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April Activities!


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Yeah, things happened last month, so we missed the fun stuff. That's ok, though, we're going to do some fun stuff this month!


We have a few things in the offing and I'd like you to pick which ones you'd like to do:


For our Exchange we have three options:

~Arts & Crafts Month (this was March, but it was fun last year...)

~The Spring Thing Exchange (where we send each other stuff to do with the THING Spring, not necessarily the season...)

~Seed/Bulb Swap (pretty much what it sounds like)


If you want to do more than one of them, we'll work on it, but I'd really like to get some people involved in these again!


As for our online activity this month:

We don't have a precident set for it, yet, so here's what I'm tossing around in my head:

~Easter/Spring memories and a collection of online activities

~National Poetry Month

~Jazz Appreciation Month

~Earth Day


So... what do you think?

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