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Moiraine Month: Moiraine Sedai, reluctant mother?


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 The Eye of the World - 13, Choices, 180

"The Dark One is after you three, one or all, and if I let you go running off wherever you want to go, he will take you. Whatever the Dark One wants, I oppose, so hear this and know it true. Before I let the Dark One have you, I will destroy you myself."


The Dragon Reborn- 6, The Hunt Begins, 95

 "There’s always something new from you,” Perrin growled. “Can’t you tell us what to expect once in a while, instead of explaining after it happens?”...

You want me to share a lifetime of knowledge with you in a single afternoon? Or even a single year? I will tell you this. Be wary of dreams, Perrin Aybara. Be very wary of dreams."

The Fires of Heaven – Letter to Rad

“You will do well.”


The above are just a few quotes, which in my opinion show Moiraine’s progression from political manipulator to reluctant step-mother to proud and loving “mother”.


Paraphrased from https://wot.fandom.com/wiki/:

Moraine Damodred, youngest daughter of Dalresin Damodred, brother to King Laman Damodred of Cairhien and High Seat of House Damodred. Royalty and in line for the throne of Cairhien until the reign of Galldrian Riatin.

Moiraine was also the youngest half-sister of Taringail Damodred, and spent much of her childhood in the Sun Palace. She is the aunt of Galad Damodred, Gawyn Trakand, and Queen Elayne Trakand, and has other unnamed nieces and nephews from her sister Innloine.


Moiraine was born into politics, a trait and education which was only enhanced and sharpened in the White Tower. As Accepted, her mission in life became to find and guide/manipulate the Dragon Reborn. This was her “passion”, but it’s a cold one. She wants to save the world. She had no personal feelings for him as a person – as a human being. He was just a tool. So she set out to find him, to use him in the biggest Game of Houses ever played, as one of the most skilful players of the Game ever born.


To her surprise (unpleasant, it seems), she found 3 young men where she’d expected 1. She took it in her stride and managed to winkle them out of Emond’s Field. But again, she had an unpleasant surprise in the form of Egwene, who insisted on accompanying them. Along the way, Nynaeve joined them, and at times so did Min.


Suddenly Moiraine was saddled with a bunch of opinionated, moody, reluctant (Mat, anyone? LoL) teenagers. And Nynaeve. And not a one of them liked her.

Teenagers, despite their bravado, still need mothering. Moiraine does not seem suited to this task, which shows in the multitude of mistakes she made.


But here’s the thing – I believe that Moiraine eventually changed and evolved – not only as an Aes Sedai, but as a woman. When Egwene asked her why she was suddenly acting submissively to Rand, she said "I remembered how to embrace Saidar."


While I’m sure this played a part, I believe that (maybe even unbeknownst to herself) a large part of it was due to the fact that she’d begun to care for Rand too. This drove her to find a way in which to HELP him, rather than MANIPULATE him. Her relationship with the other “youngsters” changed too, becoming much friendlier. In the end they all remember her fondly.


  The Wheel of Time" Reveals Moiraine Damodred Tease


What is your opinion of Moiraine? How has she affected you, if at all? Can we learn from her? Do you find that you have something in common with her, or do you not?


Please post your thoughts here, whether they be positive or negative, or just plain neutral ?


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When Cross and I came up with the idea of having a Moiraine week, I struggled to find a way in which to “open” the event.

Creative writing is not my strongest point. I’m not a people person. I tend to give commands in a terse and non-negotiative manner and expect people to understand what I meant and do what I said. I really hate repeating and/or explaining myself. I have a bit of … *chokes* … a flaming massive temper. I’m mission driven, to the point of ignoring peripherals. I like working with facts and figures, not … well I did say already I’m not a people person, heh? Though I do like playing pranks on people. Oddly, I’m quite successful at that (as quite a few people can attest to on DM, if they think back on 1 Aprils throughout the years!).

Back in … hmmm … just after the Dark Ages, when I was appointed as Amyrlin (because I don’t think there was anyone else around who wasn’t controversial or otherwise desperately needed), I had to dig deep and made many, many, many mistakes, because I’m just not suited to this job.

The same happened with the job I’m now doing. I started off doing just the financials, which spread over into doing the legal work (because, background), and then having to deal with tenants and owners. I mostly hate it. Because, the above.

Over the years, on both DM and at work, I’ve had to learn and grow. To become a little bit less pedantic. To give, to work WITH, instead of just for, to learn to care (something which my Bondeds are responsible for, as well as the rest of you). I think I’m almost getting the hang of this thing, now! *positive thumbs up emote, with slight desperation in the eyes and a bit of a rictus grin*

I say all of the above, because when Cross told me I have to write the introduction, I whined and ran through the above list in my head, because I’m NO GOOD AT THIS!

Then it struck me. That’s a lot like Moiraine. She’s no Saint – she’s also just a woman. She set out to find a Dragon Reborn and make sure he saved the world. Well, she did that, but it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen the way she thought it would.

I haven’t saved the work, and I’m unlikely to. I probably won’t ever suffer as much as Moiraine, or achieve her Glory. But after writing this piece, I find myself much more understanding of the way she acted, much more forgiving of her mistakes, and incredibly, I have much more empathy towards the “youngsters” and some others who had a difficult time coping with her.

I hope this will lead to me becoming a bit more understanding of others, and being a bit less difficult to deal with.

No promises, though ?

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the more i read the series the more i appreciate her wisdom, and also how she really was set into situations she couldn't have possibly accounted for and dealt with them in grace. taking what she'd been presented with, kept her cool, and did all she could to affect the best possible outcome. not for herself. but for the larger picture. 


that level of dedication and self sacrifice is admirable. 

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I don't know if Moiraine is my favourite chars in WoT, but I'm sure she stands very high in my list.

I have said often that my first book has been New Spring where of course Moiraine is the absolute protagonist.

So when I have first red The eye of the world , my constant thinking with the Two Rivers boys & girls was:

"Hei, why don't you trust her? Why don't you follow her? Come on, she is good, she knows what she has to do!!!" ?

I have never thought about her evolution under a motherly point of view, so thank you very much @Elgee


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TBH in TEotW, I was as suspicious of Moiraine as the kids. But I guess by the second book it was hard not to sympathize with her. I never thought of Moiraine as mother figure until Mother mentioned it though. That actually makes sense. 


But I really appreciate the "whatever it takes for the cause" attitude that both she and Siuan had. It's so refreshing to me. 


Also, I don't mind reading short stories about Lan and Moiraine just travelling around doing whatever it is, seriously. Yes, I like them that much. ❤️

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15 hours ago, SableSage said:

Also, I don't mind reading short stories about Lan and Moiraine just travelling around doing whatever it is, seriously. Yes, I like them that much. ❤️


LoL! I don't like short stories, but I'd love something like this. Actually, from the PoV of about any Aes Sedai!

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