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From a realistic perspective which aquarium would you most likely get  

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  1. 1. From a realistic perspective which aquarium would you most likely get

    • Freshwater
    • Saltwater
    • I already got the multiple tank syndrome

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It's not as difficult if you just learn the basics, a smaller tank is actually harder.

It's recommend to start with a 15 gallon minimum, but 20 gallon or more is best as newbie.

It's easier to maintain the right water parameters in a tank like that then a smaller tank. (Though finding the whole process interesting helps too I guess ?)


More water and space to dilute and spread chemicals, poop and left over food.


And obviously a small water tank would more easily be influenced by soundings for things like ?️


Once set up it actually isn't to time consuming to have an aquarium.


There systems that help you connect to the sink so you don't need to carry buckets. 


Ofc if you get MTS and it escalates it could become more work, or if you start breeding and need to raise fry and food for the fry etc


Once i buy an own place i will look into getting a bigger tank that i put separators in. But to begin with I'll just get something in the 15-25 gallon size that won't be too hard to move in a few years.


@Azshaya your friend welcome to join us.

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Oh what type of fish did you all have or do you have? I am looking at getting platy and endlers so a tank with a bit harder water so haven't landed on bottom dwellers as still researching which ones fit in that type of tank that i like

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Plant enough including floaters, put in hiding spaces, and have a big enough tank


Or keep two tanks and take out the parents after they dropped the fry.


Or get multiple Betta sp. Not of the splendens species, several even of the splendens complex given a descent tank are fine in species tanks

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