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59 minutes ago, Arie said:

There are a few people floating about. Though I'm sure announcements on the RP status will be made soon. ?

Hopefully not that the club is ending.  I am guessing not with the smiling face.


Looking forward to the announcement and looking forward to doing some WoT role-playing.  Been too long!

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On 9/11/2021 at 12:42 AM, thehumantrashcan said:

I wonder if we can manage to get at least a handful of people to restart something here.  I hope if any of you who happen to read this that are just poking around chime in so we can do it!  Seems Cross and I are game!

Me too but I’d need some help. I’d like to have a young male character traveling to the Tower to become a warder.

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59 minutes ago, Ryrin said:

I need to read up on how to create a character. 


There was alot to it when I did years ago... That's why I'll only rp if I can use one I already made.  Plus I "leveled" them up through rp training. 

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8 hours ago, thehumantrashcan said:

Seaine's eyebrowswhat kind of character are you thinking.

Well, I already have an approved novice - bio here: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/107684-approved-tar-valon-wt-bio-for-elara-adnan-ccd-by-the-alliance/ - that I'm really keen to start RPing with, but being a novice really limits who she can interact with. I'm happy for her to break the rules and deal with the consequences though, if it means more people can join in on the RP?


So just depends what characters people have - if it's more warders then maybe my novice could be spying on them and then we meet etc (knowing this is against the rules so if there's any Accepted, Aes Sedai, or Warder chars they could come along to punish us), or if it's more novices we could do something in the tower getting to know each other.


Otherwise, if it's mostly non-Tower characters people have, I would probably make a new character up ?


@Ryrin  - I think this might help you?  https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/51236-bio-info-rp-group-histories/

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Added link to my novice bio
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