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Closing Up Shop


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I love writing. It's my breath of fresh air and drive to explore so many things. Volunteering to tackle the Writer's Club was a fun step in exploring the Club-side of creating social groups outside the traditional White Tower or Band.


However, this club is largely inactive. Like a pin on a shirt, it's like a piece of flare to say we're writers but the social aspect isn't around enough to be supportive to anyone. 


So, I have made the decision, after talking with the Admin, to close and Archive this club on December 1st. Handing off a dead club isn't fair and in truth I don't see the revival happening. I would much rather find away to support this kind of activity in one of the already established groups instead. 


What this means is the Club itself will be locked from allowing more members. No forums can be posted in, and I'm stepping away from that Club Leader status. Because it's the responsible thing to do. 🙂


All the best.


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