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Now accepting applications for Shaidar Haran

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Now accepting applications for Shaidar Haran – the faction leader of the Shadowspawn.


Duties include –

Leading the Shadowspawn and promoting activity

Participating in group decisions

Helping place fuls in factions

Run Thakandar, including the cookpot thread, but not the Greyman tasks, and monitor the Nae’Blis thread. (When we bring these things back. See the wiki for more details. http://shayolghulsg.wikidot.com/start)

All members of Shayol Ghul may apply, including someone from a different faction or a lightful.


To apply, please PM me the following:

Why you want the position
Why you think you would be good at the position – prior experience, etc.
What changes you would like to bring to Shayol Ghul in general
Anything else you’d like to add



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