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Chitter Chatter Summer Edition (2021)


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On 8/18/2021 at 6:50 PM, LadyWordsmith said:


I'm wondering the same thing about a lot of things, but I am really loving these visuals. When I was first reading them in the '90s (when I was in high school and early college) about all I had in my head from the descriptions were very... Well, European fantasy looking designs. They've run with the setting and made it more 'other' in various ways and it's very cool. 

I am enjoying the costume choices that involve functional pants on basically every woman, even if she's also wearing an over-skirt of some kind. 

Also that cage they have Logain in in that one screen-shot..! (And his expression, wow). 

I hope they do something awesome with the Kin. Then maybe we can do some Kin Cosplay and be recognizable. ? 

I have a gorgeous Amyrlin Stole out of silk yarn that my sister-in-law crocheted for me years ago. Have dreamed of making the right dress to go with it. The only thing I currently have is purple Early Tudor, and it's regal enough, but not really right to the place. I'm going to have to see what they have Siuan and Egwene (eventually) in! 

Ryrin - Pool, dogs, and reading sounds awesome. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy time with your sister too!

Lily - PTO is awesome! I'm glad you're getting to relax some and get ahead too. 

My sister is coming back on the 9th for 9 days! I’m excited!


I’ve been a bit under the weather and am taking antibiotics. 

My son and his fiancé are flying in on 10/7. I can’t wait!!!


After that I’m going to need to schedule carpal tunnel surgery. Right hand first.


Does anyone have any thoughts on how the TV series will portray the Kin?

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So much family visiting. That sounds great! 

I hope the surgery goes well. 

I feel like I need to actually see some of Season 1 to have a real opinion on how I think they will portray the Kin. Hoping they come across a little more as a subtle secret society than a ladies' crafting circle. ?

We're two weeks into the school year and we still have new students enrolling (we started a couple of weeks later than most of the bricks-and-mortar schools, and there's definitely families who don't want to deal with how the state is 'not' handling things). Thankfully it's been a good group so far. ?


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Ok, I’m all ready for my sister except for the fact I’ve gotten a flat tire. I have to pick her up tomorrow afternoon and the gardeners will be here in the morning. So, I’m on my little spare and heading to the tire store in the morning. 

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