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Bad morning


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Wack, Wack, Wack tree limbs were hitting Rosetta in the face as she ran through the forest. From what she was running from she didnt know but knew if it caught her it would kill her. Light possibly shelter from her foe so Rosetta changes direction toward the smoke.


BANG! Rosetta woke with a scream covered in sweat and with tears staining her face. Once she figure out she is in her room safe and sound she gets up to find out what had caused the noise that had bessedly woke her.


Opening her door Rosetta finds a servant righting a cart that had had a basin of hot water in, presumeably for an Aes Sedai's morning bath. Figuring she might as well go on to breakfeast Rosetta changed into another of her banded dresses, the last one to her dismay, and washed in her basin.


Once completely ready Rosetta, not being a morning person, moved at a very slow speed toward the kitchen. Once there Rosetta got in the short line for food. Rosetta got her food, found a place to sit

and when she sat down.. she sat in water. "Great just great this is going to be a wonderful day i can feel it!" Rosetta slamed down her tray and glaced around at the few people there just daring them to say something when someone abrubtly sat next to her.

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She closed the door behind her. Twitching her banded skirts neatly so as not to catch them in the door, Rossa remembered leaving the book she was reading open so she could catch up on it later. She had a few things on her mind, but nothing out of the ordinary so as far as she was concerned it was an ordinary day. It would be lessons that were the telling point. If the lessons went well, Rossa would feel well in herself.


Her fingers itched towards her belt pouch where the carved wooden figurines of her family nestled with pencils and a small notepad. Stealing a moment for herself, she pulled one of them out to look at in the morning sunlight. It was her younger sister, Azzurra. The smiling face had been just as she had remembered it before the pain she would have gone through in the fire that claimed her life. She traced a finger lovingly over the figurine’s cheek, once again amazed that time and love had not left the sculpture looking vague and careworn. It tugged at her heartstrings again, and Rossa had to put it away before tears started to form in her brown eyes. The memories didn’t affect her that much, but the dreams she had recently suffered … oh, Light. It was so real!


The bell was ringing, sounding dully in her ears and reminding all and sundry to get some food before classes started. She quickened her steps. Long times spent as a novice had honed the instinct to eat quickly and before any others could get there and start talking to her. She preferred to sit in a corner and watch people for signs of anything that might be different or out of the ordinary for them, but as time had gone by Rossa had learnt to do that anyway, regardless of where she sat. A loud rumbling from her middle reminded her once more not to dilly-dally, and Rossa hastened her steps again to the dining hall.


Collecting her tray of hot porridge laced with a little honey to satisfy her sweet tooth, and a chunk of fresh bread, Rossa sat down in one of the few empty places and looked around her. She had sat next to an accepted she had seen once or twice in the hallways but had never spoken to before – she seemed a little out of sorts, and offered her name.


“My name is Rossa Venye. What’s yours?”

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