidar lesson for a reason. Now, do you understand?”


The nods came, silently, some sullenly, but they all came. Smiling, Vera continued. “Good. Very good. Now let’s begin. First things first, I’m going to tell you about the True Source. The True Source is the driving force of the wheel. It is made up of two complementary parts: Saidin the male half and Saidar the female half. Only women can touch Saidar and only men Saidin. Most people cannot sense or touch the True Source, only two or three percent of all the people in the known world have the ability to touch the One Power. When a person draws from the Source and controls its flows to achieve a desired result that is called channelling. But what exactly is Saidar? Does anyone here know what Saidar is?” Looking towards the girls, she saw a few hands shoot up. “Go on then,” she said, nodding at the one right in front of her. Listening as the Novice spoke, Vera’s smile widened.


“I’m happy to know some of you’ve done a little work. Yes, that’s exactly right. Saidar is the very essence of energy in all things, even life itself.”


Pausing, Vera embraced Saidar and within seconds a small ball of light was sitting in her hands. Satisfied by how interested her students looked, she continued. “When a woman channels, she takes threads of that energy, the One Power, and weaves them to perform various tasks. I can light this candlestick, for example.” Letting the ball dissipate, she picked up the candle and wove a gentle thread of Fire around the wick. Sure enough, a bright flame emerged. “And I can take it away just as quickly.” Wrapping the flame in Air, Vera watched the flame wink out.


“Now, the One Power is divided into elements. I’ve already shown you two of these, so tell me, what do you think these elements would be, if I told you they were drawn from the natural world?” This was a smart class, Vera decided. Not overeager exactly, but intelligently inquisitive. “Badhriyah? What do you think?” This was the first chance she had to actually study the new initiate, now that all eyes were turned to her as well. Badhriyah chose not to fumble, which surprised Vera, given how fragile and delicate she seemed. Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Spirit. As Badhriyah called them out, Vera brought out each element in thin weaves before letting them fade. “Well done.”


“Every channeler has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses in the five threads although studies say that women are usually strongest in Water and Air, whereas men have found their forte in Fire and Earth. There are always exceptions of course, perhaps some of those are sitting in this classroom with me.”


“Now that you know the good parts about Saidar, lets move onto the dangers that come with. Your first experience of opening up to Saidar, Novices, shall probably be one of the best moments of your life. It is breathtaking, as well as indescribable. It is also, very addictive.” Tone changing slightly so that only the slightest stern touch was added to it, Vera continued. “Too much Saidar at once, can mean a lifetime of no Saidar whatsoever. What I am talking about is being burnt out or Stilling. Getting Stilled is the process of being severed from the Source. There have been times in the history of the Tower that Aes Sedai have been cut from the Source as punishment. This is none other than Stilling. Being burnt out on the other hand, is when you draw too much of the One Power and your ability to channel is lost. Both of these, Novices are possibly the worst things that could happen to any channeler.”


“To help you understand this better, I would like each one of you to go to the Library and find out about one member of the Tower who has been stilled or burn out. Research extensively and then, write out an essay about what you’ve learnt. I shall expect these back by next class. Thankyou for paying attention. You may now leave.”


OOC: Doubt you need this Deya, but for anyone else who wishes to take the class: Describe your character's feeling and thoughts as she listens to Vera's lecture. As for the homework assigned, it is up to you to write out the Essay or atleast mention the two women you research and what had happened to them. Looking forward to your posts!

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Badriyah had had what she classified as a “dull” morning. In the morning she had attended a Daes Dae’mar class in an enormous old hall; then just as she had stepped out of the room after the lecture an Accepted had caught her by the arm and told her she was to go wash dishes in the kitchens. She had planned to spend an hour after that caring for her hands and precious long fingernails by using a rose – scented lotion a Yellow sister had concocted for her and perhaps cutting herself for a little blood when she had remembered that she was due for a class with her mentor, Vera Sedai, and not just any class, but a class that she had been told was the primary and most important class that all Aes Sedai had been forced to take as novices: an introduction to saidar . Now it was not as though Badriyah was in any rush to learn how to use that ability to access a the One Power that lay untouched within her; she was a little interested in it, she had to admit to herself, though not enough to be enthusiastic about attending yet another class. I brought this all upon myself by coming here, I might as well accept this way of life until I’ve lived another hundred years or so. My enemies should be gone by then, thought the young Murandian grimly.


