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WoT TV Show Spoiler Policy


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The show is coming out in ~5 weeks, and we're implementing a spoiler policy.

  1. The pinned Episode specific Topics will use Tags to define what spoilers are allowed.
    • The Tag "TV Show Spoilers" allows spoilers from the TV Show.
    • The Tag "Book X Spoilers" allows spoilers up to the specified book.
    • The Tag "Full Book Spoilers" allows spoilers for the entire series.
  2. New Topics MUST NOT include show spoilers in the topics title.
  3. New Topics MUST NOT include book spoilers in the topics title.
  4. We have turned on Post Approval when creating a new Topic. This is to ensure that no one's experience is ruined by users failing to follow the spoiler policy, and to prevent duplicate topics.
  5. When creating a new Topic, please use the "add Tags" button to mark what level of spoilers you want to allow in your Topic. If you do not set a spoiler tag, it will be set to "Full Book Spoilers".
  6. Users who habitually fail to follow spoiler policy, will be given a warning point, and their future posts will be subsequently under post-approval for 60 days.
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26 minutes ago, CaddySedai said:

Can they be multi-tagged? Like TV show and Full Book spoilers allowed?


I see it being done but want to be kosher with it lol. 

Yep! You can add multiple tags like


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