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Brother in Arms [OPEN]


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The run was long, and the desert seemed as dusty as any could remember. Cenn had run for nearly three days now, with his spear on his back and his veil hooded over. He does not know where he heads, but it seemed as if he was looking for something. Something that might never come.


His lung began to quibble and he began to feel the ache that tugged at his insides. He knew of his problem, though other people did not. The Wise Ones didn't know what was wrong, and so he had been raised as a normal Aiel. He had to practice longer and harder then people his age, when he trained, for it took much more strength to keep up with them with such a deformity as he had.


It was late in the day and the sun began to set, when Cenn noticed something different in the look of the desert. In the far end, of what he could see, Cenn realized that the little dot in the far off distance was actually a hold. Finally, he had found what he had been looking for. I hope they aren't the Brotherless. I'm not to intent on dancing after running three days. But despite his concern, he tugged his two spears off his back. He didn't pull down his veil; for he didn't want to appear aggressive.


It didn't take long for him to be at the base edge of the hold. Some of the men and women appeared uneasy, and glanced at his spear. Most of them stood and pulled out their spears and daggers; some even veiled themselves. Cenn did his best to stand up straight, he was used to not speaking; and he rather enjoyed that more then this. It was an entrance to the hold, with a few of his brothers and sisters standing or lounging around. But lounging for an aiel was like war for another, one could say.


"Brothers and Sisters; I am Cenn of the Blood Pool sept of the Dragonmount Clan, I seek no dance; I come ask for shade and water, friends." Cenn had said, and looked as if he was to receive punishment.


(OOC: It's short, I know. Sorry about that now, couldn't seem to come up with a lot of aiel intro ideas! Much <3, and hello =))

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