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Dreadlord Bio need CC


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Character Name: Jodeen Vias

Email address: nanooo_1@hotmail.com

Division: Shayol Ghul

Circle : Dreadlord

Physical Description: 5'6, 214lbs. He was short and pretty lean. Not muscly, but not a stick either. He had done a bit of labor work, just apparentally not enough.


Place of Birth/Raising: Farm outside a lying town near Tar Valon

Character History:


Jodeen is the lost twin of Essy. Though his father, nor his mother, told him this before they both perished. Jodeens mother was a sister of the Green Ajah. She was pregnant, and fled and Tar Valon. She had her son, Essy Vias. But a problem occurred. She was having twins. The second child causing bleeding, which ended up killing the young Sister, as there was no Yellow Ajah around to heal her. The father had to make a decision, and took the bigger of the two boys to let him live with him in Tar Valon. Jodeen was left for dead in the very small village of farmers.


The babies were born in an Inn, of a now forgotten town. After the father left with the baby, one of the barmaids entered and saw the young babe lying by himself. She picked him up and went home with said babe. Her name was Mira, and she raised Jodeen like a son; because as far as anyone knew he was.


At the age of sixteen, Jodeen was starting to show signs of channelling. He was helping his mother; Mira, with some chores around the Inn. Having never been told he was born here, he entered the room that he was conceived. His head spun, and a flame enveloped in his mind. He fell to his knees, grasping for air and holding his head as if the earth itself was splitting. Well, it was. The wooden planks of the room sprang upwards, ripping the room slowly apart. It wasn't long before Mira came running upstairs again and grabbed Jodeen. As she went to touch her son, she was shot backwards; out of the room, knocked out cold. The innkeeper heard the commotion and ran upstairs. He saw Mira, and the open door; as he ran for the door the shaking of the inn stopped, he looked around the door and saw the boy collapsed on the broken floor.


Whilst his mother recovered in less then an hour, he was put into a coma; assumingly drawing too much power. He was 'out cold' for near two months. He had strange dreams. Dreams of a woman dressed in black. She told him her name was Daria. She told him of the Dark One, and of his power. She told him he had channelled, but he didn't know what it was. She explained it to him, of the Aes Sedais' tricks, and their lies. She could help him, she told him. They could train him. Shetold him of his mother, and how Mira truly wasn't his own. Of the Aes Sedais' tricks, of how a warder had left him for dead inside an inn.


When he finally woke, he found Mira at his side. He looked at her, and looked deep in her soul. He rose from his bed as if nothing had happened; still staring at Mira. Her eyes bulged out, and she grabed her neck. Clawing out into the sky, she finally collapsed after a speechless curse.


Jodeen smiled, and took what money and crowns they had left. He set out to Shayol Ghul. To find his training. To find his master.



((Essy is another character of mine that is to be a Warder. I had a lot of fun writing this bio! I hope I get accepted =).))




OOC Daria is one of M'belas false identities and he been allowed to incorporate her into the story


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Guest Arie Ronshor

Before crosschecking.. what is the status of Essy's bio?


Andular? I know that you have beend discussing this, but i have a hard time Seeing how a green could flee the Tower so easily.


Also, if he weaved her dead, how would he know the weave? It would have to be taught in order for him to have that sort of control.




(just random thoughts)

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It wasn't taught. It wasn't in control. It just.. happened, much like the prior inn incident.


Essys bio is still being reviewed, he'll be active within the week.


The mother left with the warder, and it's not like they were gone for years, they left for a few weeks to deliver the babe.

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Guest Arie Ronshor

It's too specific and controlled for my tastes, but if it's okay with others, i'm fine with it. :)



If the Aes Sedai passed on, what happened to the father? He dies, but it doesn't specify how. and the father was the warder?

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It's too specific and controlled for my tastes' date=' but if it's okay with others, i'm fine with it. :)



If the Aes Sedai passed on, what happened to the father? He dies, but it doesn't specify how. and the father was the warder?[/quote']


Little bits of info on the father here


Character's name: Essy Ciamilin Via


Age: 18


Place of birth: Tar Valon


Hair Color: Dark brown


Eye Color: blue


Height: 5'4


Weight: 274 lbs


Bodytype: Short and stout. That is what most referred to Essy as. Quite built from working in the city at labor jobs. Seemingly strong, his arms and legs were very thick, but of muscle rather then fat.


Personality: Cold and lonely. Essy kept to himself mostly, and was very hard making acquaintances with him. It seemed he hated everyone, but if by some miracle you managed to become his friend he'd put your life beyond all else, including his own.




Essy was born to a Aes Sedai that still today, no one will tell him her name. Of the Green Ajah, she married with her bonded warder, Jaque Vias. Essy's mother died in in child birth, and his father had left his position as a warder after that. Many thought Jaque would go to a berserk and seemingly kill himself, in the stead of that he raised his one and only son.


He never taught Essy the sword, even though the young boy would ask for tales about his mother and his father, and their 'daring escapades.' Though he told many stories, and even though Essy would pester him beyond relief for training; Jaque would never teach his son the swords. He did fairly well in school, but he fought a lot (and won the majority, to!), and his father seemed to be nothing more of a drunken stupor past the age of five.


Essy started working at a young age, at the age of nine he began running errands for several mechants and stores around the city. He'd shine your boots and walk you outside the city for a mere silver mark. Hard working, fast learning, he quickly gained a reputation in the lower city of Tar Valon.


But again another tragedy. At the age of fifteen his father died to natural causes. Essy fled Tar Valon to a city named Fal Dara, where he applied to join the military. No experience. No background. Nothing. Fal Dara rejected him and he went back to Tar Valon and began labor working. Moving, lifting, carrying; anything, you name it to be moved and Essy did it.


He worked this way for the next three years of his life, to this present day. From his fathers tales, he knew what he was destined for. Bound to death.


Essy knew his way around Tar Valon, and quickened his pace from the looks of the White Tower guards. Light, the tower is even more beautiful up close.


He had his best clothes on, atleast the best he could afford. No lords clothes, that was for sure. He stood at the steps, staring at the sheer size of the White Tower. When someone approached him, a man or a woman from behind him; he wasn't sure which.





He died to natural reasons. No need to delve deeper into that =).

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