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Jax Bornhald's WT/DM Class


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Hey again !


Since we already introduced ourselves to each other through PM, I suggest we immediately start with the first part of the class. Now, if you have a question, a suggestion or a comment, don't hesitate to post here below ? This is your space !


So, how will this class work ?


I will post parts of the lesson, one after the other here below. You - on the other hand - will have to post answers to my questions but there's no rush. You don't have to reply within the hour ?



Part 1

1) What are the members of the WT/Warders expected to do?

2) What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you?

3) What in the heck does PG13 mean?

4) What is thread Hi-Jacking and spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?


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Okay, lets do this!!


1 - As far as I understand it we start off as initiates.  Warders begin as Algai, then become Manshima and finally Der’Manshima.   Aes Sedai on the other hand start off as Novice, then become Accepted and finally raise to the shawl of the Aes Sedai.  Respect for our brothers and sisters of battle and shawl is mandatory, as well as for members of higher rank.

2 - The CoC is a supplementary rules  set alongside the general DM ones.  There's a warning point system, that flags up violations of these rules. Behaviour to be avoided is as follows:-

- Hate speech.

- Abusive behaviour (bullying etc.)

- Inappropriate language and advertising.

- Topic Bumping more than once.

- Signature Violations.

If I receive warnings I can be subject to being moderated for lesser infractions for up to 30 days or even banned for larger infractions.

3 - PG13, denotes the need for guidance from parental or guardian figures to consumers of the age of 13 or below.

4 - Thread Hi-Jacking is when a group of people numbering more than two take over a thread for numerous posts generally for off-topic subjects.  Spam is an excessive amount of posts pointless to the  areas' purposes, in this case WT/Warders. Avoiding this is mandatory.


Hope this answers everything adequately ?




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That was quick ?

Perfect answers btw! 


aaand that means that you are ready for part 2! Again, don't hesitate to post your questions if you have any  ?



Part Two: The Subgroups


Part two will lead you to explore at least 5 of our subgroups (and by subgroups I mean either Ajahs or Warders Discs). To track your journey, please post this template at least 5 times in your next post. You can edit that post, each time you'll have information to add.


Template :


--[Who is in charge]
--[general focus if there is one]
--[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #1]
--[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #2]


We have 10 groups to explore in total (7 ajah and 3 discs): so, don't hesitate to go further than what is asked in this lesson. This will only help you improve your knowledge about the Tower and the Warders Yard ?


This part is going to be by far the most "work heavy" section. It is also the most important. When you will visit an Ajah or the Warders try to get the feel of each place, to participate in the conversations you fill find, to take part in the events people are organizing. Saying hello is only a start, we are expecting a bit more than that ?


This will also be the opportunity for you to check which subgroups are the best fit for you. We want our initiates to take time and to consider all their options before to commit to anything! As you will notice our White Tower is not the same as the one in the books.


Again, no rush and good luck !!!! 




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