As she stepped into the class she realized that she was indeed a little early, there was only one other novice there already. I could’ve stopped by my quarters and at least rubbed a little lotion into these dry hands! This put Badriyah into a sour mood. She took her seat and slammed her notebook onto her desk. Why in Shayol Ghul had she even thought of coming to this prison in the first place? Light, but life at the Tower was hard. It had now been several days since she had seen blood and her hunger was beginning to gnaw at her, though she was trying her best to keep a firm hold about her wits and not go murder a fellow resident of the novice quarters in the middle of the night. It just wouldn’t do for anyone to discover her weakness. It would merely take her life to a whole new level of complication.


Once everyone had arrived and was seated Badriyah’s mentor began the lesson, Welcome Novices. I’m Vera Sedai, of the Gray Ajah. I shall be teaching you your first lessons on Saidar today. However, before we do so, I think it would be nice if I know each and everyone of you by your name. Please give your name and tell us something about yourself.


Badriyah was not pleased at having to introduce herself. Oh, wonderful. Hi, my name is Badriyah and I am a psychopath, how very nice to meet you, Aes Sedai! thought the young novice sarcastically. However, when it came to her turn she managed decently, she supposed, with, “My name is Badriyah Bloodlover and I have no family.” The Aes Sedai gave Badriyah a knowing smile, a smile Badriyah did not return.


Vera went on to explain that all the Tower rules were to be observed at all times, something Badriyah had heard repeatedly since having arrived at the White Tower. She sat back and chewed the end of her pen fairly uninterestedly throughout this bit of talk. The next part was a little more interesting, and though she had adopted a bored expression she listened as carefully as ever. She was not one to reveal her true feelings to anyone no matter what they were, and she had to cover up for being so aware of her surroundings. Her memory and the intensity of her alertness might make others suspicious of her, at least that’s what she always thought. An expert assassin was never far from danger, and had to pay unending attention to her surroundings at all times.


What is saidar? It was a good question really, though it had really never occurred to Badriyah, having never been high on her list of things to ponder, which was fairly limited most of the time anyway. The energy of all things? If Aes Sedai can control the energy that comes from all things does that make them able to control people then, since they can harness their energy? It would be…rewarding to be able to compel people beyond their will. She was so entertained by the thought that for a few moments she neglected to listen to what the Aes Sedai was saying.


The next thing she knew a candle at the front of the room appeared to light itself. It was the first time Badriyah had ever witnessed the True Source being channeled to make a specific task, and it was a little impressive.


“ Now, the One Power is divided into elements.” said the Aes Sedai with what Badriyah thought was a pleased expression about her features, “I’ve already shown you two of these, so tell me, what do you think these elements would be, if I told you they were drawn from the natural world? Badhriyah? What do you think?” Badriyah rose swiftly and recited the elements as she had heard they were, “Water. Air. Fire. Earth. Spirit..” As she spoke her instructor brought out weaves of different colors for all to observe.


Vera went on to explain that touching saidar would be an incredible experience for Badriyah and her classmates, that one can become addicted to saidar, though the young student doubted it was more addictive than her current addiction and raised one perfectly arched eyebrow at her instructor. So we are not to become addicted to it, nor are we to attempt to channel it on our own. Typical enough of Aes Sedai, greedy in all things it seems, even in something that so few people can ever access.



It was not until three hours past noon that Badriyah found herself in the enormous and legendary library of the White Tower with her notebook, quill and inkpot looking up the names of women who had been stilled. Once she had two names written down, along with a few paragraphs about each based on the information she had attained, she rose and exited the great chambers of shelves and scrolls, feeling as irritated by the task she had had to do as she felt sufficiently prepared for the next class.




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