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Approved WT Bio for Myra - Pls CC


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Myra Solstray is quite tall compared to other girls her age. She has dark brown hair, in beaded braids, down to the middle of her back. Her dark brown eyes match the color of her hair almost exactly. Myra is also quite developed for her age. At fifteen, she already seems to be at her full height; her bosom to it's full roundness (though admittantly, not quite what she had hoped for.) Her clothing was always well-sown and elaborately embroidered. Nice dresses seemed to be a benefit of being the daughter of a seamstress. Her skin tone was dark for a Taraboner as well.


Myra was born in Elmora, Tarabon the daughter of a seamstress and a street peddler. Like all daughters in such a position, she studied the art of fabrics and stitches from her mother from a young age. Oh, she would run about the streets with other children, picking up a rope game with others. A perfectly normal childhood. After her twelfth naming day, she began to spend more and more time with the wise woman of Elmora. Myra?s mother tried to put a stop to it, insisting that she should remain at home more often to practice sewing instead of wasting time with useless things that couldn't pay the bread bills. And like all young adolescences, preventing it just encouraged her more.


For the next few years, Myra would work in her Mother's shop during the mornings, and sneak away during the afternoons to learn. The wise woman, Ella, became the mentor that Myra needed. She taught her how to read and write; a pleasure her parents had

thought she had no need of since she was destined to be a seamstress. As long as she can count, other knowledge was just a waste of time. Yet for some reason, Ella was determined to help Myra and teach her everything she could. After her fifteenth

naming day, Ella told her mother that Myra needed to go to Tar Valon.

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