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Rafe presenting WoT at ComicConAtHome 2021

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2 hours ago, Borderlander said:

Are trailers often/ever premiered at Comic Con?

Teasers Trailers definitely are. I seem to recall a few Marvel movies dropping trailers during SDCC, but who knows if I can trust my memory.


2 hours ago, Harldin said:

Na sorry guys, he is only there to talk about his time on Survivor and Directing episodes of Chuck🤣

Damn! You might be right!

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Nice! "Exclusive details" could mean anything, but I'm crossing my fingers for it to be something on the level of a trailer.


Honestly I still can't really believe this show's happening. After that debacle "pilot episode" from years ago, I never though we'd get anything. Least of all a huge budget TV adaption. I'm kinda hyped...

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It'll probably be a teaser-trailer, on the order of ~1 minute long.  He'll probably also reveal a more precise release timeframe, as in, "late November 2021." Though I would be moderately surprised if they committed to a specific day, it's within the realm of plausibility.  If I had to bet, I'd say the full-length promotional trailer will come out at Dragoncon, in the latter half of the second week of September, which corresponds somewhat to the new edition release of the books tied to the show. 


As to content, I'd say we might get to see what Loial looks like, what Fades and Trollocs looks like, and maybe less than 1 second of actual channelling/weaving.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see a mash up of sizzle reel content from each one of the Prime shows that are part of the panel. So yeah ... glimpses of some creatures, a sense of the tone, maybe a quick battle sequence ... stuff like that seems likely.


I'm feeling like late-September, early-October feels more likely than November/December. For one, the release of the new tv tie-in book covers was recently moved up. And it's always seemed like the suspenseful tone of EotW fits with a Halloween time frame (to catch folks who are looking for something spooky). It is also worth bearing in mind, that there may be some financial benefit to releasing prior to the start of the 4th Quarter. (I don't know when Amazon's fiscal year starts, but there are often budget considerations involved in what quarter a business does thing). Anything before 10/1 can be charged to Q3, which might very well play into the decision about when to release.

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we can definitely expect some fairly big content drop. I wouldn't deem a full trailer to be too likely, but I would expect at least a teaser of decent lenght.

if they intend to release in september/october, then we may even get a full trailer. If they aim for november/december, it's probably early.


Either way, we probably won't get anything else before comic con

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48 minutes ago, Elder_Haman said:

And it's always seemed like the suspenseful tone of EotW fits with a Halloween time frame (to catch folks who are looking for something spooky). 

If they were to air the Shadar Logoth Episode during the Week of Halloween...

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